How Does A Target Baby Registry Work? (how To Do It, Benefits, Discounts + More)

Target sells a range of baby and child products both in-store and online and offers a baby registry service to help new parents get ready with all the essentials for their baby.

I read about how stores like Target have started adding baby registries on their website so more people can participate and give you a great idea of what to choose or not choose.

How Does a Target Baby Registry Work In 2022?

Target will be partnering with Baby Registry to make parenting easier by allowing users to create a registry and buy things online without having to shop in-store at a Target location. The Target app will start to allow users to do this soon. A registry can be created in a store or online. There will be a welcome kit and discounts for items that are not returned.

If you want to find out how to create a Target baby registry, what items are included in the free Welcome Kit, and what benefits and perks you get as part of the baby registry, keep on reading.

How Do I Create A Target Baby Registry?

Expectant parents can create a baby registry at Target in several ways: it can be created by downloading the official Target app, finding the “registry” tab on, or by visiting Guest Services in-store.

To create your baby registry on Target’s mobile app, simply follow the prompts within the app to create a registry for your baby.

You can create one by going to the Home page of and then visiting the home page of the registry or baby section. This is also where you may be able to see discounts that apply to your account.

Then, choose the ‘Registry’ option and press the ‘create’ button. Now you can select and add items that you’d like on your list and complete your Target baby registry.

If you plan to check-in online to make a baby registry, you will be guided by a Target employee regarding all the steps you need to take to make your baby registry.

What Is A Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

> The baby registry helps you choose products from Target that are perfect for you and your baby’s needs and preferences. Then you can fill in a registry card that is part of your welcome kit, and store it in the baby registry section of

The welcome kit is known to include multiple reusable bags with samples of Target’s most loved brands along with coupons for the parents.

What Is In The Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

Target baby package varies, but usually contain a variety of coupons and handpicked samples from Target’s best and most loved brands.

Items usually range from diapers and burp cloths to nursery decor and maternity clothing. Moms should not bring items that contain chemicals that are poisonous or harmful to the children. Examples of these include hair dyes, nail polish, skin and hair products, or any items that have an odor associated with them.

I could go on and on. I could list a dozen of the other things that Starbucks does to assist moms in their day. They also have a great selection of clothes and baby items as well as the cutest little baby bags.

How Do I Get My Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit?

You can collect your welcome kit by visiting the Guest Services desk with your order number and barcode which can be obtained via your account.

Thank you for adding your welcome kit to a registry. If you don’t want to add it to a registry now, you can add it to your account later when you add your welcome kit.

If you are in need of a registry, but are having issues finding one, call the store to see if they still have the kits available from Target.

If you want to do this, make sure to sign in to your account so that we can associate your shipping address with your baby registry on You’ll be able to pick up your kit at a later date, and we’ll even send you a shipping label so that you don’t need to pick it up in person!

You can also sign up for the benefits program at any time by going to the “My Account” section. Then, you can choose to get the free shipping program, which will take your place when you get the next order. You can cancel it at any time.

What Are The Benefits Of Target Baby Registry?

If your baby registry is a success, then you will get other perks and benefits. Your baby is a gift.

In addition to that, you can also get a 15% off on baby gifts and a 20% off on all other remaining items on your baby registry.

And with the current economy, you will also get great deals from companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, and Target.

Target also offers returns and exchanges for a full year after your baby registry item was purchased.

Can I See Who Bought From My Target Baby Registry?

In order to keep on top of your appreciation cards, provides a registry gratitude tracker so you can see who has bought gifts from your list.

You can use this handy gift tracker tool available on by visiting the registry page after logging into your account.

Here’s My Tag Line:

In a world where gifts come to you at lightning speed, the holidays can be overwhelming.

With so many gifts under the tree, you can’t possibly remember them all.

When you have selected a gift, open its box. Use the gift tracker to see who has bought the gift and when. You can only track gifts you have selected and have purchased for the registry.

It’s also worth noting that Target has an option to create a shopping list from online items in their mobile app. This option is hidden from the main shopping interface, but if you tap on a product image in the app, you’ll get a prompt to send the item to your cart.

Gifts that have been shipped will appear in the gift tracker once the item has been shipped. Unfortunately, group gifts are not currently available in the gift tracker.

How Long Does a Target Baby Registry Last?

If you register after 12 months, you will be able to edit your registry in the future, however all payments will be processed within 60 days of the event date.

You will be able to search for and order items up to a year after the event date.
So if you ordered your registry on November 27 and added items up to January 1, you will have a year to get the items you ordered.

How Long Do I Have to Return Items From Target Baby Registry?

If the baby shower is over a year past due or if you forget to return items you no longer need, you can still return items up to one year after the event date for up to a full year.
If you want to return gifts you received at the shower, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place and returning them as soon as possible after the shower. We do sell any unused gift items that are returned through

How Do I Return Items From My Target Baby Registry?

To use your Target Baby Registry, sign in to your online Target account and then select the Target Baby Registry link located at the bottom of your Baby Account page.

On the left-hand side of the main homepage, there is a “return” button. The button opens a window that lets you specify the store you want to return to, the items that you want to include in your return, and generate a barcode.

You can use the Target Registry app to return items from your baby registry using the app options to select ‘Make a return’.

It is always a good idea to bring documentation proving your legal identity if you want to make a return at the store.

What Do I Put On My Target Baby Registry?

I have put together a parenting advice checklist for my mom so that she doesn’t go crazy making sure that I’ve included everything that a real parent should have on their registry.

Target will provide their free welcome kit to every new parent who brings their child into the store.

The free gift is a small bag of baby wash items that have been donated by Target.

The free gift is a small bag of baby wash items that have been donated by Target.

This type of registry is typically for couples who have already started the baby planning process and need the registry to help them make decisions on specific items, i.e. choosing a crib vs a bassinet and a bathtub and more.

To learn more about these items you can see our related posts on the Walmart baby registry, the Target baby formula return policy, and also the Target baby registry return policy.


Target wants to help new parents get started with their baby registry. It’s a place where parents can create a wish list of essential items for their baby and provide a free welcome kit with samples, coupons, and other essentials to help parents get started with their baby registry. Parents have until their baby’s first birthday to return or exchange these items if they are new and unused.

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