Online Gaming is gaining terrain among new players this 2022

It has long been said that gambling is a pastime enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. This may well be true, but recent studies suggest that there is a new generation of gamblers out there – and they are playing online! 

According to research carried out by Statista, the number of American players who engage in online gaming is set to rise significantly in the next few years. Recent figures had found that approximately 65% of adults in America had been participating in video gaming regularly on at least one device. Additionally, it was forecasted that there would be 213 million mobile gamers in 2020, with 29% of gamers claiming they spent three to five hours weekly on their smartphone device.

So what is driving this growth? And why are more and more people turning to the internet for their gaming fix?

Online gaming has continued to enjoy emphatic growth across the USA

Clearly, it is rather evident that the online gaming market is a huge industry in the United States at the moment, and it does not appear as though it will be slowing down anytime soon, given the figures stated above.

While the aforementioned statistics are impressive, there is no doubt that these numbers are only set to grow in the future, as there are a number of reasons why online gaming is becoming increasingly popular.  

Some reasons are more obvious than others

Some of the reasons to be outlined below are perhaps rather obvious and are rather understandable when it comes down to trying to identify just why the online gambling market is gaining terrain among new players in 2022, however, there may be a few that are a little harder to instantly recognize.

Nonetheless, let’s take a look at just some of them and highlight why each one of them will have had a profound impact on the number of new players, and why each of them is continuing to bring new players into the sector.


For starters, there is no denying that online gaming is convenient. Players can enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes, without having to travel to a land-based casino. This level of convenience has been a huge game-changer for the gaming industry in general, however the gambling sector within this market has been able to utilize the impact that it has had on gamers to its fullest extent.

Gamers are now able to use their smartphones, tablets, and even PC and laptop devices to play their favorite games, while also being afforded the authentic experiences that they continue to demand and crave from the gaming sessions enjoyed.

Availability of games online

What is more, there is a huge range of games available online, from classic casino staples such as blackjack and roulette to more modern offerings like online slots and poker. There really is something for everyone – regardless of taste or budget.

Consumers have always enjoyed the ability to have a choice when it comes down to choosing a product or service to use, and the same can be said of gamers. Nowadays, they are able to enjoy a variety of titles all in one place when they choose the right platform to wager on.

Changes in the law across the USA

Changes in law and regulations across the US are also playing a part in the rise of online gaming. In recent years, a number of states have legalized online gambling, making it easier for people to get involved and play at the top legal high-paying casinos in the USA whenever they want.

Additionally, with more and more states considering similar legislation, it is likely that the number of people playing online games will continue to grow in the years to come as there are far more locations that can each look to legalize the activity. If we take into account the fact that the three most populous states in America (California, Texas, and Florida) are yet to legalize the pastime, if they were, then it would open the market to a population of approximately 90 million, thus ultimately helping to grow the online gaming industry further.

Technology continues to improve

Moreover, technology is also improving, making the whole experience of playing online more enjoyable. 

For example, virtual reality is starting to be used in some casinos, giving players the opportunity to immerse themselves in their games like never before. We have also seen a number of other technologies be utilized throughout the gaming industry, too. Artificial intelligence has helped to create realistic and authentic live dealer games, while we have also seen cryptocurrency become a viable payment method.

There are still a number of technological advancements that can still be made in the future that could also help to promote further growth of the industry in the future and perhaps even in 2022. For instance, we could see wearable tech such as smartwatches or even glasses become available to use to play our favorite games in the near future!

Rise of social media and streaming platforms 

Another key factor driving the growth of online gaming is the rise of social media and streaming platforms like Twitch. These days, people want to not only play games but also watch others playing them. And with professional gamers now earning big money through sponsorship and advertising deals, it is no wonder that so many people are keen to give it a go themselves.

What does the future hold for the online gaming sector?

As can be seen, the future for the online gaming sector already looks particularly bright given the statistics that were mentioned before, while the trends and reasons outlined would also help to further emphasize that point.

However, will we still see more growth beyond 2022? Indeed, it would be hard not to imagine that there would, especially as we continue to see a number of states look to change the rules and regulations they have in place, while the continued evolution of technology will almost guarantee to play a role, too!

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