Amazon Baby Registry Return Policy (Will The Giver Know, Can You Do It + More)

Many babies were welcomed to the U.S. last year, and their families wanted to celebrate with gifts for the new addition.

Amazon’s baby registry return policy is not very clear. Some believe that the policy allows you to return your registry item for a full refund up to 14 days after you complete your registration.

If you order a lot of baby items, such as a stroller or crib, it may be beneficial to use a service to automatically return items that you no longer need.

What Is Amazon’s Baby Registry Return Policy In 2022?

Amazon’s baby registry policy lets you return any gifts purchased within 365 days of shipment. In addition to these free returns, items bought by the registry owner can be returned within 90 days. All other items purchased on Amazon can be returned within 30 days.

If you want to make life easier for yourself, or if you just want more money at the end of the day, then keep on reading this article.

Can You Do Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

Amazon is going to help you to process returns while you are not there. The store will make it convenient for you and your customer.

You can return items from your Amazon baby registry for as many times as you want, and you get 365 days from the receipt of shipment to return them. For gifts purchased by others off your registry, you have 365 days from the receipt of shipment to return them.

Amazon had to change their return policy for items purchased directly from your wedding registry, to 90 days. The 30 days standard policy on most items applies.

You can return purchased items within 30 days of purchase except items that are listed as not included in your purchase or are listed as non-returnable (under Amazon’s return policy).

In addition to the above, our in-house quality control team inspects every item for damage/wear or other issues and we are committed to working with you to repair any faulty or defective items.

For Amazon, it’s all about making your life easier. There are a number of people who use their baby registry to buy items they can afford and then have to return them for the money they’ve spent. While it might be nice to do everything online, having it in your hands can be a life saver.

How To Make Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

You might want to make sure that the registry is set up properly by creating a custom listing for your registry and setting a price.
In this example, I’ve set the price to be $10 per registry, but you can set this to whatever you think you could sell them for.

Just scroll through to find the items you want to return then click the “Return All” option at the bottom of the list.

There are two prompt messages, you can select the one “I want to return this item” that comes with a return address on the package and you also have a “Ship to Warehouse” option when you are done.

There are a few things to know about the Amazon rewards program, though — like the fact that you can use the gift cards almost anywhere.

You can log into the Returns Center and look for your order. It is usually listed as “Pending Return”.

As long as the number has not changed and the order has not appeared at that site, it should take a few more days to arrive back at your location.

You can add new products or arrange thank you’s while you’re returning items in your registry.

You can also see how many gifts have been bought and change the quantity for more or fewer items in your wishlist, which could help you avoid excessive returns.

Will The Giver Know About Amazon Baby Registry Returns?

If you’re buying for a new mum (and you should be!), don’t forget to register a baby nursery.
It’s a great way to help make life a little more organised and give your new mum the chance to register items for their new room on the same page.

I decided to keep things simple and included a private registry with the registry returns that allows me to return an item if the giver wants to.

This is a screenshot of a private registry with the item returned (marked for return).

When you shop at Babies R Us, you can avoid having unpleasant conversations and hurt feelings when only the Baby’s names are saved.

A gift giver wants to make sure the gift you receive is something you’ll love and use. Therefore, it’s best to only request a gift receipt if the gift has already been received.

What Happens To Returned Baby Registry Items On Amazon?

You most likely will not be affected. Your registry items are associated with an account in the registry and will be removed as part of the account’s deletion. However, items that are installed in the Program Files folder are installed as part of the main operating system and are not associated with an account. These will be unaffected if you remove the main OS.

If you really just want to put those shoes away and you know you’re never going to wear them, then you can always find a buyer.

From Amazon Returns:

The item(s) must be in new condition with original packaging, and the box it came in must be intact.
Please contact us at (855) 447-3733, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 4:00pm CST, to coordinate a return authorization and we’ll be right back with you.

They will either put them back up for sale or send them to Amazon warehouse if they believe the items have passed this quality evaluation.

Warehouse deals are excellent shopping bargains for families, where you can buy things like used baby supplies, bedding, or toys.

Sometimes Amazon will sell excess inventory in the form of old stock and return orders to liquidation companies who sell those for heavily discounted prices.

To check out more Amazon policies, you can follow our blog on the Amazon Prime shipping, buying diapers through the Amazon Prime, and Amazon Basics.


Amazon baby registries are becoming more and more popular for expecting parents who want to give helpful gift ideas to their families and friends.

Amazon makes it possible to add an extensive array of baby products to your registry and also makes returns when you want to. The Amazon baby registry returns process is discreet so the gift giver doesn’t have to know.

The best part about Amazon’s baby registry return policy is that you can return any item you purchased on the site itself up to 365 days after purchase, plus 90 days for items you bought yourself.

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