13 Biggest Petsmart Competitors (your Complete Guide)

PetSmart is one of the leading pet companies in the United States. They have more than 1,600 stores and are valued at $5.3 billion. PetSmart isn’t the only pet company around though.

All of the PetSmart competition will tell you that you can’t beat PetSmart in pet supplies, but how do they compare to one another when it comes to pet supplies? Read on to learn some interesting facts about this retail juggernaut!

PetSmart Competitors In 2022

The main competitor to PetSmart is Petco. Petco has a large market share and they have one of the smallest PetSmart stores at only four in the United States, so PetSmart has the most Petco stores. Wal-Mart has some Petco stores in their super centers. Amazon is a competitor to both PetSmart and Petco and has recently expanded their pet section and is now offering service and products to be sold. Amazon is now an indirect competitor to PetSmart since PetSmart has to offer Amazon Prime and Amazon is now able to offer their own Prime membership.

But before we get into those details, I’ll tell you about some other competitors PetSmart has that compete more indirectly.

1. Petco

PetSmart is a direct competitor of Petco because they purchase products from the same companies at comparable prices.

Also, Petco sells pet supplies, animal training products, and offers some pet grooming services.

The retail company also makes $3 billion in revenue from more than 1,561 stores that operate within the United States.

2. Pet Supplies Plus

PetSuppliesPlus.com is a competitor to PetSmart; it deals with supplies for all kinds of pets; it has a large number of stores across the US.

Pet Supplies Plus has many different services for the animals, dog grooming, and veterinary care.

According to the American Pet Products Association, the US pet industry has seen an increase of $11 billion in sales since 2012.

3. PetFlow

is a retailer which offers a range of goods, including a wide range of food for dogs, cat, and more. PetFlow also offers dog treats, toys, and more.

PetFlow also does a lot of charity work, which is why people like it because of the good deeds that it does.

It’s not marketed at the level of other competitors as much as the owners prefer to focus on the business they have and the community they’re helping. Most of the revenue stays within the United States.

4. Pet Valu

Pet Valu started to sell items that are needed to buy for household pets like toys for dogs and cats, food, treats, and other products. For example, it sells things for snakes, dogs, cats, and reptiles. They compete with PetSmart because they also sell the same products.

While there has been quite a bit of negative news surrounding the retail grocery chain Pet Valu, it still continues to trade in other markets and is a great investment.

Stores have been closed, but some stores are still operating.

Valueweb reported a $70 million hike in revenue from $658 million in the quarter before.

10. Chewy

Chewy is a pet supply retailer, which is a competitor to PetSmart, because more people use online delivery services for their pet needs.

As an online pet retailer, Chewy delivers pet supplies and products to customers around the world.

This would mean that the other online stores are making a profit in order to compete with Chewy.

The site also offers everything pet parents need and more. From your very first puppy or kitten, to your current furry friend–Chewy has all the dog or cat products you could ever need.

11. Petland

Petland is a competition to PetSmart because Petland is a pet store also. PetSmart is a chain of pet stores, whereas Petland is a pet store company.

Moreover, pets are not only a source of enjoyment and companionship. They are also a source of revenue in the Petland chain of stores.

12. Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket is a competitor to PetSmart, they carry a lot of pet supplies, toys, health and wellness products, pet carriers, food, accessories, and more.

Pet Supermarket, which is based in St. Louis, reached a revenue of more than $418 million in the same year.

13. Target

PetSmart is a direct competitor of Target because it offers the same selection of pet products as Target.

Target currently operates 1,957 stores throughout the United States. Additionally, Target’s 2020 eCommerce market was greater than $9 billion, yet Target now operates 2,845 stores.

14. Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce retailer, it’s an indirect competitor to PetSmart since it sells thousands of pet supplies, pet foods, pet toys, health and wellness products, and more. The products are mostly sold to customers around the world.

Besides this, Amazon has more than 100 fulfillment centers in the US, which makes it one of the fastest growing retail eCommerce companies in the US. This makes it hard for PetSmart to compete with such a giant company like Amazon.

15. Walmart

In recent years, PetSmart has been in the habit of copying the stores of other large retailers, so a Walmart clone might not be such a bad idea.

There are over 5,000 Walmart stores in the United States, and another estimated 5,000 in other countries.

Walmart’s revenue was $559 billion dollars in the last year of 2020, and it has been the largest company for years. I haven’t seen any other company come close to that kind of revenue lately.

16. 1-800-Pet-Meds

One-800-Pet-Meds is a site where people can go to purchase medications for their pets, which is cheaper than at the vet. It’s a competitor to PetSmart.

For customers with pets, 1-800-Pet-Meds is a helpful resource for ordering drugs, such as flea medications to protect the health of your pet.

As well, the revenue for this retailer with a physical store grew to $256.9 million in the same period.

To know more about PetSmart in your area, see our posts on PetSmart locations, how to find a PetSmart near me, and how to find stores with PetSmart near me, if PetSmart prices match.


The company competes with Petco for similar products that customers might want. The company offers services and other things that make it an ideal choice for customers.

Pet Supplies Plus was among the companies who compete with PetSmart for business in the booming pet industry.

I would expect Target and Walmart to be direct competitors but Amazon is an indirect competitor, as the customer base is loyal.

A lot of people have been using the delivery services offered by Chewy and PetFlow which have become competitors to PetSmart.

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