Why is My Girlfriend So Mean To Me?

Are you worried about recent rude behavior of your girlfriend?

Is her mean behavior occurring out of no where?

No relationship is perfect.

The majority of relationships are complicated, and they need a good amount of commitment and dedication.

Everything may be exciting and fun at the beginning of the relationship, but after settling in, tension can start to transpire.

Girls can often complicated, and it is not always easy to understand what is going on in their heads.

This article will help you figure out why your girlfriend is mean to you. Also, we will look at some ways to deal with the toxic situation.

Why is your girlfriend mean to you? 10 reasons explained.

10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Mean to You

  • Depression and Anxiety

In some cases, your girlfriend’s rude behavior to you could result from much deeper issues with her mental health.

Mental illnesses are prevalent these days. One out of every four Americans is experiencing it. This rate is even higher among women as they produce less serotonin than men, leading to various issues.

  • Lack of Feelings

Your girlfriend may be holding you responsible for her feelings. She blames you if something appears to go wrong in her life. She does it because of something you have done when she is in a bad mood.

We look to external factors to blame rather than acknowledge that how we feel begins and ends with us.

  • Insecurity

If your girlfriend is insecure, she may push you away if she feels you are approaching her too closely. She may be cold and distant to “test” you and see if you care for her or not.

If she doesn’t feel like she is getting enough attention from her boyfriend, she might become rude or punish her boyfriend.

  • Bad Experiences From Past

If your girlfriend holds on to old frustrations, she may be distant from you. She is adding up all your mistakes in her head rather than letting go of previous arguments or mistakes.

She may have had bad experiences with guys in the past that she is unwittingly projecting onto you.

  • Unspoken Expectations

We become enraged, disappointed, angry, and so on when our expectations are not met.

We tend to blame the other person for not meeting our unspoken desires rather than recognize that those expectations came from us and the other person does not necessarily agree with us.

  • Communication Gap

If you and your partner are not communicating well enough, you might want to start talking about your communication styles and your relationship’s communication patterns.

Rather than attempting to resolve any specific issues, the goal here is to improve communication within the partnership as a whole.

  • She has Intentions of Discontinuing

Unfortunately, not everyone in a relationship is as honest as they should be. Some people are unsure how to end a relationship with someone they no longer love.

Whether on purpose or not, she attempts to create problems that will drive a wedge between you and her.

  • Maybe it’s her Characteristic

When trying to figure out why your girlfriend is being mean, rude, or nasty, it is a good idea to ask yourself if she has always been this way.

While sudden changes in behavior could indicate something else, if she has always been moody or nasty at times, it’s likely part of her overall personality.

  • Mood Swings

Although it may sound cliche, “that time of the month” can significantly impact a woman’s mood.

Women are affected differently by their periods. It’s possible that these natural hormonal shifts are partially to blame if your girlfriend is only mean to you at certain times of the month.

  • Non-compatibility

Fundamental differences may be interfering, implying that you are simply not a good match and end up triggering one another.

Sometimes, it can be a bit more challenging to understand and relate to someone’s opinions that are entirely different from yours.

How can You Deal With Your Mean Girlfriend?

  • Listen to Her

Before making any unfounded assumptions, always listen to your partner. Just be clear with the things, so you know what you are talking about in your head and can reflect it to her.

Try to have an honest discussion about your feelings with your partner. Your girlfriend must be informed so that you can collaborate on the project.

  • Resolve Your Conflicts

Every relationship has its own set of issues that can work out over time through hangouts and discussions. Make sure you are not exaggerating minor disagreements. 

Allow yourself to relax from time to time, knowing that your girlfriend is most likely doing the same for you.

  • Don’t Tolerate Disrespect

Allowing for double standards in your relationship is not a good idea. If you treat your girlfriend with respect and kindness, you should expect the same from her.

If she does not provide these things, make it clear that you value yourself and expect her to treat you with the same respect. Also, if she refuses to give it to you, you must leave.

  • Set Boundaries

If you haven’t already, it is time to be very clear about how you expect people in your life to treat you.

Make some healthy standard rules, and if your girlfriend disagrees with them, alter the practices or end the relationship. Standing up for yourself and knowing when she has crossed the line is part of having healthy boundaries.

The Bottom Line

We all are flawed in some way, which makes us prone to mood swings, bad days, and challenging experiences. 

So if you have a strong bond with your partner, your underlying love should be enough to continue the relationship with excitement.

If you wonder what some of the red flags in a relationship are, you should indulge in a healthy conversation with your angry girlfriend.

In any relationship, the good times should far outnumber the bad. Therefore, you should never ignore it if your girlfriend is consistently cruel to you for no apparent reason.

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