Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’s? (you’ll Be Surprised)

Trader Joe’s is a trendy grocery store that sells high-quality foods at inexpensive prices. As a result, there are fan clubs and several websites devoted to the chain in states such as California, New York, and Illinois.

Aldi, which is based in Germany, owns over 80% of Trader Joe’s. And, the two companies have worked together on projects for years.

Does Aldi Own Trader Joe’s In 2022?

Aldi is a discount German chain of groceries owned by an AB whose roots run back to the 1920’s. I believe this company was part of a German consortium that bought a majority stake in American grocery retailer Meijer and has since grown to control more than 4,000 stores in Germany.

So what is the difference between Trader Joe’s and Aldi? Well, first let’s talk about the basics. Trader Joe’s is a privately owned grocery chain that was founded in 1958. Aldi is a company, not a chain, founded in Germany and is now present in more than 40 countries.

Are There Two Aldi’s?

Aldi is a German supermarket company, their first store was opened in Leipzig in 1923, their current headquarters are in Essen, Germany. Aldi’s business model is pretty simple. Instead of using price as the sole differentiator, they use quality and service. Aldi is a family owned company, it was started by Hans Aldi, who now serves as President of Aldi AG.

Then, with the help of their mother and their father’s savings, the brothers converted the store into a bakery. By 1922, the family was expanding from bakery to bakery. All of the brothers worked in the baking industry, and all of the sisters were expected to help out in the store.

The family of two decided to make a niche in the food section. There were a lot of people who was buying food from those stores. They decided to expand their business.

A decision was taken to sell the cigarettes and in 1964, the brothers parted ways in a big dispute. The following year, their company merged with Philip Morris and changed its name to Reynolds.

So they split and Karl assumed control over Aldi Nord and Theo started Aldi Sud.

When Did Aldi Nord Take Over Trader Joe’s?

Not only did Aldi Sud expand to the US, its also significant to note that the company acquired Trader Joe’s in 1989.

If we had to guess, they were looking for a unique name for something a bit different, something a bit different from the crowd of small craft beer stores in the area.

Well, Albrecht was really just a name-picker. He was really just a sales/marketing guy who did a good job of it.

Trader Joe’s and Aldi Nord do run together, but they do operate independently because they want to ensure that customers feel comfortable shopping in either store.

Trader Joe’s is the best store that I’ve tried. Aldi Nord is the best Aldi store where I’ve shopped.

What Is Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s is a great company and they’re a great brand, but even better, it’s a great investment because they’re so cheap.

Trader Joe’s founder, Joe Coulombe, left the company in 1980, but the company kept its name and identity. In 1995, the company opened its first of its now over 200 stores in Sacramento, CA.

By the 1970s, Coulombe was the go-to place for a cheap fix for a quick snack. By the 1980s, Coulombe had grown into a food hall with three floors of eats, each more bizarre than the last.

The name “Aldi Nord” was invented to commemorate the two large German supermarket chains. In Germany, Aldi is the chain with the largest network of supermarkets.

One of Coulombe’s business models went beyond just finding random items and throwing them together.

Apple stores are all about curation. They pick the items that they feel they can sell to their customers, and they curate them to make your shopping experience that much better.

The Aldi Nord acquisition, which took effect yesterday, is a big deal in Germany and the U.K. as well. Trader Joe’s is the largest food retailer in the U.S. with more than 400 stores. The Aldi Nord acquisition means that the first German-owned retail store chain will have 5,500 stores in Germany, Europe’s biggest economy.

Do Trader Joe’s And Aldi Sell The Same Things?

It appears that Trader Joe’s has filed a trademark infringement suit against Aldi

We searched for more specifics on the topic–anything from the name-brand manufacturer of the products, how the products would be different if the two companies were doing the same, and whether the two companies were sourcing the same suppliers for products–but we haven’t been able to locate anything to verify that they are indeed sourcing the same products.

The reason for this is that everything bagel seasoning is made with malt extract, which is the same stuff that’s used to make malt syrup. And just as malt syrup is used in candy making, malt extract is used in making bread, and that’s why Aldi used the same exact malt extract.

It really depends on the product. It could be that it’s really inexpensive wine, or if it’s more expensive it could be that it has some strange flavor.

As a result, Aldi sells a wider range of similar products, because they don’t have to allocate a lot of room for the stock. These products are usually in the same location in their stores, although there are many exceptions.

The only thing I can think of that I’d be looking for at Trader Joe’s is their organic apples and bananas. But when I looked at their selection for the store, their organic apples and bananas and their organic apple juice were the only apples and juices they had on the shelves.

Both companies offer the same products, but they are both trying to take advantage of low-cost workers, so they compete for customers via both price and marketing strategies.

There is a rivalry between Trader Joe’s and the other German grocery stores, and between Aldi and other German grocery stores, but there is also a rivalry between Aldi and Trader Joe’s.

Aldi is more of a grocery store, with a few fun extras than Trader Joe’s, which is more like a store of fun extras.

Is Trader Joe’s Better Than Aldi?

When it comes to the comparison between Aldi and Trader Joe’s, Aldi has a big advantage when it comes to the quality of its goods. This is because it has been able to streamline its operations.

The grocery market is almost always packed with grocery stores, which makes it hard to get to know the produce well. Also, Trader Joe’s is known for having poor produce.

It’s very hard to get fresh produce (without having to pay a premium for it) in big box stores, so they go for convenience over freshness and quality. This is why TJ stores’ produce is so underwhelming as well. They’ve been forced to offer cheap food because they lack the space and labor forces to process fresh fruits and vegetables.

While Aldi produces can be mixed with others, the chain has upped its game in recent years, sourcing locally and receiving shipments daily.

 Trader Joe’s has a lot of the same things as Aldi and is just a little more costly. It’s a big chain, so you know it’s gonna be good, but at a fraction of the price in most instances.

Aldi’s sales for the holiday weekend were much better than expected, with the company reporting that sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday increased by 40 percent over last year.

To learn more, you might also be interested in reading up on the competitive advantages of Aldi, and 17 reasons why Aldi is so cheap!


Trader Joe’s is a separate business from the Aldi Nord Company based in Germany that owns and operates Aldi stores in northern Europe and Asia.

The first difference was that France saw this new “fun for the family” competition as a way to take business away from the French grocery stores. This ultimately led to the creation of the supermarket.

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