Target Breast Pump Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Soon-to-be parents can now find a wide range of baby care products at Target, one of America’s large retailers.

You may have an idea of how easy it is to return a personal item once you have a Target return policy in place, but you may have questions about how you can return a breast pump. Read on to find everything you need to know about return policies for breast pumps!

Target Breast Pump Return Policy In 2022

Target accepts returns of unused/unopened/unexpended breast pumps for the return period listed above. Target Circle Members and RedCard holders (RedCard holders can exchange their unused breast pump for another pump on within the return period) have 180 days from the date they purchased their breast pump to return the item. Pumps purchased from Target’s baby registry can be returned within 12 months from the baby’s due date.

If you’d like to learn about the best way to return breast pumps to Target, whether or not you can return them without a receipt, AND much more, keep on reading!

How Can I Return A Breast Pump To A Target Store?

For breast pumps, it is necessary to return them with the original receipt or return barcode within 90 days of purchase. If the breast pump is damaged, you can return it to the original store that you purchased from as long as you get the original receipt or return barcode.

When they shop online, they’ll have to navigate the checkout and return process to get an exchange or refund.

The customer will have to show their proof of identity (like a driver’s license, or passport) and pay the bill. Note that this can be done even when the customer is not physically present in the store.

I suggest you to start with a simple paragraph before the paragraph you have quoted.

Once your return is processed, you’ll be offered a cash refund or a credit to your selected card.

Please note that any refunds for purchases of goods or services purchased by credit card is processed at the end of the billing period in the currency you used to pay for the product or service.

To request a refund for a web browser extension, you will need to request a refund by contacting the Chrome Web Store team by sending an email to [chrome-webstore-email-account]. To request a refund for a Chrome App, you will need to request a refund by contacting the Chrome support team by sending an email to [chrome-support-email-account].

If you want to be sure of getting your money back, you can request a credit to your bank account and be sure that money is being refunded within 5 days.

How Long Do I Have To Return A Breast Pump To Target?

Customers are given 90 days for a return, beginning the day of purchase or delivery date, to return a breast pump.

The Target Circle members are entitled to 30 additional days of return and so have 90 days to bring back breast pumps.

Also, if a woman purchased a breast pump from a baby registry she will have one year to return her unopened breast pump.

Can I Return Used Or Open Breast Pumps To Target?

If the manufacturer is no longer producing the product, you are unable to return it because it is considered used and is not eligible for a return.

However, the company will generally issue full refunds or replacements to breast pumps that are defective or damaged.

Can I Return A Breast Pump To Target Without A Receipt?

– You can return up to $200 worth of items (including breast pumps) to Target without a receipt per year. You can also return up to $175 worth of household items if you are returning an item to Target’s store in the continental US.

If the receipt is lost when you purchase the pump, your receipt will be saved within the pump itself.

By having customers use Target RedCard in-store, Target is able to track customers’ purchase history, even if they do not provide their payment card on the internet.

To prevent fraudulent transactions, you simply need to bring a valid government-issued photo ID. Once the transaction is verified, you’ll receive a full refund or exchange.

Returns will not be accepted if the customer can not provide proof of purchase.

You’re entitled to a store credit on a merchandise return card if the breast pump is fully sealed.

Can I Return A Breast Pump Purchased With A Target Gift Card?

You can return a breast pump if you bought it with a Target gift card to any store within 90 days of purchase.
So just in case, you can also return it at a store that does not support returns, but then you will get another one…

So you will have to bring the card that you used to pay it with.
We will go to the shipping company and ask them to ship the goods to you directly. There is no charge.

In a statement, Target said it encourages customers to keep hold of any used gift cards issued by the retailer until they are 100% sure of the products they are purchasing since these are required at the time of return.

How Can I Return Breast Pumps Purchased Online?

In-store or free mail return is only available if you purchased through our website.

‘MyTarget’ is your online Target store. It’s a hub of information about your current Target purchases. Your Target account is where your credit cards are registered and where you pay for your Target purchases. Click on ‘Order Status’ next to ‘My Target’ to return your unwanted breast pump.

If you choose to return items by mail, state your reason for returning out of the options given in the drop-down menu and select your current shipping address.

Attach the printable free mailing label to the securely sealed breast pump and send it to a UPS drop-off location for shipment.

Are Target Breast Pumps Good?

+ Breast pump brands consist of the following: Evenflo, Lansinoh, Lansinoh 2 pump, Medela Pump In Style, Spectra, Elvie, Spectra and more.

Users have a tendency to rate products that come in large numbers. But in this occasion, the rating is not because of the products, but rather because of all the problems that are associated with the product.

The product also states that it increases milk production by around 20-30%, while being incredibly easy to use.

If you have any queries regarding our Target baby registry policy then you can check it out through our FAQs page. Also you can view our Target baby registry policy.


You should return it for a full refund or exchange within 90 days of purchase.
Target will take back any breast pump returned for exchange or refund at no cost to the customer.
You can exchange a breast pump for any product purchased at Target. If you’re returning a breast pump, make sure to return your pump box, too.

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