Roku Return Policy Walmart (used, Open Box, After 90 Days, + More)

If you have an issue with a product, you are able to return without a receipt. Just make sure that you know your return policies before you buy anything.

We’ve all heard the rumors about the new Roku 2 and the new Roku Streaming Stick, but now, we have the real story.

Roku Return Policy at Walmart for 2022

Electronics retailers typically have a 30-day return policy, and retailers like Walmart allow you to get a full refund. However, if you don’t have the receipt, you are only allowed to return the item or receive a gift card.

Walmart has a policy of not paying exchanges on televisions. If you send a TV back to Walmart, they will charge you a restocking fee.

Can I Return My Roku At Walmart? makes it easy for customers to order online or check out on, and to return items to the nearest store.

Even if you have no receipt, you can find your recent transactions by navigating to the Roku store.

For items that were bought online, you are unable to return them via mail. For purchases from Marketplace, please contact the seller to get instructions for returning.

How Long Do I Have To Return My Roku to Walmart For A Refund?

Walmart’s return policy states customers have 30 days from purchase to return electronics, including Roku devices.

What Do I Need To Bring For A Roku Return At Walmart?

Before you rush out to return your Roku, make sure to bring proof of purchase, payment to return it, and your ID with that proof of purchase for it to be processed.

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Do You Need A Receipt For Roku Returns At Walmart?

There are very specific rules in order to return a Roku. You need to return the box, the remote, and the instruction manual. The box must be in the same condition as it was when you first purchased it.

When you return an item to us, it will be put in the Return Box and a receipt will be issued. The receipt can be used to show to customs if you’re required to prove you’ve returned an item without a receipt. We will also deduct the return freight charge from your refund.

In some situations, the Walmart associate may look up your receipt with the information you provide. However, if you are unable to provide proof of purchase, you can only receive the following: A $25 voucher for in-store merchandise only.

Can I Return My Roku Through The Mail To Walmart?

At this time, online purchases from can only be returned to a mail-in service but cannot be brought to a physical store location.

We can ship items over the Internet, and customers can create a shipping label for items they receive in the mail if the items are not eligible for return.

How Do I Return My Roku Online To Walmart?

You may return items to Walmart locations or have them shipped to you by selecting the “Return a product or service” option.

In order to log in to your account, you must first check that you are a registered user. If you have logged in successfully, you should see a screen like this, and you will need to verify your information by entering your email address and password.

Next, you will have the opportunity to begin a return by clicking on the “Start a return” button, and the system will then direct you through the rest of the process.

**Note:** Your original return documents will include a return receipt. If your return is rejected by Customs, you will receive a second copy of the Notice of Rejection of Entry from the appropriate Customs office. In such a case, you must have the original receipt to obtain a second re-entry.

Can I Return An Open Roku To Walmart?

Rokus that have been used, that are worn out, or are not in the original package come with a 50% restocking fee. This fee applies to Rokus opened or unopened.

Can I Return A Roku That Was A Gift At Walmart?

In addition to being sure that you purchased the Roku from a licensed retailer that offers the guarantee, you must also be certain that it was purchased as a gift.

For proof of purchase, you may present a gift receipt, or if the item was shipped to you, you should have a shipping confirmation.

For items shipped directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s gift receipt or shipping confirmation (identified by a blue stripe) should be consistent with the item being shipped.

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What If I Need To Make A Return For My Roku After 30 Days?

If your invoice is older than a month and you haven’t paid, Walmart will not accept your refund request. However, you may still have other available options.

If your Roku device is still under warranty, you may return it to the store you purchased it from. If your device is not under warranty, then you will have to make other arrangements with your cable provider, because it’s unlikely that your cable company will cover the cost of the repair.

If you purchase an Allstate Protection Plan, you’ll be able to protect your Roku from damage that occurs from wear and tear, power surges, electrical failures, and loss of power.

If your Roku has any issues, the warranty covers the replacement of your original unit. A separate warranty is required if you purchase a new unit.

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If you are in the US and have bought a Roku, you can also return the device or get an exchange at Walmart.

If you had a purchase and you want to get a refund than you will have to bring your items back to Walmart. The only exception is if you bought it online and you only have a receipt and not an item.

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