Is Starbucks Soy Milk Sweetened? (ingredients + More)

Soy milk is another popular beverage that can be made at home and is also a good dairy substitute.

if you want to drink soy milk in a Starbucks, you should read the article about sweetened soy milk because it has sugar in it.

Is Starbucks Soy Milk Sweetened In 2022?

The most popular dairy alternative in Starbucks is coconut milk, which contains 6.9 grams of total carbohydrates and 2.4 grams of net carbs per cup. Starbucks coconut milk is also the only dairy alternative from Starbucks that is made from organic ingredients. The company calls it “high-powered coconut milk,” and says that contains 20% coconut oil for its high-fat content.

So read on to learn all about soy and how it is a great alternative for dairy milk. There are several reasons why soy milk is a better alternative than regular dairy milk.

Does Starbucks Soy Milk Have Sugar?

I am pretty sure that the soy milk you are drinking is the soy milk that is produced from soybeans. But, sugar is not naturally occurring in that milk. Sugars are added to that milk from the sweeteners and flavors added by the company.

I could not find one company that claims to use only soy milk in their product, however.

Also, most of the companies that claim to use only soy milk, like some organic food companies, are not organic.

And Starbucks’ soy milk has 27 grams of sugar per 16-ounce serving. That’s the size of a Grande.

So that’s a pretty good number, and that’s a very competitive number, so we’re really happy with that.

So, as far as the exact sugar content per serving of the three options, the two dairy milk options are fairly similar – 2% has 5 grams per cup (+/- 1 gram) and whole milk has 6 grams per cup (+/- 1 gram).
The soy milk is the only option with a specific sugar content of 5.5 grams per cup (+/- 1 gram).

Does Starbucks Use Organic Soy Milk?

Starbucks is also trying to become more transparent about the issues that go into their products. They also want to make more environmentally friendly products.

The organization called for other milk alternatives to be removed from shelves because they are GMO-based or GMO-derived. The group has been a thorn in the side to both Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Starbucks Soy Milk Ingredients

According to the World Health Organization, soy milk is the most unhealthy option available from the coffee shop, coming above whole milk.

This source compared the sugar content and calories in the same size serving, and both Starbucks milks contain the same amounts of sugar and calories.

That said, it’s a little hard to get a feel for how much sugar is in the milk options at Starbucks without also knowing about their added flavored syrup and whipped cream. In other words, I’m not sure how this study compares apples-to-apples.

* 300 calories in a bowl of cereal, 300 calories in a cup of milk,
300 calories in a can of soda, and 120 calories in a small bagel.

Soy milk has nearly the same amount of sugar as regular milk. It also has almost twice as many calories.

Where Does Starbucks Soy Milk Come From?

According to the company’s website, most of its milk is purchased directly through dairy farmers from New Zealand, Australia, England, and New Zealand.

So it looks like they’re actually buying from milk companies directly.

I’ve always wondered about the milk in the Frappuccinos–I think they use soy.

Coffee shops usually don’t use milk substitutes due to the high cost. I saw in the store that there was a vanilla kind of soy milk from Silk that had vanilla flavor listed on the can. I’m just assuming they make coffee at Starbucks as well, but I’m only taking my word for it since I never actually ordered a coffee at a Starbucks store.

One of the best plant-based milks at the store, not only does it taste delicious, but it also has the perfect amount of nutrition for you!

Does Starbucks Have Any Unsweetened Milk Options?

Starbucks now offers all types of milk that the dairy industry has come up with.

Starbucks is claiming that its Oatly milk is not sweetened. This claim has been challenged recently in a documentary that shows that Oatly contains sugar.

Soymilk and coconut milk are the products which contain lactose.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on what type of milk is in Starbucks caramel latte, what other Starbucks drinks are made with almond milk, and what Starbucks coconut milk tastes like.

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