Why Is Verizon Customer Service So Bad? (11 Reasons Why)

 If you’re thinking about switching to Verizon, you’re probably wondering why Verizon customer service is so bad. You can find out why Verizon customer service ranks the worst in the nation here by clicking a button.

What you will learn below is how to use the phone book to improve your customer service!

Why Is Verizon Customer Service So Bad In 2022?

Customers really hate Verizon since they don’t want to wait on hold, and they’re always transferred to someone else who’s probably busy and going to waste their time. The agents are rude, too, which is why customers call back.

If you want to know how horrible Verizon Customer Service is, you will continue to read this article.

1. No Coordination Between Other Departments

Verizon customer service staff have been unable to talk with customers who have other departments (such as billing, security, legal) to discuss their customer’s problems.

While calling customer service may help you get to the top of the queue, customer service might not be able to help you, especially if the problem occurs after activation.

There is no direct line to the customer service department, and many other departments are involved in processing and helping with problems.

2. Hard To Talk To A Live Agent

People are saying that while they are on the phone with someone, you have to talk to an automated voice, causing the person to get angry or frustrated.

Even though it may take a few requests, people get mad at you when you can’t explain your problem correctly. It is a customer-service-oriented problem, but you can’t change your point of view.

3. Long Wait Times & Constantly On Hold

One customer service employee stated that they weren’t really knowledgeable about Verizon wireless and customer service and they said that “they had no idea” what to do about the problem.

For example, it might take 10-15 minutes to get to an agent, but then it will take another 20 minutes before you get any attention.

4. Short-Staffed Customer Service Department

It’s because Verizon has less employees so they use automated systems to get information from the customer. Since there’s a less employee presence, there’s more time spent on automated systems and customer service.

Also, because phone service on Verizon is so horrible, the agents have a lot of complaints to work off. This makes them more likely to be short-tempered with customers, because they are too busy to deal with good service.

5. Rude Customer Service Agents

With the company having over 40,000 customer service agents, you can find out what’s going on by Googling the issues you have or you can always call your local Verizon store.

This may happen if a person has not been trained yet and does not have training or experience in mentoring, coaching, and/or mentoring training.

6. Mess Up Accounts Often

You can take this to mean that the customer is being taken advantage of by people who claim to be customer representatives on the phone.

Furthermore, a representative may make a mistake and attach the wrong account name to your account, or mess up the products and services you have on your account.

7. Representatives Don’t Speak English

Another customer complaint is that they don’t speak proper English and the majority of the customer service representatives are in India.

If a representative doesn’t speak English well, it can lead to confusion and mistakes, and those are frustrating for consumers.

Verizon has millions of customers who speak English or can read the phone screens, so Verizon has no problem getting rid of all the Spanish texts, or Chinese or whatever. The fact that it’s in your country has nothing to do with it.

8. Promised Changes Aren’t Made to Accounts

Verizon is the place that when you are not getting your promised level of service, you have to call them to make changes so they can better serve you.

If your account was supposed to have a new feature added, you might find it takes a few days to get it through the approval and review process and added.

9. Promotions Not Delivered

Verizon customers are not satisfied with customer service. A large majority of Verizon customers do not receive the promotional offers they are told about or they aren’t satisfied with customer service.

I think the problem is that some customers are just too used to receiving great discounts and do not realize that the coupon you are applying for is no longer valid.

10. Horrible With Canceling Services

Verizon has terrible customer service because customers have a terrible time trying to cancel services and products before they are signed up. It’s more about getting new customers than keeping existing ones.

The contract terms are also very important, and even the contract terms won’t make any difference. The companies might change the contract terms whenever they want to.

11. Different Answers Depending On Who You Talk To

Verizon customer service can be a nightmare because it is disorganized and has a lack of communication between the different departments.

A bank account is only as good as the person running it. If the person who manages the account isn’t honest, or isn’t in the business of paying you back, you won’t get your money back.

If you have technical issues with your computer or phone, try to find someone who can help. One person may say to call tech support while another has you try to get it to work while you’re on a phone call.

For more information about phone calls, you can also visit our post about how to get unlimited calls and texts on Verizon.


It’s difficult to navigate the Verizon customer service system. They have an automated system and so it’s hard to know how to go through, so they end up sending you a series of automated messages.

Additionally, if you are on the phone with a representative during the peak hours, you may have to wait anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 minutes.

Also, you may not be able to get the agents to change the name or the telephone number on your account (assuming that’s what you want them to do).

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