Is Danby A Good Brand? The Big Verdict

Have you ever gotten a new electrical appliance for your apartment, and soon, it starts malfunctioning? Most people can relate to this scenario. And it is more heart-breaking when you spend top dollar on the said appliance.

When buying a home appliance, people often look out for one that’s long-lasting, conserves energy and functions as intended. Other qualities like aesthetics may come secondary so long as the primary functions have been satisfied.

Many users will go for known brands in the appliance industry because they do not want to be disappointed. If the appliance becomes faulty, they know they can always go back to request a replacement or refund if there is a warranty.

Danby is a popular brand, but as a first time customer, most people might have mixed feelings. It might happen because they have seen a couple of negative reviews about the brand online. But let’s forget about such for a moment and ask this one question. Is Danby worthwhile? Are they a good brand? Read on as we throw more light on the question.

Is Danby As Good As They Say? 

Yes, they’re. The fact that they have been around for over 74 years is enough proof that they’re doing things right. So, Danby is a good place to start if you need an affordable, compact, and good-quality appliance. The positive reviews about the brand are numerous.

The brand ensures that it provides a consistently delightful experience for its users whenever they use the products. Also, it continually improves the users’ experience by evolving the functionality and innovative features of its appliances.

Read on for more about the Danby brand.

What Is The Danby Brand About? 

Danby is a brand name for an appliance company known as Danby Appliances Ltd and Danby Inc., Located in Canada. The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of home appliances of various kinds.

The company started in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, in 1974. It is a family-owned private company, estimated to make annual sales of 400 million dollars.

The company has its main offices in Canada and the USA. However, it has reported more than half of its sales from abroad.

Jim Estill, a technology entrepreneur, and philanthropist, currently heads Danby. Jim founded many companies and turned them into profitable ventures before joining Danby as CEO.

Danby is famous for its specialized compact appliances designed to fit into any space at home or in the office. The design of its products suits easy movement from place to place.

Over the years, Danby has successfully placed itself as the brand for people who live in small apartments or rentals, academic and non-academic institutions, people who move around a lot, picnic goers, people who love their space, and prefer portable appliances. Almost everyone. The brand enjoys patronage from a diverse group of people.

Also, Danby is a brand whose vision is to create brilliant and inspired appliances designed to fit its customers’ space and customers’ every move.

It consistently did this by producing quality electrical appliances built to last for the past 74 years. It receives excellent reviews all over the world.

For instance, the Danby Beverage Center is simply a standalone refrigerator designed to hold enough beverages to entertain a small group of people. Its compact size means that it can fit anywhere, whether at the gym, office, game room, etc.

The Beverage Center is noiseless, has a sturdy handle and a sleek design. You do have not only a powerful appliance but also one with aesthetic appeal.

The products are not only simple and cost-friendly, but they are also efficient and durable. The best part? The brand also keeps a wide range of spare parts for its appliances for easy replacement.

So, not only do you get to have an efficient machine at home, you can easily find its spare parts for replacement in the event of damage.

What Products Does Danby Produce?  

Danby started out manufacturing hot plates and slow cookers but has since expanded its capacity in manufacturing to other types of home and office appliances.

Some of the appliances made by the brand are hot plates, mini air conditioners, microwaves, compact refrigerators, chest freezers, countertop dishwashers, wine coolers, washing machines, humidifiers, etc.

Currently, Danby is leading the refrigeration and specialty appliance company in North America. Their appliances are popular in North America for being highly efficient and surprisingly affordable.

In 2010, Danby bought MicroFridge, a part of Mac-Gray Corp. The appliance is a combination of freezers, refrigerators, and microwaves designed to prevent fuses from blowing up. The brand is also into making a specialized line of combined appliances with a single plug. This range of appliances is a favorite among university dormitories and military institutions.

Why Danby Is A Brand That Stands Out

Like every other brand servicing the needs of the people, Dandy lets you partake in changing the world when you buy its products.

The brand has corporate social responsibilities that spread across donating to relief organizations, helping in protecting classrooms during the Covid-19 pandemic, donating freezers for Covid-19 vaccines, and supporting and sponsoring refugees.

Whenever you buy a Danby product, remember that a percentage of your money is going into a good cause. The brand places value in providing a better place to live in through their products and giving back in terms of funds and relief.

Again, Dandy is the first of its kind in manufacturing compact home or office appliances. Danby produces its appliances with the word “space” in mind. The company is interested in ensuring that customers get an efficient home appliance, but it occupies as little space as possible wherever you place it.

Danby’s most significant product to date is the range of compact refrigerators and freezers. There are mini-refrigerators and freezers and those of mid-size. Some of the refrigerators come with mini freezers, while others come with no freezers. The same applies with the dishwashers, and yet none of the sizes are massive.

This range of appliances has helped Danby stand out because it offers customers a lot of choices when getting an appliance.

Are Danby Products Made In China? 

Although a Canadian company with locations across the USA and China, Danby has affiliations with manufacturers in China, the US, Mexico, India, Turkey, and Thailand. However, more than 50 percent of its manufacturing takes place in China.

The company also has a well-established manufacturing site in Canada but outsources most of its manufacturing processes.

Who Is Responsible For The Designs?

Danby has come a long way from making simple and efficient compact appliances to manufacturing appliances with all those great qualities with amazing designs in addition.

The company may not manufacture most of its products, but they are responsible for 100% of the product designs. The brand has cited that producing quality and beautiful products for their customers is always a priority, so they are not about to deviate from designing their products themselves anytime soon.

Where To Get Danby Products

Danby has a factory store in Montreal, Canada, and a retail store at Guelph, ON, Canada, its head office, where people can walk in to get their products in person. It also has three stores at Tolleson, Arizona; Saraland, Alabama; and Foxboro, Massachusetts, all in the US. In China, they recently opened a factory and office in Guangzhou, China.

Aside from the brand’s main stores, Danby runs a distribution channel across the globe, so you are likely to come across Danby products at many local appliance stores. It is the case in most countries where there is no online or physical presence of Danby.

Additionally, Danby has maintained an online presence over the years, and you can order their products directly from their website or Amazon.

Danby’s Return Policy 

Danby’s return policy is one of the many reasons why customers love them. The brand is committed to ensuring that users are satisfied with its products. Thus, they have a return policy that allows buyers to return their items within 30 days of the day of purchase or delivery, whichever is later.

Returns usually apply in a case of defects, damage not caused by the buyer, or for other reasons. Danby Products can be returned either for replacement or exchange with another product. A full refund is always rare. When you return items, the company compensates you with a reduced delivery fee.

However, there are conditions for returning items to Danby stores. You can look out for these on the company’s website.

Danby also has an active customer care line and contact info where buyers can reach out for complaints or clarifications on any issue.


Poor or faulty electrical appliances in homes or offices are hazardous. Beyond that, when domestic appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, etc., are faulty, they will consume more energy than usual, which may be the high cost of electricity bills.

With Danby appliances, you are sure of minimizing space, functionality, and energy conservation. Remarkably, the refrigerators prove to retain their temperature for as long as possible when the electricity is out.

Dandy is one of the brands manufacturing electrical appliances built to last. It also makes you feel secure while using its products because of its excellent customer service and reputation over the past decades of its existence.

Danby has remained relevant and in demand in the home appliance industry this long because of its commitment to innovation. The brand has achieved its status as one of the foremost electronics and other appliance brands in North America.

It is constantly introducing new features to meet the increasing demands of efficiency in home appliances. The fact that the products still retain their original qualities with all the innovations remains outstanding.

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