Is Viotek A Good Brand? Find Out Now!

Getting a new monitor for yourself can be very challenging. There are many different brands on the market right now. Sadly, most popular brands have marked up their products considerably, and even the most basic monitors cost a lot.

That is why a lot of people opt for lesser-known brands like Viotek. Even though it’s not as well-known as LG or Samsung, Viotek has an enormous customer base as it offers many modern features without crushing your wallet.

Still, many people doubt their quality, and you may even ask, is Viotek a good brand?

In this article, we’ll go through the pros and cons of Viotek to determine its quality.

A Brief Background Research On Viotek

It’s essential to know the background of this company to understand if Viotek is a good company or not. Through brief research, we found that Viotek first registered the beta version of its official website back in 2016.

However, the website wasn’t popular at all back then. It took the company two to three years before it gained some traction on the internet. Despite being a newcomer, they gained a lot of fans in the computer industry for offering monitors at a considerably cheaper cost than most brands.

Viotek didn’t put much information about the company itself, and we found that to be very shady. Sure, there are a few sentences that describe their dedication, RnD, and customer service.

However, none of the information offers anything that provides an idea about the company itself. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why people don’t prefer Viotek.

Still, we dug pretty deep and found out where they originated from. The company originated from Korea, but later they decided to move to Indiana, USA. Even though most products are made in China, their repair team and designers work in Indiana.

Does Viotek Manufacture Their Own Screens?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about Viotek. This question is about most of the lesser-known brands on the market. That is because there’s only a limited number of screen makers in the world.

Even though there are a lot of brands that are offering monitors, you’ll be surprised to know that only two or three among them create screens on their own. The rest of the brands purchase screens from these manufactures in bulk and rebrand them as per necessity.

Many Chinese brands purchase many screens that couldn’t pass the quality control in either Samsung or LG.

Fortunately, Viotek isn’t one of these brands. They do purchase their screens from Samsung, but they use screens after rigorous quality control tests to offer only the best performance.

Even though the screens are purchased from Samsung, the design team comes up with ideas for the monitor’s outlook. Apart from the display screen, Viotek makes the rest of the components, such as the monitor stand, power cable, back I/O port, chassis, etc.

Types Of Monitors Offered By Viotek

Like every other monitor brand in the market, Viotek is offering a variety of monitors to position its products in different tiers. They are offering three types of monitors. Let’s take a brief look at them. 

1. Ultrawide Monitors

Ultrawide monitors are the latest addition to the monitor market. These monitors offer a different aspect ratio than the standard monitors. Essentially, these are wider than the standard ones, which justifies their name.

What makes ultrawide monitors unique is the level of immersion they offer. These are mainly used for gaming and simulations. Most simulation software and games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Forza Horizon, etc., support ultrawide monitors.

Even though ultrawide monitors are much more expensive than regular ones, Viotek offers them at a much more reasonable price than the rest of the brands. 

2. Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are the most popular type of monitors on the market right now. Many entry-level gaming monitors are now available in the same range as standard monitors, which is why most people opt for these.

The specialty of these monitors lies in their high frame rate and fast response times. These features can change the way you experience gaming. A lot of gaming monitors also offer a wide color gamut, making them equally suitable for productivity.

Viotek is offering different gaming monitors at a wide range of prices. 

3. Portable Monitors

Finally, there are portable monitors. Even though these aren’t as popular as the other two types, they are becoming increasingly popular as people are starting to like the idea of carrying their monitors around for productivity or entertainment.

Is Viotek A Good Brand?

Offering different types of monitors alone can’t make a brand a good one. A brand has to provide quality products first. In this section, we’ll discuss different aspects of Viotek monitors. 


The most crucial factor while choosing a monitor is its performance. If a monitor can’t live up to its promises, then it can’t be considered a good one. Sadly, many popular monitor brands exaggerate their features and fail to live up to them.

For example, if you look at the GL850 by LG, which is one of the best 1440p monitors you can get right, you’ll see that it has a rated response time of 1ms.

However, it never reaches 1ms in actual testing. If you set it on a 1ms setting, it only causes a lot of ghosting and renders the monitor unusable. That is why it’s necessary to understand what a monitor is capable of providing.

One good thing about Viotek is that we haven’t found them exaggerating the features of their monitors. They remain true to their word and only promise what they can provide. That instantly makes them a brand that you can trust.

Plus, you can expect all sorts of modern features like 144hz refresh rate, 4ms response time, 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, curved panels, and all at a reasonable price. 


The performance determines how a monitor will perform, and the quality determines how well the monitor will perform after months or years of usage.

If a monitor doesn’t offer good quality, it will lose its appeal over time. That is why getting a quality panel is essential.

One of the primary pointers is the heating issue, and then there’s the dead pixel. If a monitor shows too many dead pixels, then it will be very uncomfortable to use. However, Viotek has a very flexible return policy regarding dead pixels.

Although the heating issue isn’t too severe, it may damage the panel over time.

Another issue that bothers gamers the most is the screen bleeding issue. Screen bleeding refers to light bleeding into the screen from the edges. If this becomes prevalent, it’ll ruin your experience completely. By far, not many people have reported having screen bleeding issues with their Viotek monitor.

As Viotek is a new brand on the market, it’s not possible to determine how these monitors will function in the long run due to a shortage of data. However, as of now, there haven’t been many reports on Viotek monitors. 


Even though Viotek buys the panels from Samsung, it doesn’t copy the designs of other brands. We’ve taken a look at some monitor models from Viotek, and we’ve found that they never fail to bring something new to the plate.

They offer sleek monitors that can blend in no matter what color of table or in front of what kind of background you put them. Most of the gaming monitors from Viotek offer some sort of sleek outlook. However, there are some models that come with built-in shades that can help you focus better.

Is Getting A Viotek Monitor Worth It?

When it comes to gadgets, we all have our preferences. There are a lot of people who’d rather get an expensive monitor that comes with RGB lights over a sleeker, low-profile monitor that offers the same features at a lower price.

So, at the end of the day, whether Viotek monitors will satisfy you or not depends entirely on your preferences.

In our opinion, people who’re looking for bang-for-buck monitors should definitely try Viotek monitors. These sleek monitors don’t offer much in terms of looks, but they are sleek and modern enough to beautify any desk setup.

As for their performance, we believe that they are offering one of the best value for money products on the market. Their monitors offer all the features you may expect from a top-notch monitor, and the panels manage to retain the picture quality well over time.


Thanks for sticking with us till the end of this discussion. Now that you know the strengths of Viotek, next time someone asks is Viotek a good brand; you’ll be able to tell them that it is. And you’ll also be able to tell them why it’s a good brand.

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