Online Casinos Continue to Gain Market Share on Land-Based Casinos

It’s no secret that the glitz and flashing lights of casinos located in various cities have some real and substantial competition. Online casinos have become extremely popular due to their convenience, ease of use and advanced technology that gives off a physical casino vibe. With nearly 5,000 online gambling sites available worldwide, there is ready access from any device with Internet connectivity for both the casual and more serious gamblers.

A common misconception is that online casinos don’t offer as many games as land-based casinos. That simply is not accurate. Online casinos not only offer many of the same games as land-based casinos such as blackjack, roulette, craps and slots, but often offer more due to the fact that they don’t face space limitations often faced by their land-based counterparts.

How Online Casinos Work

All online casinos must apply for and obtain a license to operate. In addition, all games whether in a land-based or online casino are licensed either directly or indirectly to the casino operator by the gaming providers. Having these licenses in place is critical to creating a legitimate casino operator. Once licensed. all games are in place and the casino’s front-end website is in place, the casino is up and running.

Online gambling is driven by web-based platforms, called online casinos. These online gaming sites is where all games are hosted and where you can play against the casino or other players. Three things are needed to play. You’ll need a device (a computer, mobile phone, or a tablet), a reliable working internet connection, and some money.

It is important to find the right casino as some offer a wider selection of game options and have better user interfaces. You will need to set up an account that allows you to log in under your unique credentials. Once your account is set up and ready to go, you will need to deposit some money into it. Once your account is “loaded”, you’re ready to play the games of your choice Online casino games work very much like land-based games. You will select your game, and place bets just as you would if you were inside a physical casino. If you win, your winnings will go straight into your account. You will always have the option of withdrawing money and, conveniently adding funds at your own leisure.

The Popularity of Online Casinos is Growing

The ability to gain access to betting on games of chance has been greatly enhance with the rapid growth of online casinos. And, with the growth in the number of online casinos, online betting continues to increase in popularity. According to one source, “Concerning online bets, around 155.3 million people engage in various online wagers, around 9.6% of the total gambling population. The 2022 figures for online gamblers increased by 15.38% from the previous year’s 134.6 million users, with online sports bets contributing the most with 108.9 million users in 2022”.

Another startling statistic points to the online betting industry expecting to reach 124.24 billion dollars bet by 2027. That is almost three times the revenue generated by online casinos in 2019.

How to Choose a Good Online Casino

It’s important to create accounts with reputable, highly reviewed online casinos. You will want to do your homework and look for reviews on online gambling sites. Those with a number of favorable reviews and a decent amount of experience operating their casinos make the most sense. Check out their websites and look for strong user interfaces and good graphical quality. A front-end website can tell you a lot about the quality of what’s inside the casino, so to speak.

Winning Money with Online Casinos

Winning money through gambling doesn’t really differ much between online and land-based casinos. Discipline is always a leading trait of a good gambler. They know how much they can afford to bet and they know when to take winnings and when to cut their losses in each session.

Too many gamblers take unnecessary risks and/or continue to bet after having a nice winning streak only to give back their winnings and maybe more. Most gamblers who win money do it through a disciplined approach where they know how much they can wager per bet (unit management) and they rake winnings into their pockets or, account in the case of online casinos, before they lose what they’ve won.


Online casinos are growing in popularity and a high percentage of people around the world are now make bets of one kind or another. If you haven’t checked out the online casino industry yet, jump on Google or the search engine of your choosing and visit various sites to see which ones carry the most appeal. And be sure to do you due diligence by looking for reviews and other information about any online casino with which you might want to set up an account.

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