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Turn time spent doing what you love into moments of inspiration and enrichment! Millions of players around the world love to play blackjack online. Nowadays, blackjack games are offered by most online casinos. Thus, players can play their favorite internet blackjack and different variants of the games anywhere and anytime, including on mobile devices.

Encourage blackjack players to practice more and learn different methods of winning. Using a pre-determined strategy and placing bets influenced by emotion is the biggest difference between an experienced player and a beginner.

If you want to find out what your chances are of beating the dealer when playing blackjack, learn useful tips and check out the current blackjack offers at Las Atlantis online casino – read on to find out more.

How to play blackjack online?

In blackjack, players play against the dealer rather than between players themselves (the game can be played 1 on 1, with up to seven players, and in some online variants, no limit).

The goal of the game is to accumulate a sum of hands equal to or close to the dealer’s 21 points, but not exceeding 21 points. Players can also win the round if the dealer’s total exceeds 21 points through additional drawn cards.

If you choose to draw cards and the total number of points in your hand exceeds 21, you automatically lose.

You can win the game by drawing two cards first (natural win) or by drawing additional cards. A natural win is achieved when the dealer’s hand or the player’s first cards are a ten and an ace. If this happens, the game is over.

If, at the beginning of the game, the player’s cards and the remaining cards in the dealer’s possession do not have a win when the first two cards are revealed, play continues and each side of the game either attempts to score 21 points or forces the opponent to score more than 21 points.

From the moment players start the game, they can pass or draw additional cards to improve their hand.

Playing blackjack online for real money is no different from playing at a regular casino. Players just need to log into the online casino and select the blackjack option from the menu. The game belongs to the category of table games. You don’t need any skills to start playing.

The rules of blackjack are simple

  • The game is played with one or more decks (up to eight decks) of 52 cards. The game can be played with one to seven players, or even more – it all depends on the game variant.
  • To speed up the blackjack roll, casinos usually mix six or more decks in one deck.
  • First, the player places a bet by entering the amount they would like to bet on their winnings. The bet is made by clicking chips in a physical casino or entering an amount in an online casino.
  • The player’s bet starts the game. The dealer deals the first two cards face up to the player(s) and two to himself – the first card face down, the second card face up. The player then decides what move to make depending on his hand and the dealer’s revealed card. This is the so-called basic strategy of the game.
  • The player may choose to draw a card, which means they get another card from the deck. They can also choose to reset the cards. Another option is to double down, meaning they make another bet equal to the first bet and get another card.

Once the player has made a decision, the dealer reveals his covered card and compares the cards.

How to win at blackjack at Las Atlantis online casino?

The rules of blackjack are so simple that it is hard to talk about complex strategies. On the one hand, it is a game of chance, on the other hand, it requires the player to make specific decisions.

However, experienced players say that there are ways to plan how to get the best hand and beat the dealer. Here are some tips from the experts:

  • The next moves in the game are determined by looking at the dealer’s open card. This card shows when it is best to double down, hit, or stay.
  • When the dealer has four, five or six open cards in his hand, he has the highest chances of losing. The best player action at this point is usually to double down, which means placing another bet of the same value as the first.
  • When the dealer’s open card is seven or more, the best action for the player is to take the card. This should continue until seventeen is reached, after which it is best to discard the cards.
  • There is an insurance option where the player makes another bet worth half of the original bet if the dealer draws an ace. However, experienced players call insurance a losing bet and advise to always avoid it. The casino’s advantage in this case is extremely high.
  • If you are unsure of your next action, the safest option is to discard your cards.

Card counting in the game at Las Atlantis online casino sites

A popular strategy for playing blackjack is card counting. This method works best in land-based casinos, where you can play while watching all the dealer’s movements.

Card counting involves analyzing each successive card of the dealer and trying to predict the value of the next card. Once you know the probability of a higher or lower card, you simply decrease or increase your bets depending on your chances of getting a 9 or 10. These cards increase your chances of getting a blackjack.

How do you choose the best blackjack for you?

Finding the best online blackjack option is not easy. More often than not, you need to test a dozen different game variants from different providers to find one favorite game.

Here are a few options to consider when choosing the best game option for you.

  • Graphics and sounds

If you have your own preferences regarding the look of the game and its sound, look out for those versions of the game that meet your expectations. Some game providers go to great lengths to create the most realistic gameplay possible.

Players can hear the rustle of cards being dealt, be in a virtual casino room or listen to pleasant music.

  • Game support

It is important that the game is user-friendly and easy to use. Make sure you can easily find the buttons you are interested in, view the history, intuitively place bets and clearly see the number of cards dealt.

  • Mobile version

Blackjack is one of the games that mobile users willingly choose. You don’t even need to download any additional software. Casino game providers create fast and easy to use mobile games that can be played anywhere and anytime.

  • Security

Choose games from reliable providers that offer the best online casinos. Only then can you be sure that the game gives fair results and your winnings will be paid out to you without any problems.

  • Additional features

Some blackjack variants may include additional extra betting options, random multipliers or unique customizations that make dealing cards more enjoyable. There are options to play for VIP players at high stakes, in a dynamic game or for an unlimited number of players.

  • Bonuses and promotions

Some online casinos offer players additional bonuses for playing blackjack. Most often, this is an increase in the deposit made or the possibility of cashback for losses incurred in the game. Often casino bonuses apply only to the games of the selected manufacturer.

Bottom line

Online blackjack at a proven and well-known online casino LasAtlantis will undoubtedly be a source of unique emotions for you, because playing card games, you get a great chance to win a large amount of money.

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