7 English Terms You Must Know When in an Airport

A typical airport consists of a landing space that is an open space that is easily accessible from the air and contains at minimum one surface that is operationally active that has runways that allow aircraft that take off or land or a helicopter pad. 

If you’re learning English, traveling a flight or boarding a plane could be a stressful and frightening experience. Even if your language is extensive English, it may be challenging to understand all the foreign words you encounter at airports. Learn English words and phrases frequently used in airport and aviation language within this program.

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Every airport employs English frequently all over the world. This article aims to give readers an essential and basic vocabulary in the airport and travel industries. The list contains well-known airport-related terminology and terms that are explained in simple English. Let’s dive in now!

1. Passport

A passport is a valid journey record from the state that verifies an individual’s self-identity. It allows traveling to and from other countries and access to consular services in foreign countries. It is proof of the holder’s nationality as well as personal identity. Standard passports include the full name of the holder as well as a photo birthplace, birthplace, dates of birth, signature, and expiration date of the visa. 

Please show me your passport. Are you visiting for leisure or business?

2. Airline

Name of the firm that owns the plane is the name of the airline or carrier you fly with. The airline you’re traveling on. British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Ryanair, and United Airlines are just a few examples.

Which airline do you currently fly with?

Which airline would you recommend me to choose to travel with?

3. Check-in

Let the airline know you’ve been to the airport when you check-in. Check-in is required at a desk to verify your presence before being able to take your luggage off or print your passport ticket. Check-in is also a reference to where you will perform this task.

There is a long line in front of the check-in counter.

4. Terminal

The location where planes can land and take off is called a terminal. Check your boarding ticket to find your terminal since airports can have multiple terminals.

Most large airports have multiple terminals.

We have to get to Terminal One in 5 minutes.

5. Immigration/Border Control

You’ll need to pass through customs and passport control if you fly internationally. Based on the laws of the country you are visiting and the kind of items you bring into the country, You may have different encounters at the passport control and customs checkpoints. It is, in essence, an examination of your passport. You might have to present your passport to immigration personnel when traveling to other countries while scrutinizing everyone who enters and leaves the country. Immigration is the term used to describe that process and that part in the air terminal and perhaps the border control area.

If you are at the immigration office, make sure that you have a valid passport.

6. Duty-free shop

Duty-free shopping is the idea of providing customers with products that are exempt from import duty and not in place. Governments can impose a burden to charge for certain types of imports. In addition, you pay less duty; however, in the case of Europe, you also pay less VAT, which can lead to even higher savings than shopping at the downtown markets. Shopping duty-free is subject to certain restrictions. However, they are determined individually by the governments of each country and economic zones. Be aware that if you exceed the limit, you may be required to cover the extra cost between taxes and duty.

What kinds of products are available in duty-free stores?

7. Gate

There are a variety of gates that lead to different flight departures in the area of leaves. Gates are the entry point of a movable passageway like a tunnel or bridge that connects to the plane when traveling through the air. The departure point of your flight will be your gate. Be sure to keep your eye on the electronic signs posted on the runway since the gate can be changed at the very last minute.

Please inform me of the gate where the flight DA12 from New York departs from.


It is fun to travel by plane, particularly when traveling to a new place. If you’re not familiar with the terms used in the airport, things may be difficult at moments. Thus, mastering English is vital to ensure simple conversations.

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