Why are Live Casinos so Popular Online?

The idea of live casinos to enhance online gaming at home first originated back in the mid-1990s. Developers were keen to capture the excitement and glamour of the casino for remote gamers.

They hoped to do this by providing games with real human officials and dealers. This, plus a smooth communication and broadcasting system, would allow for a communal sense of the gaming action.  

However, when live casino really started to take shape in the mid-2000s, internet capabilities were not quite up to speed. 

Players would have to make do with bulky desktops and patchy dial-up connections to play anything. The result was that live casino was put on the back burner until tech could catch up.

Nowadays, it has done exactly that. 

In a similar way to how online gaming has taken off in the last ten years, live casino has also made the most of new technology.  Live casino is now able to offer the latest communication and streaming developments as part of its essential design.

Online casino in general scores major points against traditional casinos in terms of greater accessibility and security. The option of playing a greater selection of games whenever and wherever is also a fundamental advantage. 

Live casino also benefits from these strong advantages. It then adds the extra interactive element to offer players a brand-new remote gaming experience. Game designers and media companies have been taken with the potential of this new form of gaming.

Indeed, major online gaming portals including Virgin Games offer players the chance to tap into the phenomenon of live casino. The latest technology and connections help to provide a great overall gaming experience.

The introduction of convenient smartphones and mobile devices have also played their part in the emergence of live casino as a successful addition to the casino industry. 

This is linked with the vast improvement of the in-game communications aspect that allows for a more realistic experience. 

Live casino games make use of both voice and text commands for players to make their moves. This increases the sense of actually being in the game, and not just a passive observer. 

Another reason why live casino has done so well recently is the increased sense of trust that it offers to players. After all, it is only natural to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the knowledge that a human is dealing and making actions rather than an unknown AI interface. 

In live casino, players can see the results of card deals and dice rolls in real-time. Being able to see the results of each game as though it was happening right in front of them make a player trust the game dynamics more readily.

Why is Live Casino so successful? 

A big reason for the popularity of a traditional casino is the social aspect. In bricks and mortar casinos, players interact with each other and the dealers. Prior to the advancement of live casino online, this was a limited part of online gaming. 

Now there is the potential for players to communicate with others just as they would in the physical casino. There are chat box options and messaging services so that players can feel truly part of the game. 

The dealers also communicate the workings of the game in full, allowing for a more human experience.

The online gaming market is today thought to be worth over $72 billion. A major reason for this profitability is the continued exploration of new technology to offer the best gaming experiences.

Live casino is integral to this. It showcases how new technology can provide the impetus for the most expansive and expressive ideas to take shape. 

Essentially the use of state-of-the-art cameras, broadcasting devices and communications facilities have broadened the scope of playing online. The immersive experience gets far closer to the physical casino with some significant advantages.

Compared to traditional casinos, online live casino has the major plus of convenience. Players can play whenever they want. They can also be anywhere with a good enough internet connection.

This means they do not have to worry about travelling to a physical casino to enjoy a game of chance. In the USA this was a particular issue, as many states did not even have casinos due to the local laws and regulations.

The future of Live Casino

It looks like a sure bet that online gaming and live casino options will continue to be influenced by the latest in technology.

New 5-G options and greater advancement in mobile gameplay will add significant depth to the overall experience of live casino. Operating as a major boost to the strength and reliability of mobile connections, 5-G means that players can now take part in live casino anywhere.

Much like online casino play revolutionised gaming experiences ten years ago thanks to enhanced tech, the 5-G rollout optimises the viability of live casino on mobile. 

Offering a way to experience the feel of a real casino experience without lagging or time delays means a new way to enjoy casino online.

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