6 Dog Room Divider Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Having a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences as a human being. But their lack of sense in case of boundaries might require you to have a couple of dog room dividers handy.

Oftentimes, dogs won’t understand your commands for not entering certain rooms and might end up gatecrashing and causing a scene. This is why you’ll need a divider.

However, such units can be very expensive when bought from a store. Reading our article will provide you with some creative and affordable dog room divider ideas. Therefore, you can set barriers for your dog yourself while also keeping your house in order.

Dog Room Divider Ideas

Below are a few ideas which you can apply for making dog doors. These normally consist of materials that are easily available around your house or at the nearest hardware store. So, keep on reading to discover the one that you can execute best!

1. PVC Pat Divider

Although there isn’t anything fancy about this idea, it is extremely effective in coming up with a dog divider that can even keep the largest of hounds at bay. All you have to do is take some PVC and create a rectangular frame out of it. Then you can take a cloth of any type of fabric and sew it around the frame.

Using this method for making dog dividers is an incredibly efficient idea simply because of how minimal the creating process is. All you will need is basic sewing skills, and you will be able to whip this up in no time.

Moreover, you can make it in a plethora of different sizes, making it applicable for dogs ranging from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers.

2. Hinge Less Baby Gates 

You might question its effectiveness because of its initial purpose of preventing children from falling over, but you might be surprised. Hinge-less baby gates can work as an excellent alternative for dog dividers.

In case your house has a stair with railings, then you can use them to set boundaries for your dogs without any hesitation.

Another great reason behind choosing the hinge-less baby gates as a dog divider is its simplistic installation process. You won’t have to do any drilling or adjustments to your stairs to put them in place.

Simply slide it into place, and it will hold its ground quite effectively. The soft fabric at the bottom also makes the entire process more efficient.

3. Wooden Dowel Door

If you’re looking for a dog room divider that doesn’t feel like an eyesore and has some aesthetic value to it, getting or making a wood dowel door can be a great option. The materials are easily acquirable as all you will need are a few wooden dowels and a frame made of metal or wood.

Anyone with a decent bit of skill in carpentry can easily put together a wood dowel door. Furthermore, you can paint it to suit the colors of the walls around your home, letting it conveniently blend into the surroundings. Its tough materials and customizable size make it perfect for use as a dog divider.

4. Foldable Baby Gate

As you can understand by this point, baby gates are exceptionally effective as a dog divider. This option happens to be a more sophisticated version of the hinge-less baby gates. However, it’s still an excellent option for keeping out small to middle-sized dogs. A little bit of woodworking skills is all you will need to set it up.

One of the greatest aspects of using the foldable baby gate as a dog divider is the unparalleled convenience it provides. It is extremely portable and therefore makes it a great companion while traveling. The foldable nature of this item also makes it easy to set up when you’ve only got one hand free.

5. Stand-Out Doggie Gate

If you feel insecure about using baby gates as a dog divider, then you can certainly rely on the stand-out doggie gate. No matter how much pressure your pooch is applying, once this product is set in place, they will never be able to get past it.

It’s got a design that resembles a tree with thin slits in the middle, which adds some aesthetics to it too.

Although this unit is a great item to build as a barrier for your dog, it does require a bit of craftsmanship to execute it perfectly. The main reason behind it is its 45-degree cuts which are done on an entire wooden slab. Therefore, attempt to make it only when you’re confident in your woodcutting abilities.

6. PVC Gate

People who want to build a dog divider that gives off a retro vibe while also looking unique will love the PVC gate. You’ll only need one material to pull this item off, PVC pipes. All you have to do is place them in the middle of door hinges, and your pooch won’t be able to enter the room.

PVC gates are a great option for those who do not want to go through a complex and time-consuming process for making a dog divider. The pipes fit each seamlessly without any hassle like building blocks. Furthermore, it’s also a safe option for your puppy as there are no sharp edges or corners which can hurt them.


There you have it, 6 dog room divider ideas that are bound to help you limit your dog’s movement within the house. Pick out whichever option you like and get started on it!

You can certainly keep your house and dog safe and secured when implementing these concepts without having to worry about exorbitant expenditures!

Now, all that’s left for you is to rush to your nearest hardware store, acquire the necessary materials and get to work. From now on, your dog is bound to know its place within the house!

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