Sprint Vs Verizon Coverage (Read This Before Choosing)

There are so many different types of wireless carriers and they all serve different needs and purposes. We here at the Sprint vs Verizon coverage website want to tell you all about the different carriers and what makes them so special.

So, if you’re wondering, the Sprint coverage in my area is great in the suburbs, but it drops off once you get a little out. Not so good for the most extreme trips, and definitely a lot worse if you’re planning on crossing the state line. The Verizon coverage in this same area is much better all around, but it also drops off a lot closer to the state line, making it not totally worth $20/month.

Sprint Vs Verizon Coverage In 2022

Sprint has been trying to push the 5G network in its coverage areas since mid 2017. That should improve the performance of its network. However, it’s good to know that there is some level of concern about the 5G coverage and that’s why the company has been testing it already.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best 5G networks available. And which one has the good coverage? How about for overall travel? Well, follow along for all the details as we find out the answers today!

Does Verizon or Sprint Have Better 5G Coverage?

T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, which means Sprint now has much better 5G coverage than Verizon since T-Mobile has the best 5G coverage out of all wireless carriers.

This comes at a time when the company is seeing its average customer churn rate continue to decline, and this will allow the company to increase its customer retention even further.

T-Mobile’s 4G LTE & 5G coverage map lets you see what your T-Mobile 4G LTE & 5G coverage is like in your area and it’s pretty similar to Verizon’s coverage maps.

If you’d also like to see the Sprint 5G coverage map specifically, you can type in your address, and choose the 5G option to see where it is available.

So T-Mobile 5G, as a low-band offering, doesn’t make use of the full 5GHz spectrum available.

T-Mobile’s high-band spectrum is the only thing they’re currently using for 5G, whereas AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast would use different frequencies —

T-Mobile has not yet announced when they plan to use their high-band spectrum for 5G, but they’re planning to introduce it in the first half of 2020.

Who Has Better Rural Coverage Verizon or Sprint?

This is due to the fact that while Sprint has merged with T-Mobile, the merger hasn’t happened for all the phones and devices, so there is still a huge amount of work left to do.

Another survey by OpenSignal that showed that 83.5% of Verizon remote customers could connect to 4G LTE.

Even though T-Mobile had the 2nd largest population in rural areas, they had very poor service and coverage. So Verizon was the best.

Who Has Better City Coverage Verizon or Sprint?

The two companies are about equal in terms of network coverage and reliability. It’s not like Sprint is better than Verizon in this department.

You can also check the “Device Status” and “Device Status Details” from the XDA Portal.

Who Has Better LTE Coverage Verizon or Sprint?

Verizon, who is the largest wireless carrier in the United States, has better LTE coverage than its competitors, even though it was recently acquired by a Chinese firm.

However, Verizon has 70% coverage, meaning a lot of areas won’t have 4G LTE, such as rural areas and cities with poor cell phone coverage.

For example, when you look at the T-Mobile LTE Comparison Map, you can see (and I’m sure you can see) that Verizon is still ahead, and that’s unlikely to change in the near future.

Who Has Better Overall Coverage Verizon or Sprint?

Verzion has the best coverage in all areas. When it comes to which networks are the best, that’s entirely a matter of personal choice.

Look at this comparison of Verizone and Sprint Coverage Maps and you can see that the two are different.

This is a common misconception in my opinion, because Sprint is actually the best in overall coverage, and is more reliable than Verizon. The only time that Verizon is better for coverage and reliability is when you have Sprint coverage that is subpar, and Verizon is the only option nearby.

Now, instead of Sprint having to build towers in places like New York City and San Francisco to have coverage, T-Mobile has done it, and now Sprint wants to do it too.

Who Has Better Download Speed Verizon or Sprint?

While Sprint and Verizon both offer good download speeds, you will find Tmo’s overall performance to be way better than Verizon or Sprint in the US.

The latency was pretty low because both devices are using 2.5Ghz wireless, so there wasn’t much of a difference for this test.

Who Has Better Reception Verizon or Sprint?

Even though T-Mobile is a part of Sprint, and Verizon is still a better phone company, and I can still use the same phone on either provider, I still prefer Verizon because of the quality of reception.

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It’s not that Sprint or T-Mobile don’t offer better coverage than Verizon, their service simply drops out more often than Verizon. It’s more like if you go on vacation, you might drop out of your cell phone connection for a few days, but you won’t lose your service because Verizon is not so greedy with their money that they will cut you loose and they will keep selling you the service no matter what.

The reception may be better on the West Coast of the US, but it definitely does not appear to be as good as it is on the East Coast.

Who Has Cheaper Plans Verizon or Sprint?

It’s really hard to compare service because you won’t get a SIM card that works in all of the phone you’ve got. Plus, you’re paying for both the phone and the service.

However, even though Sprint might be cheaper than Verizon, it’s not that useful if you don’t live in an area that gets good coverage.

I was told that if I go to a website that does not have my zip code in it, it will automatically pull the information from my address, and I do not know where to get the zip code.

We’ve done in-depth coverage of whether or not Verizon owns Sprint, Google Fi vs Verizon coverage, and US Cellular vs Verizon coverage.


This makes sense because Sprint used to own a lot of cell phone companies in different parts of the country, before it became T-Mobile.

However, Verizon lags behind Sprint and T-Mobile when it comes to 5G, and Sprint failing to merge with T-Mobile has created by far the biggest 5G network in America.

Verizon and T-Mobile have the best 4G LTE coverage and reliability out of all the major carriers.

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