Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs? (pet Policy Explained)

Most of us like to have a dog at home to keep us company but this is not always possible. If you are not a pet owner, you may feel the need to purchase a pet in order to have some company.

I do have a very good relationship with my dog and I’m not sure if this means that I’ll get a great experience or a terrible experience – that depends on how other dogs feel about me. If they don’t mind dogs, they’re allowed to come to the store too. I did not see any signs or any mention of dogs anywhere in the store.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Dogs In 2022?

Dollar Tree does not allow dogs in its store because the store believes it’s not in the best interest of its customers in that it may cause a negative customer experience. However, Dollar Tree does allow service dogs as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So whether you have a pet or not, if you want to know more about why Dollar Tree does not allow pets in its stores, whether Dollar Tree asks for proof that your dog is a service dog, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Dollar Tree’s Pet Policy?

Dollar Tree, although pet-friendly, is not one of the retail stores with pet-friendly policies.

The company makes sure its customers feel safe while in the venue at all times. Their staff is always ready to help patrons.

Children may play with animals and pets.
Animals may frighten, shock, or irritate children.
Children may not know how to behave around animals.
Animals that do not receive enough attention and training.

It doesn’t allow dogs inside stores, so the best thing is to take your pup to one of the few places that does.

If the law in New York City is any indication, it could be some time before all stores are accommodating customers who have service dogs.

Why Doesn’t Dollar Tree Allow Dogs In-Store?

The store which provides very cheap food and grocery is not as careful about the hygiene standards.

Other things that people may have allergic reactions to are dogs, and they may be hazardous to children.

Does Dollar Tree Allow Service Dogs In Its Stores?

Dollar tree stores usually allow emotional support dogs. However, they do not usually allow service dogs.

There is a big difference between emotional support dogs and service dogs. The only time you are allowed to bring a service dog to a Dollar Tree store is if you are deaf. Any other type of service dog is not allowed.

In addition, it’s important to emphasize that Dollar Tree does not discriminate against service dogs, and it won’t ask you to get rid of your dog.
You’ll never get asked to leave because you have a service animal.

And remember that they are completely responsible for any damage caused by their dogs.

Do You Need To Prove That Your Dog Is A Service Dog At Dollar Tree?

The ADA says that a Dollar Tree can ask if a dog is a service animal but it cannot inquire about what task it has been trained to perform or ask if you need an accommodation.

A person cannot ask to see proof that your dog is a service dog.

Some users have reported incidents in which they were expressly asked to prove that their dogs are service dogs at Dollar Tree and required to leave the store. Some have also reported receiving threats.

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed In Dollar Tree?

There are no “dollars for animals” at Dollar Tree.

While dogs are very useful as service animals, they are not emotional. Only people can provide comfort.

Do All Dollar Tree Stores Follow The Same Pet Policy?

Some Dollar Tree locations will let you bring your pet into their stores, and others will not allow pets at all.

Some store managers are lenient compared to others when it comes to allowing their customers to bring their dogs into the store.

You can remove the [Culture]: tag, but that will stop this behaviour from occurring.

However, in the event of an allergic reaction, it is always better to contact the Dollar Tree Customer Service Department in advance to find out about their policy.

So, to learn more about what’s happening, you can also see our other posts on other stores whether or not they allow dogs.


Dollar tree seems to be very rude. They don’t allow dogs and they do not allow service animals in the store. They will ask you to leave if your dog is misbehaving.

If you notice dog droppings at your neighborhood grocery store, you might be able to ask the store manager to remove the dog. Some stores will provide bags to pick up after your dog and some even have doggie bags for a small charge.

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