American Airlines Stroller Policy (can You Check Them In, Into The Cabin + Other Faqs)

Traveling with young kids can be a bit of a headache. You don’t want to forget anything or leave anything important behind, like a wallet or passport.

If you are a mom, you know that having the ability to check in your stroller is a big help, which is why it must be done before you check luggage.

American Airlines Stroller Policy In 2022

If you have an infant or child who isn’t traveling with you or if you’re traveling without a stroller, American Airlines allows you to check in a car seat or stroller for free. Those strollers must be less than 20 pounds. You can add children’s names to an existing reservation as long as the children are traveling with you. You can only add children once they’ve been registered for travel.

Whether you prefer a car seat or an infant seat for your baby, there are actually several types of stroller available to make traveling with your infant much easier.

Can I Bring My Stroller Into The Cabin At American Airlines?

Of course, all the American Airlines customers may bring their strollers into the cabin.

In the situation that the customer can’t check-in due to the stroller or car seat (for whatever reason), the customer can either leave without checking in or cancel the booking and check-in later.

It is very important to check in your excess items at the ticket counter.

In some situations, a stroller may not be allowed to be brought into the cabin. However, one way to bring a stroller in the cabin is to choose a smaller stroller in place of the carry-on.

The stroller must be carried on your person or in your personal luggage,
The stroller must maintain its integrity during transit,
The stroller must not exceed the size limit of a carry-on, and
There must be sufficient room for you to transport the stroller and its contents.

Are Strollers Free To Check On American Airlines?

As part of the American Airlines’ frequent-flyer program, a customer is provided a stroller and a car seat for free.

The only exception has to be taken if the car seat doesn’t have a seat belt. As long as the stroller has a safety harness or the car seat has a seat belt then the child has to be restrained for the entire trip.

There will be a limit of one stroller per person, and strollers will be secured and strapped together before being loaded onto the aircraft.

Can You Gate Check A Double Stroller On An American Airlines Flight?

American Airlines says that if passengers have a stroller that weighs more than 20 pounds the passenger should bring the stroller through security.

Not to mention, it can be a bit tricky to get a double stroller checked through security.

How Big Of A Stroller Can You Gate Check With American Airlines?

As of April 2018, the fare above was $39 each way for this leg.

There is no limitation to the size of the stroller that can be boarded.

Can I Bring A Stroller On A Plane Without A Baby?

Basically, if a passenger with a baby is unable to fit themselves inside the seat, they can pay $60 to $80 for a stroller.

If a customer is flying with an infant, the infant can be carried or transported using a stroller and a car seat.

They also have the option to bring a smaller stroller as a carry-on.

Is A Stroller Considered A Checked Bag?

If you’re traveling with an infant, you can only check one stroller. This stroller is free but does not count towards your checked bag.

Is A Stroller Considered A Carry On?

* If a stroller is not in the passenger’s carry-on, it must be checked into the cabin. The stroller must be marked with the airline name and flight number and there may be a charge for the stroller. Any damages, theft or loss is the airlines responsibility.

The stroller must not be larger than 22 x 14 x 9 inches and fit in the stroller lock at check in.

How Strict Is American Airlines’ Stroller Policy?

In fact, the airline has had several interesting travel incidents involving children and their parents.

After a lot of complaints from parents who were charged with overweight strollers at the TSA line, American Airlines announced that parents and kids can bring strollers with a maximum weight of 20 pounds into the terminal.

American Airlines Charge For Checking A Car Seat

On a flight to Los Angeles, a passenger was allowed to bring one car seat to the airport gate.

If you are planning on using a stroller checked at the gate, you will need to check your car seat at the ticket counter.

If a customer has purchased a car seat, and wants to gate-check their car seat, and also want a stroller, the stroller must be checked at the ticket kiosk.

Adding Infants To Already Booked Flights With American Airlines

You can call American Airlines’ reservation department to add a child to your reservation.

Additionally you also can add a child at the time of booking online.

American Airlines Center Stroller Policy

Strollers are prohibited from being used on escalators at the American Airlines Center. This is to prevent the stroller from becoming an obstruction for the people getting on or off the escalator.

If a customer is located in a suite, he/she will be able to carry the stroller into the suite.

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Customers should be patient when boarding the flight and should pay attention to the latest stroller policies.

In addition to the free stroller and car seat, American Airlines offers checked-baggage free flights for customers flying with children under the age of two, which means that they can be transferred from one carrier to the next with their carry-on luggage.

The stroller must not be folded or boxed, and it must be stowed in the overhead compartment of the aircraft or in the cargo compartment.

Plus you can bring a suitcase with you to the airport, as opposed to just checking an additional bag.

Also, a stroller is NOT a carry-on, but customers can choose to bring in a stroller at the same time as their carry-on items, or separately if they prefer.

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