What Does Available For Pickup Mean Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

There’s not much more convenient than being able to track your parcel. It comes with a range of notifications to help you understand where your package is.

It’s a little trick that the software uses to create a sense of urgency. Basically, it informs you that your items will be available for pickup after X hours. Once they are available for pick up, you will be able to select the pickup location directly from the notification.

What Does Available For Pickup Mean USPS In 2022?

The USPS “available for pickup” notification is a kind of bad news: your package hasn’t been delivered. This can happen when a delivery attempt has failed, when a package is very valuable (like an item you order from Amazon.com or another retailer), or when a courier forgets to grab it.

– if it’s available for pickup, you can skip the step and simply click “Pay Here”
– if your package has to be shipped, you will need to provide the tracking number
– you can also read more on the “Shipping” tab to see what steps are required.

How Long Do I Have To Pick Up My Package?

One of the positives about shipping your package to an outside location is that you have complete autonomy over when you want to pick up your package.

There’s a catch: if you put a tracking number in your package, the post office will hold your package for 7 days.

After that, the post office will keep your package for up to four weeks, and then it will be sent back to the sender.

When the post office doesn’t have your package you are supposed to call the sender or look it up on their website and find out what you need to do with the package.

Why Does My USPS Tracking Tool Say Available For Pickup?

The package requires delivery to another location.
The recipient is not home/away from residence.
The package is being picked up due to a delay in delivery.

The first and most common reason that a package is listed as available for pickup is a failed delivery attempt because the courier has failed to make the delivery.

If a delivery courier needs to leave a package at a house, and they cannot find you or are unable to get you at the house, the package will be delivered to you at the post office where you have to sign for it.

Sometimes there will be multiple delivery attempts made before your package becomes available for pickup, but if it’s during Christmas or another busy season, the post office will move packages to pick much more quickly.

If you order with a credit card, your order will be billed and shipped within one business day.

If you order with a check, your order will be shipped within 8 business days.

A package is too valuable to be left at the door step.
So, let’s say the package were something you want to keep at your house, but you don’t want to risk it being stolen.
As long as you have a place where it can be kept, and you’re OK with a risk of it being stolen, you can just leave it on the doorstep.

If your items are broken, or if you’re not satisfied with the products you receive, you may be able to get a refund from your courier service for the value of the goods.

The box and all packing materials that shipped with the item should be returned to us.
If the item was lost or stolen, we will ship a replacement order directly from the manufacturer unless we have already shipped the replacement order that was on order at the time of the loss.

If your package is left at a different location than it was sent to, your package can be returned to you and will be rescheduled for shipping. The shipment will be rescheduled for the corrected address and you should not expect delivery until the corrected shipping address is used.

UPS takes an average of 5 seconds to deliver a package, and that means that if an item gets delayed by one day, it could reach its destination by the next day.

If the courier accidentally forgets your package at the post office on the way out the door to do their route, it’s possible that the post office listed your package as being available for pick-up to prevent the courier from getting bogged down and/or delaying your package any further.

Packages are usually dropped at your door from the courier service, and they do not have any way of knowing if the package is too heavy; so the courier pushes the package off the truck at the front door and it’s your responsibility to check it is not too heavy. If you see a heavy package at the front door, make sure you have someone to help you move it inside.

The benefit of this service is that if you have the package at your home and need it back, you can get it back at your convenience, with no fuss and without the need to have to spend any time on the return journey.

How Do I Pick Up A Package From USPS?

In case you are not familiar with how to send or receive a package from the post office, we have created a user guide with all of the information you need.

The most part, it’s easy to pick up the package.

Make sure you have adequate identification with you and your number. They might want to check ID and confirmation number before handing over your package.

You should go to your local post office and talk to the postal worker or clerk behind the counter and let them know you have a package available for pick up.

The store may ask for your name and ID in order to help verify your identity before they give you the package. They may also ask to see the tracking number.

USPS Delivers
You can see on the USPS website that some packages are delivered to your door without leaving a package at the local post office.


The available for pickup notification from USPS means that the package will not be delivered to your door by USPS and that you are now responsible for coming to pick it up from USPS.

This happens due to failed delivery attempts, a package being too valuable to leave on a doorstep, or your package being forgotten by a courier. It’s rare but it does happen.

When you receive this notification, it’s important to note that the post office will not hold on to your package forever- they typically will only hold the package up to 15 days before returning it to the sender.

You are required to pick up your parcel at the post office.
In order to avoid any misunderstandings, you can just ask your post office staff to give you a call when your parcel will arrive.

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