Walmart Breast Pump Return Policy (open Box, After 90 Days, + More)

Walmart is a well-known place for parents. They sell food, toys, and clothing, as well as a breast pump.

As long as you are sure you want to return the item, you might be able to return it to Walmart. Be sure to check the sizing guide for your specific breast pump to make sure you have returned the right model and size. If you are not sure your pump is one of those listed on the return guide or if you’re not sure about the size you’re returning, contact the customer service line at 1-800-WALMART for help.

Walmart Breast Pump Return Policy In 2022

If you’re a new mother with a breast pump and you want to return it, you can simply bring it to a Walmart store and they’ll process the return. Alternatively, you can mail the product back in its original packaging, along with proof of purchase, to The online return process will take up to 90 days to receive a return authorization.

You’re allowed to return any product from a Walmart, Target or Kmart store for a full refund up until a certain day.

How Long Do I Have To Return A Breast Pump At Walmart?

Walmart will give you 90 days to return unopened breast pumps purchased from Walmart locations. And if you have a receipt, you can get a full refund!

However, if you bought your breast pump from a Walmart or Sam’s Club vendor, you have 30 days from purchase to return your breast pump. You must have proof of purchase.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Breast Pumps At Walmart?

If you’ve bought a book, a movie or any other unopened product from Amazon, you can make a full refund within 90 days of your purchase.

Walmart’s returns policy states that if you don’t have the receipt, you can still return the product by using a Walmart credit card or online.

A) Check your mail for your visa receipt. If you don’t receive a receipt when you apply, email us your name and your visa application number and we will mail you a new receipt.
B) Make certain you have all required documentation, in order to fill out our online application.

-the pump must be registered with Walmart.
-the pump must be new.
-the pump must be in its original packaging, and in excellent condition.
-the pump must be the original brand of the one you have now.

What Do I Need To Bring When Returning A Breast Pump At Walmart?

The original sales receipt
The Walmart receipt
The product(s) that you will be returning.

Can I Return Used Or Open Breast Pumps To Walmart?

Because of health concerns, Walmart cannot accept used or open breast pumps as returns per company policy.

Walmart will not accept or accept used pumps, but there are some ways to recycle your used pump.

Some companies will buy your breast pump and allow you to buy a refurbished one after they’ve done some work on it. If this is the route you want to go, contact the manufacturer of your pump and ask them what the process is for refurbishing it.

Yes, Medela is a company that provides breast pumps and breast milk banks.

It is a good idea to contact a breast pump manufacturer as they might have a policy about used breast pumps.

*Electronics recycling is a controversial field and many places will not accept used breast pumps.

You can search for RecycleNearby stores near you to get access to your RecycleMyEletronics account and manage your recycling location.

Can I Return Broken Breast Pumps To Walmart?

 It is possible to return a defective breast pump to the retailer. You need to make the return at the store that you purchased the pump from.

If you have any questions, please email ( If you are an international customer, we encourage you to use the services of your local Bloomingdale’s store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Buying a breast pump for self-feeding your newborn is very common. When you feel like you need a new one, do not hesitate to buy your new one. You can buy it online and return it via mail.

A mail-in rebate card is included in the box, so consumers can submit their claims through Walmart’s website or app.

In there, you’ll have to choose between requesting a refund or a product exchange.

How Do I Make An In-Store Return At Walmart?

You can make exchanges at any Walmart location. However, you are limited to making in-store exchanges at the store where you made your online return. You can visit any Walmart store to make exchanges. You cannot make exchanges at any other Walmart locations.

When you make a return, you must take your breast pump to the Customer Service desk, and then an associate will help you.

How Can I Return Breast Pumps Purchased Online?

It seems like online shopping for baby products has become a new norm.

To do this, customers can register their pumps which are tagged for return in their Walmart app for free. They will also be directed to a page that explains the process and includes shipping instructions.

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A breast pump that was purchased via the marketplace cannot be returned by the buyer.

The order confirmation email you received contains a packing slip. You must then put the order in a shipping box of the appropriate size and size the shipping address label on the box. You must then schedule the package for delivery/pickup at a FedEx, UPS, or USPS location.

Can I Return A Breast Pump Purchased From Walmart Marketplace?

Marketplace purchases can only be returned in the original packaging.

If you’re uncertain about how to return or replace an item, check with your local Walmart store for answers.

After receiving no response from the vendor, and waiting an additional 48 hours, you can submit a request for return.

After this 48 hour period, you may contact Walmart to help mediate the return process. Additionally, all returns for Marketplace items must be made within 30 days of purchase. This return policy will not be honored without receipt of the original order.

Can I Return A Breast Pump That Was A Gift At Walmart?

You can return a pump bought as a gift, though expect to pay a return shipping charge.

You can return breast pumps for exchange and get your money back within 90 days.

Thank you!

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If you can’t return the items, there is a way to do so through the mail or in-store.

In addition, please don’t leave unwanted gifts on your doorstep – they will be collected at the Walmart location.

If you cannot locate the gift receipt, you can ask the sender to initiate a return on your behalf.

If you need any information, you can always consult our posts on the Walmart baby diaper return policy, Walmart baby registry, and Walmart baby formula return policy.


Walmart does not accept used or open breast pumps due to health concerns. However, if a breast pump is returned with its packaging, you can get a full refund on it.

The full article is copied below. Please follow your local laws and regulations, particularly where restrictions are placed on products.

Parents want to decide if they made the right decision before returning a baby for adoption or fostering.

People often use the internet for shopping and can also easily fill out forms. Mail-in returns also take less time than a phone call to a customer service rep.

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