Target Baby Registry Return Policy (what You Need To Know)

Target baby registry is a good place to get a list of items you need for baby’s upcoming due date and to help you communicate with your guests in regards to what you’d like to receive for your baby shower.

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 However, every item is important you to think about whether or not the item is needed. It is also possible items are used and still have value after the parents have picked out new items.

Target Baby Registry Return Policy In 2022

Unopened, unused baby registry items can be returned within one year of the baby’s due date as of 2022. Items purchased will be refunded via merchandise return cards and gift cards can be used to purchase replacements.

If you want to get more information about how to get the most out of your Target baby registry, whether gifts to be bought online or in-store, how to return items without a receipt, and more, keep on reading!

How Can You Return Baby Registry Items At Target?

You will have one year from the due date to return items from your baby registry checklist, with returns being processed using unique barcodes. Once you have completed your order, you can return any items for an exchange or store credit within one year of the order date.

The Target policy says they must be returned to Target in unopened or new condition.

You can access your barcode on by following these steps:
– Find your barcode on
– Place the barcode on the camera screen.
– Tap Scan on the screen.
– Tap the camera icon in the top right corner. The camera will open and the barcode will be scannable.
– Tap the camera icon in the top right corner again and close the camera window.
– Tap the camera icon again and the window will reopen with the image of your barcode.

You don’t have to bring along a valid government-issued photo ID, though this does come in handy if you get confused by the scanners.

You can use the Target Returns app to exchange the items back for merchandise.
Once you receive your Target return, you will receive a merchandise return label within 24-48 hours.

How Can You Return Baby Registry Items Using The Target App?

If you want to have a target registry app, you can start creating an account using the Target Application.

To set up a return barcode, go to the main menu and select ‘Make a return’.

If you are going to go to the store, be sure to bring the needed identification (such as your passport or drivers license).

Can You Return Used Baby Registry Items To Target?

If you plan on registering, please be sure to check with your Target store to know your store’s policies surrounding gift registries.

Generally speaking, the cashier will still honor you if you provide a barcode or receipt proving that the product was defective.

In this case, the store’s policy of not re-selling the package to another customer is a policy of non-refundability and the store reserves the right to deny any returns that do not meet their policy requirements.

Can You Return Baby Registry Items Without A Receipt At Target?

If you can’t find your return barcode online or through the Target Registry app, you will have to take a picture of the barcode with your phone, and send it to the address on your receipt.

At the register, you will always get a receipt when you buy something.
If you cannot produce a barcode and have lost the original receipt, you can use your credit card.
If you are still not sure, the best solution is to ask a cashier for help.

For instance, a Target RedCard can look up transactions made via a transaction made using the credit in your Target RedCard, or a transaction made using credit in your Target RedCard, or a transaction made using credit in your regular MasterCard, or a transaction made using credit in your regular MasterCard, or a transaction made using credit in your American Express, or a transaction made using credit in your American Express.

In case you are unable to provide proof of your purchase, one of our Customer Care Representatives may return your order for exchange or refund, at our discretion.

Will The Gift Giver Know If You Return A Baby Registry Item To Target?

– The giver will not receive a refund for a gift.
– Exchange for a gift or for a different gift will NOT be accepted.

When someone is given a gift, they are given an item in return.

What Are The Benefits Of Target’s Baby Registry?

You can link the registry with Facebook and with your shopping list from Target.

Upon signup, you’ll receive a free welcome kit (worth at least $150) filled with helpful products for you and your baby.

Target can help you buy everything on your registry during pregnancy with a 15% discount on everything on your registry starting two months before your due date and ending eight weeks before your due date.

With Momma G, you’ll also receive various deals on essential baby products throughout the pregnancy, such as baby clothes, wipes, diapers, toys, formula, and much more.

This includes Target coupons and discounts. Using a universal registry to add items you bought from other websites will not affect your Target coupons and discounts.

You can also pick up some additional items that family and friends often give to travelers.

The gift tracker will help you keep on top of what you currently have (and don’t have).

If you want to keep on top of everything without any distractions, you can use the full form of the verb.

If you get pregnant in the future and have any questions about Target’s baby formula return policy, car seat return policy, or breast pump return policy
(or you need an additional breast pump)
please read about the Target baby formula return policy, the Target car seat return policy, and the Target breast pump return policy.


You will have one year from the delivery date to return the items that were set in your baby registry checklist.
If you do not want to return the items purchased, you need to do it within 60 days from your delivery date.

Your return must be an unopened, unused, and with all additional accessories. You can show the barcode you got from the or from the Target Registry app.

This item is available within the selected store and for the selected date.

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