Petco Competitors (13 Biggest Competitors)

Petco is one of the biggest and most successful pet focused retailers in the United States.

It just goes to show that Petco is a very successful business that is growing fast with expansion going into different countries.

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What Are Petco’s Competitors In 2022?

Petco’s success has been driven by its unique positioning of being both a large-scale retail outlet and a large-scale online retailer.
In the long term, the company will remain successful as long as pet ownership persists. As more people adopt pets, more people will be purchasing pet supplies.

Petco has a lot of competitors, but three major ones stand out the most: Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and Petco itself. Read on to learn more about each competitor and learn a little about how they all compete with Petco’s. Petco also released financial information for the first half of 2012, which you can read here.

1. PetSmart

This is something that PetSmart and Petco are very similar as both of them are leading companies in the pet retail segment.

Petco was founded in the 1970’s and has managed to grow like a real estate company while PetSmart was founded in the 1990’s and hasn’t managed to grow like a real estate company.

According to Petco’s most recently reported revenue, it was $4.9 billion, whereas the company reported revenue of $7 billion.

PetSmart has about 1,500 stores in the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico. Petco has 1,200 stores in the U.S. and Canada alone.

Both companies have been in competition with each other. They competed when Chewy was bidding for both companies.

Each of the businesses decided that it was time to add a web component to their business.

Petco proposed a deal that would be paid in part with stock, where it would take over Chewy, but PetSmart said it would pay in cash, and Chewy would remain as its own company.

Petco’s deal with Chewy has been approved by Chewy’s shareholders, and Petco’s board of directors.

In the end, PetSmart won, and Petco got higher revenues than in fiscal 2017, which also ended on Sept. 30.

Petco only price matches at its physical stores and not online.

Some companies that price match to Petco online are: Amazon, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart.

While no company will match online prices, you can still compare what other sites are selling the product for so you can make a decision based off of those prices instead.

2. Chewy

Petco was founded in 1966, but has grown into one of its biggest competitors, despite only being found on the web.

Petco has stores where you can get your dogs vitamins and other health related items. Chewy sells dogs food, treats, toys, and grooming supplies.

The company earns a lot more money than Petco’s, at $6.5 billion compared to $4.9 billion, and most of this growth has been experienced in the past few years.

Chewy also became a part of the multi-billion dollar PetSmart empire when it was purchased by PetSmart for $3.35 billion. This has grown to be a serious competitor to Petsmart.

Most retailers are not matched on the Petco website and that’s one of the few places you can get a deal.

3. Petland

The only company that is capable of making an impact is Petco, but it can easily be surpassed by a store with more locations.

While Petland was still just a small pet store, it was a very profitable business, and even became so large that they could afford to open their own pet store brands, like Petco.

If they were to change that they would need to have a new shelter to house all the dogs that they are not able to place in homes. This would require a lot of money and time.

The Petco brand is synonymous with pet care. I think they’re looking for a way to differentiate themselves and increase market share with a premium brand.

We are currently doing price matching on physical stores, but we will not match price on our website.

4. Pet Supplies Plus

Petco is a chain of pet stores that is the third largest in the world. Despite being in the top three, a new competitor is closing in on them.

– I was just at Petco and it appears they do not carry the products.
– They are sold at Pet Supplies Plus only
– Not available at other websites/stores

So if you’re going to buy online, you might as well spend the extra $$ and purchase from Pet Supplies Plus.

The company is being bought, with the money you put on your credit card to buy it being loaned to the company by Franchise Group, Inc.

The company has yet to see how this acquisition will affect their status as competition for Petco.

5. Rover

-Rover offers boarding for dogs, cats, and other animals.
-It also offers pet grooming, pet medical services, and other services.
-Rover also has a “pet café” where people can stop by in order to purchase food and other items for their pets.

6. Bark

Bark’s focus is mainly on dogs and is specialized enough to present serious competition to Petco.

When looking for a dental care service it’s very important to choose a professional that takes care of dogs. Bark is a company that provides preventive and curative services for dogs.

7. Pet Valu

Pet Valu had recently closed down their stores in the U.S. and now only has locations in Canada.

Now, however, you can’t say the same for Petco, because they are in competition for Canadian pet owners.

The store offers products and services to pet parents because it is the easiest way to find everything related to pets.

8. PetFlow

PetFlow focuses solely on delivering pet food and treats. Their model competes with Petco’s Repeat Delivery program.

9. Pet Supermarket

This business sells dog food, dog treats, dog toys, cat food, cat treats, cat toys and bird feed.

Pet Supermarket has 300 stores, and it’s estimated to do well with a revenue of about $750 million.

10. Pets at Home

Pets at home is a British pet supplies company operating in the UK, Ireland and other European countries.

The company sells all the same products that they have previously, like pet supplies, food, leashes, and more.

11. Amazon

The company believes that their strategy, which consists of selling pet supplies and accessories, will put them at a competitive advantage. They also see their online presence as a way to reach a bigger audience.

As Amazon continues to expand, it will continue to cut costs on its products in order to make them more affordable and accessible to the masses.

Petco’s $4.9 billion in revenue is a big deal when compared to Amazon’s hundreds of billion in regular annual income.

12. Walmart

If Petco is the biggest retailer of dog and cat supplies in the world, there’d probably be competition for that too.

This is an interesting move for Walmart and if they can use this as a tool to get more customers, then it will be beneficial for them.

A small boutique of pet supplies is dwarfed by Walmart’s 10,500 stores in 24 countries. Walmart also stays ahead by having its own exclusive brands of pet supplies, just like Petco.

13. Target

Target stores are in smaller communities than the big box stores, which is why they are far ahead in the retail world.

Target, which is a bigger market share than Petco and is one of the few pet retailers that will price match, will have to compete with Petco and a smaller group of smaller retailers for price promotions.

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PetSmart and Chewy are bigger companies, but they’re still in the pet retail business and not necessarily in the pet supply business. Petco, on the other hand, is a direct competitor in the direct-to-consumer pet supply business.

Petco will match most of its competitors in its stores, and the five companies discussed on its website as well. Petco will match the other retailers prices, and the prices offered by its competitors on items in which the other retailers have different prices.

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