Is Starbucks Almond Milk Sweetened? (Everything To Know!)

Starbucks offers many dairy-free options to their customers. They offer a wide range of dairy-free options, including almond milk and oat milk.

If you are on a diet or have a sweet tooth, Starbucks Almond Milk may not be sweetened. What brand is it?

This is what we discovered after doing some digging…

Starbucks Almond Milk Sweetened or Not?

Starbucks almond milk contains a small amount added sugar. Almond milk is naturally sweetened and contains no sugar. However, an 8-ounce Starbucks almond milk serving will have 3 grams of sugar.

This is still a low sugar level for a commercial beverage. For example, the coconut milk at Starbucks has 8.5g and the soymilk 13.5 grams.

Starbucks almond milk can also be used in hand-crafted Starbucks drinks.

This article will discuss the almond milk Starbucks uses: What it is, where it comes from, how it is used, and what its impact on our health.

Starbucks uses what kind of almond milk?

After customer surveys, Starbucks added almond milk to its menus in 2016. Starbucks makes their almond milk. It’s called Starbucks Almondmilk, and can’t be purchased in stores.

Starbucks Where does their almond milk come from?

Starbucks makes their own almond milk called Starbucks Almondmilk. It is specifically designed to compliment their handcrafted drinks.

Starbucks knew that they could order any brand of almond milk. They needed something more specific and didn’t want the hassle of trying to mix with another brand’s almond milk to achieve that unique drink effect.

The baristas developed an almond milk that would go well with both hot and cold drinks. When steamed, it should create a thick and creamy foam that can be used to make hot beverages.

Starbucks Introduced Almond Milk Why?

Starbucks has a website called My Starbucks Idea that allows customers to crowdsource ideas for beverages.

Log on to add your suggestions and requests for new Starbucks beverages, the return of older Starbucks drinks, ingredients that you would like to see, or ingredients that you would like removed. You can also submit alternative ingredients, methods, and ideas.

Starbucks values the contributions to the customer board and takes them seriously. Customers can vote on their ideas, and those with the most votes often get a place on the Starbucks menu.

Almond milk, also known as Almondmilk, was created by customer enthusiasm and barista skill.

What is Almond Milk?

Almond milk is a nondairy (or vegetable) milk substitute to dairy milks. It can be combined with soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk and oat milk to provide consumers with a wider selection of milk options.

Starbucks offers almond milk, soymilk, coconut milk and oatmilk in its non-dairy range.

Almond milk is made of almonds. It has a creamy texture with a light almond flavor. Almond milk is healthy as it has low saturated fat, no cholesterol and no lactose. You can get it in sweetened or unsweetened forms, in different flavors, and some brands even have micronutrients.

You can make almond milk at home using a blender and a large amount of almonds.

Are Starbucks Almond Milks Bad for You?

Almond milk drinks from Starbucks are a healthier alternative to other Starbucks options, which can be high in sugar, fat and caffeine. Almond milk is considered a healthy beverage if it hasn’t been heavily sugared or flavoured.

Starbucks almondmilk has 3 grams sugar, 2 grams protein, 60 calories, 4g fat, 110m sodium, 5g carbohydrate, 1g fibre, and 5g of sugar per cup.

The almondmilk’s protein content is very low and the calcium is absent. However, nutritionists are pleased with this nutrient profile. They do recommend that you add sugars, syrups and caffeine to your almondmilk to reap the health benefits.

Starbucks almondmilk contains the following ingredients: water, almond milk, sugar, tricalciumphosphate, sunflower Lecithin and sea salt.

Starbucks has unsweetened almond milk?

Starbuck’s almond milk is the only one available at Starbucks. It is low in sugar but not sugar-free.

You can make almond milk at home if you prefer a sugar-free drink. Simply blend almonds with water, then strain the mixture to get rid of the solids.

How many almonds are used to make almond milk will determine the concentration. Experts recommend that you make two cups of almondmilk from one cup of almonds. However, commercial almond milks are much more dilute than this.

Enthusiasts may add vanilla flavouring, honey, or molasses to their recipes, depending on their personal tastes.

Are there unsweetened milk alternatives available at Starbucks?

Starbucks offers a variety of dairy and non-dairy milks in their menu. The almondmilk is the lowest in sugar.

Starbucks milks have the standard 5g of sugar (lactose), per 100ml. However, this is before the milk has been made into a handcrafted beverage. For example, the ingredients that are added to an iced coffee will significantly increase the sugar level and the size of the portion.

The Starbucks sugar-free drinks do not contain dairy or nondairy milk. The tropical sugarless Starbucks drinks include plain and sweetened teas, as well as espresso coffees.

White coffees, such as cappuccinos and lattes, are considered sugar-free by some coffee lovers because they contain lactose instead of sucrose. This is a personal choice.


It is important to know your milks as there are more coffeehouses and food places that offer them.

Almond milk is another alternative to traditional dairy-based beverages. Starbucks has created their own almond milk recipe, which is both healthy and popular.

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