Why Do I Push People Away?

Have you ever felt like your partner was pushing you away even though everything was going fine?

Well, this might be because of several reasons such as fear of getting hurt, fears of intimacy, severe mood swings, less interest in you, or even some mental stress, depression, or past emotional trauma.

This move from your partner might leave you feeling disgusted and emotionally shattered.

You also may feel like you need answers to the following questions:

  • Where did I go wrong?
  • What mistakes did I make?
  • Did I do something wrong?

These questions must be bothering you as your partner has started to push you away all of a sudden. Not just this, your partner may also be talking to you using harsh words they wouldn’t normally say.

Your partner’s attitude must have left you numb, and now you must be feeling all alone in the journey of your life.

In this blog, we will share some reasons why people start to push their partners away in a relationship.

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Push Their Partners Away

If you push your partner away and you do not have any clue about why you are doing this it might leave you feeling alone and confused.

Below are some of the possible reasons “Why you might be pushing people away.”

  1. Fear of Getting Hurt in a Relationship

There are times when you get attached to someone very quickly. You enjoy the company of that particular person more than anyone else’s. And that is when you get attached to that person. Gradually, you might fear getting hurt by them, which is why you start pushing them away from you.

But do you think this is the right approach? No, right? If you do fear something, then the correct way to deal with it is to sit and converse with them. Communication is the strongest key in any relationship, and it would surely help you and your partner.

  1. Fear of Getting Intimate With Them

Intimacy in a relationship comes in time. Getting involved intimately with a person at the very beginning of a relationship can be the wrong step. You must first know each other. You should mutually decide upon your intimate life, the likings, and dislikings, after which you should choose mutually. 

This is one of the reasons you push them away from you, as you fear that if you two remain together for some more time, you will indulge in a physically intimate relationship. This intimacy can scare you and force you to start pushing your partner away.

  1. Fear of Long-Time Involvement

Many people undoubtedly fear long-term involvement with the same person. This is normal. This happens because you feel that you do not have the guts to sustain your friendship with them for a long time. This can happen due to the below-mentioned reasons:

  • Thinking that the person is not good for you
  • Fear of them indulging with some other person shortly
  • Believing that your relationship isn’t compatible
  • You fear possessiveness, etc.
  1. Fear of Illness

This is the biggest reason why you push people away from you. If you are aware that you are suffering from some disease and are unsure about how long you would live, you start pushing them away from you.

Furthermore, you might be facing some kind of depression, anxiety issues, or past traumas that emotionally force you to push your partner away. They also prevent you from opening up to the other person.

  1. You are an Independent Person

Sometimes you unintentionally push people away just because you are an independent person. You might be raised in an independent home, or you do not have a habit of seeking another person’s help.

So, you tend to push that person away as you want to do your routine by yourself. In such cases, relying upon others becomes difficult and you will start to push your partner away.

How to Stop Pushing People Away?

  1. Consult a Professional 

If you feel that you are constantly pushing people away from you, you need to seek professional help. There might be several reasons why you’ve been doing so.

This is because of depression or anxiety for reasons like suffering from any kind of loss at work, relationship issues, family issues, or any kind of personal issues.

  1. Learn to Take Rejection

Well, rejections are a part of life. For instance, you might face rejections in job interviews. Learn to take it positively rather than let it affect you negatively. Removing your fear of rejection will allow you to push people away less.

  1. Open Up About What You Feel

Rather than pushing people away, it’s better to open up about how you are feeling about something. Doing this would clear all your misunderstandings and, at the same time, would help you with your mental peace and allow you to keep your relationship intact.

Final Thoughts

So, as we’ve arrived at the end of this blog, you should now understand the reasons “Why I push people away”? Try to understand the reasons why you push people away so that you can fix the issue and enjoy all of your future relationships.

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