Aldi Almond Milk (price, Types, Carrageenan, Unsweetened + More)

The world demand for milk has been rapidly rising in the past few years, with the latest statistics showing that dairy intake in the U.S. has fallen since 2004. This has lead to almond milk’s popularity. It has less than half the amount of protein of milk, but is rich in calcium, vitamins and fats.

You might be wondering what kind of almond milk supermarket chain Aldi sells, how they have similar stores to Target and how they’re similar to Amazon. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised with what I found!

Aldi Almond Milk In 2022

Aldi carries almond milk under its “Friendly Farms” private label, which includes sweetened and unsweetened milk that comes in original, vanilla, and chocolate flavor. Prices range between $1.79 and $2.75 for 64-oz cartons.

To get more information on the different types of almond milk on Aldi’s shelves, what each kind will cost you and if Aldi’s almond milk contains the chemical carrageenan, continue reading!

What Kind Of Almond Milk Does Aldi Sell?

I don’t have a recipe for this, but I made it up once.

It’s so much more buttery than even the best of the rest, and the flavor is just incredible! It’s a bit tangy with a bit of nuttiness.

I was told that I could add coconut oil instead of butter for a more “cheesy” version, which I did, and it was good.

Mmmm! I could go for another bowl right now.

It appears that the Simply Nature brand of almond milk is organic, but not the Simply brand of almond milk.

This may be because Aldi has a separate website for the products they “do” not “sell.”
[Image of product]: I can see why that is confusing though, given how much of the list is dedicated to grocery items.

This type of instant oatmeal comes in either unsweetened original flavor or unsweetened vanilla flavor, which actually garnered the Best of designation in the unsweetened original category.

As part of their Aldi Finds line, Aldi sporadically sells 32-oz containers of shelf-stable (at least before opening it) Friendly Farms unsweetened almond milk (in original and vanilla), as well as sweetened almond milk, in vanilla. The sweetened almond milk is in 10% and 15% protein varieties (and possibly also the 0% one).

The best part is that they often end up being on sale for $1 each, so you can stock up and save some cash.

It’s a great way of saving money, if you buy in bulk!

Is Aldi Almond Milk Cheap?

If your diet isn’t quite as clean as it should be, you might want to consider the almond milk as an alternative to cow’s milk. Because of the lactose and dairy content, cow milk might not be suitable for some diets.

According to Walmart, the price of the 64-oz. Friendly Farms Unsweetened is $1.79 and has the same quality and nutritional facts that you get from the $2.79 price, but it has a different flavor.

The organic milk has a higher price because it is organic and contains more natural nutrients.

Aldi’s Friendly Farms carton of Silk Almond Breeze is 2.89 for 64 oz vs 2.96 for 64 oz for the name brands. The Walmart Great Value carton of Silk is 1.6 oz vs 16 oz for Silk, 4.3 oz vs 16 oz for Silk Almond Breeze and 2.5 oz vs. 8 oz for Friendly Farms Silk.

Walmart does not carry organic almond milk. That is not to say that they do not carry non-organic almond milk; I found a carton labeled as organic for sale at the store. It says the carton was a seasonal item, but I have yet to see any organic almond milk.

And many of us are probably already familiar with the brand, since it’s been featured in many past posts here on this blog.

Does Aldi Almond Milk Contain Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is a thickening agent that’s used in a lot of non-dairy items like ice cream and sauces.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2003, it was found that the chemical was linked to increased tumors and colon cancer.

Well, it’s not all bad, then. If you’re not bothered by it, then you might not see any reason to avoid it. However, you should still be aware of its potential health problems so you can make the healthiest decision.

Aldi’s Friendly Farms products do not contain carrageenan and some brand name almond milk does not contain carrageenan.

Is Aldi Almond Milk Good?

I think the almond milk is very well received by consumers.

A lot of people seem to like Almond Breeze milk better than Almond Breeze itself.

Where Does Aldi Almond Milk Come From?

There are certain locations where you can find the source of your dairy products.

The main concern with Aldi is that they have very little competition in many parts of the country and this isn’t going to change.

Some people believe that if you look for the code on the product, near the expiration date, you will be able to get the original recipe for the product.

If you see a series of numbers in a web page, and then a dash and one to five more numbers, you can use the website to find the source of your almond milk.

This is the code for the brand of milk, you have to try a friendlies farm, then if you like it, try another one.

Now you know about Aldi. If you like, you can also look for us on the internet on sites like reddit and wikipedia.


Aldi sells high-quality almond milk for the lowest prices around. You can get it natural, unsweetened and with or without vanilla. They also offer chocolate milk.

Dairy isn’t the best, but Aldi isn’t afraid to branch out with their food. Check out their options for non-dairy milk as well!

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