Usps Regional Facility (what They Are, How They Work + More)

The update updates can seem endless — “Departed USPS Regional Origin Facility,” “In Transit” and “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” are just a few of the updates you may see.

Before you start taking your packages into the post office, you’ll want to know the difference between a USPS Regional Facility and a USPS Bulk Mail Center.

USPS Regional Facility In 2022

A regional facilities are large warehouses where the mail is being processed and redistributed. There are 22 of these facilities across the country. On average, the mail spends 24 hours or less in a regional facility before continuing on to the next part of its journey, but bad weather or machinery problems may delay this process.

If you want to know about USPS regional facilities, then check out the rest of our article! This article is more informational than anything else.

What Are USPS Regional Facilities?

The post office is looking to move their regional hubs to more convenient locations, which will allow them to reduce their transportation and storage costs while improving service to their customers.

The U.S. Postal Service operates a total of 22 domestic mail processing facilities, and these facilities make up the largest operating segment of the Postal Service.

What Does Arrived At USPS Regional Facility Mean?

When you see “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” at the end of your tracking, it usually means that the package is sitting in a regional distribution center. It could be a few hours or a few days.

A regional mail facility breaks the mail down from the original pallet, sorts them into groups and re-arranges them into another pallet before shipping the mail to the destination.

You can also use an internet-based method, and pay a service such as USPS Priority Mail Express or FedEx Standard Overnight.

The package is likely to be stored in a warehouse, where it can be picked up by the customer and delivered to their location, or picked up by another company to be delivered elsewhere.

So, an “Arrived at USPS Regional Facility” simply means that your mail has made it to one of the post office delivery centers. The post office delivery centers are in different states and there is more than one delivery center in each state.

If you’ve ever received a bill in the mail, you probably know how frustrating those things can be.

If you’re just hearing about them for the first time, well, it’s time to get even more frustrated.

How Long Does Mail Stay At A USPS Regional Facility?

Some mail may be delivered in a few days. However, the maximum time is usually 24 hours. If items are received after that time, local delivery is at the customer’s expense.

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The post office is not going to deliver your mail to your house. In extreme cases, mail stays overnight at regional facilities.

The mail processing rate that a facility has is always an important factor. It is dependent on the mail volume and how efficient a facility is.

In some cases, the wait time may be longer. Some packages are not delivered for one reason or another in the U.S. and they are returned to the post office in the destination country.

The weather conditions, machinery breakdown and other issues at a specific USPS Regional Facility are having an impact on your mail delivery.

All of these factors makes it difficult to control the speed at which your mail moves through the mail sorting and redistribution process. You probably can’t do much to speed it up.

Why Does My Package Keep Saying Departed USPS Regional Facility?

It could mean it was delivered to the facility, sent by the facility, or it could mean the parcel is at the facility but the facility is closed for the day and no one has checked it yet.

If your package has departed from a regional facility in your state or region, it’s possible that your package has already arrived. You will see it in a few days.

If you don’t receive your parcel in the time frame you expect, please contact us at [email protected]. There we will be happy to make sure you receive your package as soon as possible.

We wish you all a good day!

However, if your package is leaving a regional facility near its destination, it is more likely to go directly to its destination. You may have to wait a few days for your package to arrive.
So let’s look at the delivery times for each type of delivery.

Where Do USPS Packages Go After A Regional Distribution Facility?

If the package leaves a regional distribution facility and it is sent to a distant location, it will follow the local custom (if any) for the city or town it will reach.

If the package still has a way to go, then the delivery company will usually take it to a local distribution center closer to the destination address.

If the package is not close to the destination, the package will be redirected to the facility closest to the pick-up address. From that destination, the package will be delivered to your local post office and then be delivered.

How Soon After Leaving A Regional Facility Will I Get My Mail?

You are going to get your mail as soon as it leaves a regional mail facility. You are going to get your mail within a couple days. It’s going to be an average of 7-10 days (2-3 weeks).

Sometimes all your mail will be sent first to the regional facility closest to your home, meaning delivery will happen the next day or two.

The most common of these is the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), which delivers mail to every American address in a specific radius, then consolidates the mail with the next facility along the route. Your letter may have traveled from Canada to a processing facility in New Jersey before being delivered to your house.

Not knowing when your mail will arrive is frustrating.

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If you really want to know how long it takes for your mail to reach you, check out the location of the facility. In time, you might get an idea of how long it takes for your mail to arrive.

To get more information, you can also check out our articles on USPS Origin Facilities, USPS Sorting Systems, and what are USPS Shipping Zones.


It is crucial that the USPS is able to accurately process mail and get it to its intended destination, which is why USPS Facilities play such an important role in the U.S. Mail Service.

As long as you’re in the continental U.S. and Canada, your mail should arrive within a day or two. International and military mail will take longer, usually about five or six days.

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