The Main Rules of Baccarat at Online Casinos

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Before playing baccarat for real money, it’s important to know the game and its rules. There are some useful recommendations that will help gamblers:

  • choose the best online casino;
  • bet in favor of the player or the bank;
  • the player and the bank get two cards
  • if the sum of the hand is 8 or 9, then the distribution of cards is stopped;
  • if the hand is 0-5, then the third card is dealt;
  • the winning hand is the hand that is closer to 9. 

Online casinos offer demo versions of this game so that gamblers have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with baccarat for free, without any financial risk. The free game has the advantage because you can try out different strategies that you plan to use in baccarat without spending any money.

The Basic Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat is an interesting game whose goal is to accumulate a hand closer to 9. You can read more here The basic rules that gamblers need to know are:

  • Cards 2-9 are worth the same;
  • 10, J, Q, K are 0;
  • Ace is 1;
  • Suit does not matter;
  • The game is played in a 6- or 8-deck shoe;
  • When the score is above 9, the player drops the first number.

Some online casinos may offer different types of baccarat, but they generally have the same rules. Check out the details beforehand to bet for real money.

Options for Bets

In baccarat, there are three types of bets:

  • on the player;
  • on the tie;
  • on the bank.

It is useful for gamblers to know that, unlike other games, baccarat has a low casino advantage. Therefore, players have a high chance of winning. The hall advantage is the profit that the casino gets for this game.

BetOddsHall advantage
On the player45,87%1,36%
On the bank44,67%1,06%
On the bank9,53%14,5%

Before betting for real money, it is recommended to try your luck in the free version and familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Each type of baccarat has a payout table, which should be read before betting. This will help you understand what the potential profit you can get for a certain bet.

Criteria for Choosing an Online Casino

To play for real money, it is important to choose a reliable online casino like To do this, it is recommended to pay attention to such selection criteria:

  1. Security. When you bet with real money, you need to be sure that it is safe so the online casino should use SSL encryption to guarantee the security of the information to the gamblers. You should also look out for a current license from reputable gambling regulatory bodies.
  2. Bonuses. Bonuses can significantly increase the bankroll, but before you use them, you should read the rules in order to understand how realistic it is to withdraw bonus funds to the game bankroll. Many online casinos offer not only a welcome bonus for new users, but also various promotions for active players.
  3. Game quality and software. Choosing an online casino, you need to know what software providers it cooperates with. It is recommended to choose only those game platforms that work with well-known and best software providers. This guarantees high quality of the games and honesty.
  4.  Mobile casino. Having a mobile version will be a great advantage, as many gamblers prefer to play on the go. Websites should work quickly, without reducing the quality of the game. It is worth paying attention to online casinos that have applications available to download to mobile devices.
  5. Support service. This is one of the important criteria, as a gaming platform should have a 24-hour support service. In this way, gamers have the opportunity to solve a question related to the work of the site at any convenient time.
  6. Banking methods. Before you play for real money, check whether the online casino supports the banking methods that are available to you. Reputable online casinos offer a quite large selection of banking methods so that many players will be able to play for real money. 

Useful recommendations will help you choose a reliable platform to baccarat online real money.

Strategies for Online Baccarat

Almost all table games have certain strategies that are chosen to increase the chances of winning. There are several variations of strategies that can be used when playing baccarat.


This is a well-known strategy, the idea of which is to increase the bet. The purpose of using this method is that the player regulates his bankroll and compensate for any losses he makes during the gameplay. Each time the amount of the losing bet increases. Keep in mind that there is no strategy that can guarantee a win. It is only an opportunity to increase the chances of success.


One of the simplest strategies, which consists of choosing a consecutive bet, either on the player or on the banker. The player makes this choice until he loses three times. Then you need to stop and wait until your bet starts winning. To use this strategy, it is recommended to set a goal and a certain amount that you want to win. This makes it easier to understand when it is best to finish the game.

In baccarat there is no point in betting on a tie, despite the high payout. In case you win, you will get a large sum of money. This is due to the fact that such an outcome is improbable. The best way to save money is to bet on a player or banker. A tie is extremely rare and you can simply lose money. Don’t pay attention to attractive odds, as there is a big hall advantage in this bet. 

Baccarat is one of the oldest casino table games in the world. There is an opinion that it was created by an Italian player in the middle 18th century, whose name was Felix Falgier. The origin story has no clear facts. The first mention of the game dates back to the 19th century. At that time, it was very popular among the French, who brought the game to America across the Atlantic. After that, the game began to be played in different variants of baccarat:

  • punto banco;
  • baccarat banque;
  • chemin de fer.

Now there are many variations of baccarat available to gamblers, which can be played at a land-based or online casino. 

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