What Is Verizon Billing Password? (all You Need To Know)

If you need to change your Verizon billing password, you’ll need your account number and the last four digits of your social security number.

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What Is the Verizon Billing Password?

If you need to contact Verizon about your account, your first option will be to use your billing number. Your billing number is a unique number that’s specific to you. Your billing number will be 5 digits long, and can either be letters or numbers or a combination. Your billing number will not be the same as your My Verizon password.

The Verizon billing password that is used to make sure you get paid on time by the Verizon Wireless network is not the standard “password”. The default password is not even the “admin” password.

Where Do I Find My Verizon Billing Password?

If you have not created an account, you will need to create a free account and create your billing information.

So even if you are the owner or manager of the account, the billing password for the account is not yours. Also note that if the billing password is changed, you will not be able to change it.

What Is the Default Verizon Billing Password?

When a Verizon customer first signs up for the service and chooses a new account or changes an existing account, they have to give the company their social security number.

Is the Verizon Billing Password and Account PIN the Same?

It can also be called the Verizon billing system password and it’s the password that you use to log-in to your Verizon account.

If you’re logged in to your My Verizon account on your Verizon-issued device then you know that the My Verizon password is different from the PIN or billing password.

This is a common problem when customers have a shared account with someone else. It can appear as if it is that person’s name and number on the account, which can result in calls not being answered or voicemail messages not being picked up. To avoid this, contact the Customer Care representative immediately, and make sure you provide all account information and documentation so that the agent can authenticate your account.

The telephone number associated with your account for the purpose of contacting Verizon Customer Service, is the phone number you’re using to call them with.

Your new billing password must be a minimum of 6 characters long – including at least one number and one special character.
Your new password must be at least 1 character longer than the old billing password.

And you’ll want to make sure it’s also different than your new password for your website user (which will be created in the next step).

How Do I Reset the Verizon Billing Password?

To reset your Verizon bill payment password, or to verify your account information, call Customer Service at 1-800-922-0204.

After you’ve done that, try to log in and set a new password for your account by filling out the form and submitting it.

Customer service can reset your paypal billing password. So you can no longer use your social security number as your paypal billing password.

Can You Change the Verizon Billing Password in a Store?

Your Verizon order number
Your photo ID
Your bill or other proof of payment for the account

You can get your wireless service order number and bill or other proof of payment by calling 866.737.3270, or visiting the store website.

What If I Forgot My Verizon Billing Password?

If you have forgotten your password you can go to the Verizon website to change it. You are required to login, and the password can be reset under Customer Support.

However, the user who created this account may have the required role to view this information.

Can Verizon Send Me My Billing Password?

If you have forgotten your Verizon account’s billing password, you can’t ask them to resend the password because that would be a security risk.

This would also expose your password and allow your account to be accessed in the event you do not remember them. Even if your password is long and random, you still run the risk of a dictionary/rainbow table attack, which would allow an attacker to test a list of passwords against your password.

Can I Change the Verizon Billing Password Through My Verizon?

You can change your Verizon billing password and account PIN directly from your My Account app or website, or by calling 1-800-MY-VZW.

What If I Didn’t Make a Verizon Billing Password Change Request?

Go to the My Verizon Security website and click on Report an Issue. Enter your email address and the account PIN number or billing password you want to report.

Additionally, it would appear that someone knows your account PIN and is trying to access your information, they could try to change your account PIN and if they do, you will be able to change your PIN.

Do I Need a Verizon Billing Password to Chat with Verizon Customer Support?

If you are having trouble with your Verizon bill, you will need to enter your billing information to contact Verizon Customer Service. You will need to enter your Verizon account information including the phone number on which you subscribed, your billing information, and your password or account number.

Additionally, your Verizon account security and verification will require a PIN, or an account password to prevent unauthorized access to your account and any related information.

To know more, you can find out how to activate Verizon Service and how to buy a new Verizon smartphone.


The company found out that the password was a 4 digit long number that began with the last four digits of an account owner’s social security number.

The account name isn’t a password anymore, but it’s called the account PIN. You might have to know that if you ever want to talk to a human at Verizon customer service.

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