11 Biggest Walgreens Competitors (your Full Guide)

Walgreens Boots Alliance owns Walgreens who in turn owns Walgreens which is the number two drug store chain in the United States.

Walgreens is one of many retail pharmacies in the United States. If you’re curious what other companies compete with Walgreens, you’re in the right place. I’ve researched Walgreens’ top 11 competitors!

Walgreens Competitors In 2022

The biggest pharmacy is CVS Health, and CVS has remained the biggest pharmacy within America as of 2022. However, Walmart, Kroger, Target, and Rite Aid compete with CVS. All of these companies offer prescription services and general merchandise to consumers. Also, Walgreens has competition from Express Scripts, which Cigna acquired in 2018.

Are you wondering what other factors influence a customer’s decision to purchase from you? Then you should read about the competition and their marketing strategies.

1. CVS Health

CVS is the biggest pharmacy chain in the United States. There are approximately 9,954 CVS Pharmacies throughout America.

The big winners are Amazon and Home Depot, which reported revenue of $6.35 billion and $14.35 billion respectively, up from a reported $3.99 billion and $11.33 billion, respectively, for 2019.

Walgreens offers the same services as CVS, including…

2. Rite Aid

Rite Aid is considered to be the largest health-focused drug store chain in the world. They have 2,427 locations and compete with Walgreens’ 2,890 stores.

Moreover, it competes with Walgreens in both pharmacy services, including mail-in and pickup, and has health, beauty, photo, and small retail services in its stores.

Not only that, but Rite Aid also reported that revenue topped $21.928 billion.

3. Kroger

Kroger is the biggest supermarket chain in the United States. It also competes with Walgreens in the pharmacy services market.

Kroger currently has over 3,000 grocery stores, and almost all of them are equipped with a pharmacy that offers medications to serve patients.

As for Kroger, they have a wide variety of healthcare products and offers a prescription drug discount for those without insurance.

I want to focus on the fundamentals of these two stocks, which are both trading at similar valuations, which will be reflected in their P/S and P/E ratios.

4. Walmart

WAL-MART is a giant retail corporation that competes with Walgreens on both pharmacy services and in house products.

In addition to this, Walmart is considerably cheaper than Walgreens when it comes to prescription medications and other general merchandise.

Walmart has more than 5,000 stores in the United States, and their sales for 2020 exceeded $559 billion!

5. McKesson

McKesson is one of the largest wholesalers in the United States. It is the 4th largest.

McKesson Healthcare Corporation is a leading health information technology company providing solutions in the United States and internationally.

But, this new store will be more than a health care store. It will be like a supermarket with groceries, health products, and even a pharmacy.

McKesson’s revenue is more than ten times the amount of revenue Tesla received last quarter, the Tesla that was supposed to replace the Model 3.

6. Target

Target is one of the biggest retail chains in the United States and is a competitor to Walgreens in both pharmacy services and general retail. A typical Walgreens has an annual revenue of around $18 billion whereas a typical Target has around $39.8 billion in annual revenue.

Target is a retail business that sells a wide array of products, including clothing and groceries. They also have pharmacies inside their stores so patients can easily obtain prescription drugs.

Even though Target saw more shoppers this holiday season, the retail giant saw revenue drop by 2.1 percent. This was due to fewer sales.

7. Cigna (Express Scripts)

Cigna acquired Express Scripts in April to expand its drug management service and compete further with Walgreens.

In addition, as a pharmacy benefit management company they manage the pharmacy benefits for a number of large employers, including Walmart.

Cigna added $100 billion to Express Scripts, it increased its revenue to $240 billion.

8. OptumRx

UnitedHealth Group is one of the largest health care companies in the world. It provides health care insurance, and also offers home delivery of prescriptions, specialty pharmacy, and networks with retail stores.

OptumRx, in 2020, had revenue up to $136.3 billion. It’s a leader in your home pharmacy services where you can manage your healthcare without ever leaving your home.

9. Albertsons

[Albertsons is a] grocery store chain that [provides pharmacy services] and competes with Walgreens in health products, convenience, and pharmacy services.

Albertson’s has a huge selection of health food, natural products, and cosmetics. They also have really cute clothing and a lot of their brands are available online.

With 389 stores throughout the United States, it’s one of the largest retail chains and probably the first of its kind in the country.

The company also posted revenue of about $18 billion for fiscal 2020, which is decent for a company with fewer locations than most other supermarket and pharmacy chains.

10. Costco

Costco was the first company to offer pharmacy services in addition to general merchandise and health and beauty products in-store.
But Costco has been struggling financially for a while due to an increase in competition from Walgreens and other stores which offers similar products.
There are ways that Costco can overcome this trend, including increasing its membership fee and expanding its operations.

At the same time, Costco is available in most states, so it’s widely available for people to use regardless of location.

One of the things that Costco is famous for is its large selection of brand-name products, which makes it an affordable place to shop for everything from household items to electronics.

11. Publix

Publix has stores in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

In the past year, Publix has added over 1,300 locations to its family of businesses throughout the United States and now offers prescription medicine at over 4,100 locations.

Publix’s revenue is close to $45 billion and it has been in the grocery business for a while. They deliver for a good reputation for excellent customer services.

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There are many other companies around the world that don’t have any kind of relationship with the United States but they are quite the big pharmacies like this Walgreens in France.

In addition to the two retailers that we have mentioned so far in the United States there are a number of other retailers that offer similar services but there isn’t as much consumer demand for their services as compared to the ones mentioned above.

Some pharmacies offer prescription medications at extremely low prices. This may be because they are owned and operated by national chains.

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