Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? 

One of the most popular pharmacies for all those who want to buy their groceries and fill their prescriptions.

They allow dogs but are they pet friendly? That depends on where you go but Walgreens is very pet friendly!

What I have found out.

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

All Walgreens have a relaxed approach to pet policies. Many stores have a pet policy sign posted in the store. There are a few stores that have an actual animal management department that is charged with dealing with animals that are well behaved in the store.

The reason Walgreens only allows service dogs is because of the health inspection. The company uses their own inspectors to conduct these inspections, and they only allow dogs that pass inspection. Also, the company says that it has received no formal complaints regarding service dogs being denied access, but they have been made aware of the few instances of people being denied service dogs.
For more about the health inspection procedures, read the link in [Original].

Is Walgreens Pet Friendly? 

I would definitely consider asking for a change to a store with a better pet policy if you cannot find any other nearby.

Some dogs are allowed in some stores as long as they don’t cause a problem.

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs?

Pets are allowed in Walgreens stores in certain areas that are marked as pet-specific sections. These areas can be found near the restrooms and in the customer service area.

And do keep in mind that even though it is legal to walk your dog in some areas, you should always be careful with your dog and never leave your dog unsupervised (because of attacks from large animals like bears and alligators). It is best to keep your dog leashed at all times. I hope this helped.

Does Walgreens Allow Service Animals? 

If the animal is an emotional support animal, it’s an animal that provides comfort to the animal and the person with disabilities. Also, if the animal is used for therapeutic reasons, that can be a valid reason.

I think that service animals are allowed to go in any public place. When there are exceptions to this Act, I will explain that in detail.

The company must allow service animals inside its stores, but it must make sure that animals are on a leash or under physical control at all times.

In cases where this bothers others, the dogs must be controlled by sound or physical gestures.

Do You Have To Prove That You Have A Service Animal? 

Since there is no official Walgreens policy saying that you must present proof of your dog being a service animal if you are bringing your dog inside Walgreens store.

Why Does Walgreens Not Allow Pets Inside Its Stores? 

It’s a common issue when people bring their pets inside Walgreens stores, as the smell may be unpleasant for customers and employees.

If you are traveling with a service animal, it is important to note that you will not be permitted to enter Walmart stores, unless they have specially designated “customer service” animals zones. Other places, however, like rest areas along the highway, will likely allow you to bring your dog along with you.

How Can You Know If A Walgreens Store Allows Pets?

Walgreens store managers have not implemented an official policy regarding pets. Therefore, the decision of whether to allow dogs into the store is up to the store manager. Some stores may allow dogs inside the store, but this is not mandatory.

In Canada, you can have pets at Walgreens. To find out if your local Walgreens accepts pets, you can call them up beforehand and ask about their pet policy. You can find their contact number using the Walgreens store locator.

Does Walgreens Allow Emotional Support Animals In-store?

If you have an emotional support animal, you should bring a letter from your doctor certifying that the animal is needed to maintain your health. You may also be able to obtain a waiver from the store manager or someone else on staff.

 You can opt for Walgreens to deliver your prescription to your home, which might save you the time you’d use for going to the store. Or you can take your dog with you.

Not only do they allow dogs, but the CVS in my area even had an employee who took my dogs out of the store when we were in there shopping and allowed them to play for a couple minutes before we picked them up.


Walgreens stores are not required to allow any breeds of pets into the store unless they are trained service animals. However, each store is allowed to accept other types of pets.

However, you should first call up a store to determine if pets are allowed. Even if the store does not allow pets, you might be able to find a replacement store in the same neighborhood.

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