Why Can’t I Get a GF?

You’re a great guy. You’re nice, you’re funny, you’re generous. You’ve got good taste in music and have an excellent collection of graphic novels. You bake a mean omelet. But are you wondering, why can’t I get a GF?

When it comes to relationships, though, you just can’t catch a break.

You don’t know what’s wrong with you and why this keeps happening, and it’s starting to get you down.

Why Can’t I Get a GF?

There are multiple reasons why you don’t have a GF, some could be that you always seem anxious when around her, you are not good at flirting, you are too negative, you are too desperate, and more.

You either seem to attract the wrong kind of girl—the kind who doesn’t really want to be your girlfriend—or the right girl who isn’t interested in dating right now.

Flirting Is Not Your Strong Suit

You’re still single and don’t know how to flirt. Everyone has different reasons why they’re single, such as lack of confidence, lack of time, or feeling like there isn’t anyone out there for them.

Sometimes the reason is that you haven’t felt right flirting with anyone you’ve met.

The problem is, if you don’t know how to flirt, it’s tough to meet people and make connections with them. And if you don’t have connections, how will you find love?

If you’re unsure where to start, here are a few pointers to help.

#1: Smile at strangers

#2: Ask people what they do

#3: Compliment them on their shoes

#4: Compliment people on their phones

#5: Compliment strangers on the weather (they have no idea what you’re talking about, so they’re happy to be included in your conversation)

You’re Anxious When Around Women

You might think that the reason you still haven’t found a girlfriend is because of your lack of self-confidence or because you’re too shy to approach women.

But it has nothing to do with that. The real reason you’re single is that you are too anxious when around women.

There are many kinds of anxiety, including social anxiety and performance anxiety. The type of anxiety that makes it difficult to find a girlfriend is love-shyness.

Men who are anxious when they’re around women, anxious men, maybe single because the women they meet see aggressive energy that makes them uncomfortable. The very fact that you’re anxious tells women to keep their distance because of your overbearing energy.

You need to calm down and be gentler when you approach a woman, so she can feel like she’s safe, and you can have a chance to get to know her and develop a relationship with her.

You Put Women on Pedestals

The first step is getting rid of your “nice guy” mentality. You aren’t being nice when you hold the door for a girl or give her your jacket because she isn’t wearing one.

You are being a sucker and buying into the outdated idea that women need to be helped because they can’t do things themselves or deal with their own problems.

Sure, sometimes, when your friend spills coffee all over his lap, you will help him out and get him a towel and clean up the mess.

But this was an honest accident, and he just needs some help dealing with it, not because he is incapable of getting himself a towel or cleaning up after himself.

Stop being nice to women just because it makes them like you more and more. They don’t want to be treated like they can’t take care of themselves. They want men who stand up for themselves and let them do the same.

You Don’t Look After Yourself

If you want to date a girl, you’ve got to first take care of yourself. You can’t expect her to come along for the ride if you look like a raccoon, smell bad, and never go outside.

Girls want guys who are healthy and confident. If girls see that you can’t even take care of yourself, how could they ever consider taking care of you?

Too Much Negativity

When a man is cynical, it is hard to find a girlfriend. This was the finding of a new study, which surveyed men about their attitude towards women.

The research showed that men who held negative views of women were less likely to find dates.

You Seem Desperate

If you’ve ever been single for a long time, you know that getting a girlfriend can be really hard. And that’s because every person who seems desperate has a tough time finding someone to be with them

Who wants to be with someone who seems desperate? If you want to get into a relationship, you may want to consider holding back your emotions a bit.

You Have Too Many Insecurities

Insecurity is not only emotionally exhausting; it’s super tough to get past once other people know you have it. That’s why so many men with insecurities find it tough to date.

They either think that women won’t want a boyfriend who has insecurities or are too comfortable being single because they’re afraid to put themselves out there.

You Give up Easy

If you’re a guy who gives up too easily, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and meet women. You don’t have to give up! Here’s some advice to help you out.

You probably think that women are the ones who do all the running, but if you’re not putting any effort into it, then, of course, they aren’t going to try for you. The best thing to do is just keep at it, and eventually, you’ll win someone over.

But what if you don’t want to wait for someone to take the initiative? What if you want more control over your dating life? It’s tough, but there are ways around it.

Try shooting them a note with a cute pick-up line or complimenting them on something like their shoes or backpack. That will show them that you’re interested in more than their body, which will help them see that there’s more to get invested in than just sex.

Just make sure that your compliments are well-researched and genuine! Men who give up easily find it tough to get a girlfriend because they aren’t giving themselves enough time to meet people.

They’re Not into You

You’re not going to believe it…She’s not your girlfriend because she’s not into you!

That’s right, folks. It’s time to stop walking around with your head in the clouds and start living in reality. You’re not going to find your true love by chasing down every girl you see and trying to get her to go on a date with you.

The sooner you realize this, the better off you’ll be.

Final Thoughts

The best way to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend is to take care of yourself.

For starters, get a haircut that’s not offensive to the eyes. Then get some clothes that fit. Your outfit should match—no more wearing workout clothes with a suit.

Next, make sure your teeth are as white as possible. Make sure you floss every night and get a dental checkup once every three months.

Then get at least 8 hours of sleep every night—not less than 7 hours or more than 10 hours. This will help you be in a good mood and give your body enough time to recover from the day’s stresses and strains.

For the next week or so, try to be in the company of at least one girl every day. Don’t just wait for her to talk to you; initiate conversation and ask her questions about herself. Be open-minded, listen carefully, and do not judge.

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