What Is Verizon Number Share? (how It Works, Eligible Plans + More)

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you might be wondering about Number Share. It is a service that allows customers to share their telephone numbers with the Verizon Wireless service provider.

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What Is Verizon Number Share In 2022?

You can share your phone number across 5 different devices via a Verizon Number Share Host. Your mobile device acts as the host, while authorized devices can sync to the host and act just like your phone to make things more secure.

Are you interested to know, about Verizon Number Share, such as what devices are considered eligible and how much the service is? Keep on reading and you will find all the answers to your questions.

How Does Verizon Number Share Work?

This feature is not currently supported by the mobile operator, please contact them if you are looking to set up this account.

You can also check your notifications, text messages and check your email with the Verizon Number Share app.

Verizon Number Share is for those who want to use their phone number across several devices. The most notable thing about this service is its simplicity and affordability. The service allows users to use their current mobile number across all devices, even those on different providers.
Verizon Number Share is perfect for those who want to save money but still need to be accessible from all of their devices. This service can be found here.

What Does Verizon Number Share Cost?

>You will have to pay $10 per month for each connected device (phone, tablet, or computer) that accesses your mobile number. You’ll also pay the same amount for each other device that connects to your mobile number, including smartphones, tablets, and so on. And remember, if you already have an unlimited data plan, you can still utilize Verizon Number Share without incurring additional charges.*

>*Mobile Number Share is not an additional feature.

You have the choice to share the same number for a phone call, text message, plus your Facebook friends, plus Google Voice, etc.

What Devices are Compatible with Verizon Number Share?

I guess that’s why more companies are now offering the service, so they can still sell the devices but also get some credit from the carrier.

How Do I Turn off Number Sharing on Verizon?

Click on the “Manage my phone” icon on the Verizon app, follow the steps to turn off “Number Sharing”.

This option is for people who want a personal mobile number. You can either keep it or change it to a new number. Your old number will be deactivated and will stop receiving texts and calls after a short period of time. The charge for that number will be $10 per month.

Number sharing means all the smart devices on your network can receive and send numbers to and from the device.

Next, you can turn off Verizon Number Share through the My Verizon app for iOS or Android.

What Verizon Plans are Eligible for Number Share?

To use Verizon Number Share you will need to have your phone number on the same account, if you were to share your phone number with someone else.

Verizon requires that you either have a standard account or a business account that comes with a Shared Data Plan. You can also sign-up for a 1-month free trial.

You can use your phone to make calls and send texts on an unlimited plan. You can use the smartwatch on your phone to send texts, receive calls and view notifications, for a small monthly fee of $10.

Do All Verizon Smartphone Features Work with Number Share Devices?

If interested, you can read this for more details on Verizon MiFi. As for Verizon Wireless and how locked they are, you can find the answer in this article.


When you share your cell phone number with Verizon Number Share, you can talk, text, and receive notifications from your devices.

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