Can Verizon Change My Phone Number? (how It Works, How Long It Takes + More)

Verizons has this great feature that lets you change your phone number when you get a new phone. All you have to do it call and ask for the number change. No long-winded forms to fill out. Just a quick phone call.

If you’re looking for the best way to change your phone numbers with Verizon, you’ve reached the right place! Here’s everything you need to know about switching your phone number with Verizon!

Can Verizon Change My Phone Number In 2022?

You can change your phone number when you are signed into your Verizon account using either the My Verizon app or the website. Changing your phone number can take effect immediately, or you can choose for the change to take place at a later date.
– You can change your phone number using the app and website.

If you want to change your phone number using Verizon, it is actually very easy to do. In this article, I’ll guide you through everything step by step.

Is It Free To Change Your Phone Number With Verizon?

You won’t be charged a fee if you add or change a phone number from within Verizon’s mobile app or a web browser.

Can I Call Verizon To Change My Number?

You can change your phone number by calling customer service. There is a $15.00 charge if you call or a $25.00 charge if you use the internet.

How Do You Change Your Cell Phone Number With Verizon?

If you want to change your phone number with Verizon, you’ll use the Verizon app or the website. You can also call customer service to make a change.

The first step to change your number is to log into your Verizon account at From there you can change the name, area code, and phone number. Just remember to hit the update button at the bottom when you’re finished making your changes.

It is not necessary to change the number from the default one. You’ll be able to enter the new code by following the verification step described above.

The free service requires you to input your current area code, then the number of extra digits you want to add. You can also choose for your new number to go into effect at any time, as well.

You will also need to configure your new number to your T-Mobile account and if you use the My T-Mobile app, you can do this from the “settings” tab.

Can You Transfer An Existing Number To Verizon?

Yes, you can transfer an existing cell phone number to your new Verizon account and vice versa.

You can use the app or website to dial to or receive calls from the previously listed steps.

If your old phone number is eligible for transfer, it’ll be added to your eligible numbers list. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the email address you’ve entered.

If you’re eligible to transfer a number, you’ll need to submit the following information.

Once you have submitted the request you can expect an email from the support team within 24 hours. We do not currently offer email or phone support for this item.

Can Anyone On A Verizon Plan Change Their Phone Number?

Anyone on a Verizon plan can change your phone number, but only the account owner or manager can go through the process to change your phone number.

However if you are the owner of the account, you can switch your number yourself, and it will be transferred to the new number immediately.

How Long Does It Take To Change Your Phone Number Through Verizon?

You can also select the day you want changes in the phone number to start, with the effective date being today. This isn’t available for the other changes or the SMS one.

While you can select a date for this feature, you can’t set a time for it. So, it’ll set the new phone number for you at midnight for the selected date.

Can You Swap Devices With Someone Else At Verizon?

Sign in to your Verizon account (Verizon Wireless Customer Center or VZAccess) and choose your account type (Mobile Phone or Prepaid Device).
Select Add a Device
Select your phone and scroll down to see your prepaid account.

If you’re ordering a phone from the US, you may not be able to swap it out while it’s still in the mail. You can only swap it out once it’s received by the carrier.

If you want to switch devices between two account owners, both devices need to be deactivated. If you switch from your account, however, the devices remain active.

Can You Port A Landline Number To A Verizon Cell Phone?

Verizon allows you to port a landline number to your cell phone. To do this you will first need to log into your Verizon account. You can do this by following the above steps.

After selecting the device, you’ll need to enter in the landline number, and then click on “Save Phone Number” to complete the process.

Now you need to change your phone number. You might choose to forward it to either one of your personal email accounts or even your personal mobile number by opening your Settings menu on your Samsung device.

Once you have completed these steps, you can follow these steps to change your country codes.

If you are planning to purchase a new telephone, keep in mind that switching to a new carrier is the same as porting and can take several days to complete.

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There are two separate questions in your question so I’ll address them separately.


Verizon can make an unlimited number of changes to your phone number. For example, they can make your phone number unavailable, and they can change your number entirely. They can also set you up with a new number.

Changing your phone number through the Verizon website or app will have a $15 fee, but you can change it through calling customer service and it won’t have any fee.

You can switch devices with another person, including someone not on your account, within the Verizon site or app within a few minutes.

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