Rite Aid Competitors (top 10)

The Rite Aid Corporation is an American pharmacy retailer and one of the largest pharmacies in the world. It has over 2,721 stores and employs over 10,000 pharmacists. The company is even on the Fortune 500 list for total revenue.

So, Rite Aid has quite a few competitors. And, if you’re looking for which pharmacies often compete with Rite Aid, then continue!

Which Companies Are Competing with Rite Aid In 2022?

There is some competition in the industry, but only when it comes to groceries and pharmacies. There is also some competition in the grocery sector, such as Walgreens and McDonalds. However, they cannot compete for the same clients, so stores like Walgreens and McDonalds tend to focus more on services rather than on convenience.

Rite Aid has been a top ten competitor for years in the drug store industry. They are known for their affordable prices and large inventory of name brand products.

1. Walgreens

The biggest American pharmacy company is Walgreens. The company is in charge of over 9,000 stores and around 48,000 pharmacists.

Like most pharmacies, Walgreens has a health care service department, offers prescription drugs, and offers photo services.

Since the time of its founding, the J.C. Penney Company has gone under the names J.C. Penney and, more recently, the J.C. Power & Light Company. It currently operates 603 department stores, including the one in El Paso, Texas, and owns a number of other retail brands. In addition, it holds ownership in other businesses, including real estate and cable television.

Even though the two chains are about the same size, one is much more profitable than the other.

However, after Walgreens became a big seller of Rite Aid products, Walgreens wanted to buy Rite Aid.
In the end, only Rite Aid was purchased, and Walgreens got some small stores. No one really knows what happened to the Rite Aid headquarters.

2. CVS Health

Based on the stores, CVS Health is the largest pharmacy in the United States. However, it hires less pharmacists than Walgreens, so it just depends on how you rank the stores.

The founder was in charge of a small store called Sallé when he took his brother and two partners to it to open Sallé II.

Originally, CVS merely sold health items. However, later on, CVS opened up pharmacies within its stores.

Many people do have access to the CVS stores.

3. Walmart

While Walmart is not just a pharmacy, it has opened many pharmacies in its store, over the past few years and even a few at this past election.

Walmart currently has about 5,000 different pharmacies across all of its stores.

For reference, that’s about half the number of Apple Stores in total, excluding the international stores.

There are many reasons for Walmart to be a huge competitor to Rite Aid. As you can see, there are many similarities between Rite Aid and Walmart such as the number of stores, and the fact that both pharmacies sell over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Moreover, pharmacy school is a pretty similar process, which is why I feel as if the two schools could be very similar. Now, I would like you discuss the differences between Rite Aid and Walmart pharmacies.

Walmart has become one of the biggest grocery chains in the world.

4. Kroger

Kroger has a total of 1,956 pharmacies in all of its stores, including about 500 pharmacies located in its superstores.

Walmart is a very large commercial company in the United States. It sells a wide variety of goods, including groceries, electronics, clothing, household items, and more at various locations nationwide.

Krogers are more of a warehouse-type store, but do offer more services than a Rite Aid store.

This chain was founded in 1906 by the American company, Hook’s Drug Stores.

Kroger continues to operate pharmacies in-stores and owns about 3,700 standalone pharmacies.

United Kingdom
Kroger stores are currently present in the UK.

5. Albertsons Inc.

With only 785 pharmacies, Albertsons is a regional chain that occasionally competes with Rite Aid.

It is a place where you can buy all kinds of food. There are also pharmacies in some of them.

The company was merged into other companies and bought many times over the years.

Albertsons was going to buy Rite Aid, but the deal didn’t get approval from shareholders, and the deal fell through.

6. AmerisourceBergen Corporation

This company is a German pharmaceutical company established in 1946 from the merger of Brunswig and Bayer’s German branch.

For the most part, this corporation deals in drugs, however it doesn’t actually own many pharmacies itself.

In other words, they are big business and we do not need to make a small change to our government to hurt them and our economy.

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If you can see in your area, your local Good Neighbor Pharmacies, you can give them a call for a prescription fill or get your medications here.

The corporation owns an unincorporated name, “Good Neighbor Pharmacy,” so all pharmacies owned by this company are affiliated with this corporation.

7. Publix Super Markets Inc.

Publix is a supermarket, which means it sells groceries, meats, produce, beverages, and more. The stores have a well-stocked food section that offers a great variety of fruits and veggies.

It has also opened pharmacies in many of its stores allowing shoppers to get their medication while getting their groceries.

Many people who work in company-owned stores are employees.

This store does not sell any actual products – it serves as a place to collect free merchandise and a place to ask questions about collectibles.

Currently, Publix has several promotions, such as free antibiotics with a prescription. In addition, a variety of other medications are offered for free as well, including Metformin.

8. McKesson Corp.

This company is mostly known for distributing medicines and other medical supplies.

[Text]: If you’re over 65, you may qualify for Medicare, but you may be charged higher deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. The Medicare Part D drug benefit helps you pay for some of your prescription medications, but it doesn’t cover all of them.

McKesson also owns Health Mart, which is a network of about 4,000 pharmacies, which are owned and operated by independent pharmacies.

McKesson doesn’t run these stores, but it owns the name.

9. Costco Wholesale Corp

Costco Wholesale has pharmacies in all their stores. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here.

The company has pharmacies at many of its stores, a move that also could put it in competition with the local pharmacy.

Furthermore, this place offers various other services, like hearing aid centers and optometrists.

10. Cardinal Health Inc.

Health Care stocks are generally cheaper than most other stocks in the market. However, the Health Care sector is not necessarily an attractive sector. Investors are not sure how much of an impact their businesses will have on the economy in the future.

For most of its life, this company focused on distributing chemicals and medical products. It made a few acquisitions in the late 1990s to fuel its international expansion.

As the government of Italy also has a good number of national companies such as the famous Fiat Industrial, which is engaged in the construction of cars, motorcycles, and other types of automobiles, I see no reason why this company cannot take advantage of the opportunities created by the presence of a large number of immigrants from the Maghreb.

This company actually provides equipment for close to 75% of our hospitals in the United States.

Rite Aid offers great prices on over-the-counter health and beauty products. Rite Aid also offers convenient delivery and same-day store pickup.


Rite Aid has many competitors in the local pharmacy market such as Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS. While Rite Aid has over 2000 pharmacies in operation and employs over 10,000 pharmacists, the company is still facing competition with other established and trusted pharmacies.

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