Does Dollar General Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

With four-legged friends, shopping has never been so fun. It’s true that the stores are pet-friendly and have a lot of pet-friendly products, but you’ll never feel so loved at a Dollar General store as on the web.

And now we are just at the end.

Does Dollar General Allow Dogs In 2022?

Dollar General is committed to an inclusive environment. In accordance to Federal Law, no animal may enter a Dollar General store unless it falls under the following guidelines:

– American with a valid identification card or proof of ownership or a letter from a validly licensed health professional
– Dogs must be vaccinated, neutered, and current on all flea and tick treatments as per manufacturer’s instructions
– Dog must be leashed at all times
– Dog must be kept on a short lead
– No other animals are allowed

Note: This applies to all Dollar General locations.

I can’t say for certain, but I can tell you that Dollar General is not for the pet-friendly, because there is a lot of activity up here and it is very noisy.

In addition to the pet discount you’re about to learn about Dollar General’s new “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” – an event that not only gives pet-lovers a chance to enjoy special offers on products for their furry friends, but also makes a statement about the importance of pets in American life.

For starters, consider these facts.

Is Dollar General Pet Friendly?

Dollar General not only does not allow you to bring your cats, birds and dogs into any of its stores, it also does not ask about your pet’s breed or gender. This is due to the company’s policies of not employing anyone with any kind of handicap or disability and not promoting anyone with any kind of handicap or disability.

American restaurants are governed by a set of guidelines called the Food And Drug Administration’s Food Service Codes, which rule that live animals are not allowed in American establishments that prepare or sell food. As such, pet animals are not allowed in any US grocery store.

Is Dollar General’s Pet Policy Consistent In All Locations?

Although Dollar General’s official policy is that no animals should be allowed in-store, some shoppers have reported that their local stores do allow them to take their pets in to shop with them.

So we’re definitely not going to put the [Crazy Prices] sign on top of [the] Dollar Tree sign.

Does Dollar General Allow Service Animals?

Because they are not allowed to bring their pets, Dollar General provides an alternative service animal program that enables customers with disabilities to bring their pets with them into the store.

A service animal is any animal that has been trained to do work or perform a task for a person with disabilities. The work or task the animal is trained to do must be directly related to the owner’s disability.

It’s important to note that pets should not go in stores in any way but as long as the owner behaves in line with rules and safety standards, the pet and its owner can be asked to leave the Dollar General if they do not behave in ways according to the store’s safety standards.

Are All Service Dogs Allowed In Dollar General?

In most states, an individual is required to have a permit to keep a service dog, and the dog must also be appropriately regulated with a muzzle.

One thing that employers really need to be aware of is that employees who bring their dogs inside your stores are often considered a distraction for the employees they serve. They might also pose a health and safety risk to your employees and customers by distracting them in a public area.

At least one person must be in control of the dog at all times, and the dog must be on a leash. It cannot be allowed to wander freely among merchandise or other shoppers.

If you have a dog that is well behaved and is a good companion for you, go and enjoy the peace and tranquility the store will provide for your pet!


While official policy states that you can’t take your pet into Dollar General, customers with service dogs are allowed to take their dog to stores as long as they do it in an appropriate manner (not tied to their owners’ bodies).

Although service dogs are not required to be inside stores, the business owner is not allowed to discriminate against those who bring their dogs into the store.

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