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Cocoa is made from ground up beans, cocoa beans to be exact, which are native to the cocoa tree. In the process of making cocoa beans into chocolate, many chemical components are lost, which means you can only be sure of finding a good quality chocolate bar when you purchase it directly from the cocoa bean producer. Chocolate is the only flavor that comes from the original plant, the cocoa tree. So, that’s why many chocolate bars have cocoa beans embedded in them.

Did you know that Aldi sells a special selection of chocolate in every store? And it’s a lot more high-brow than you might expect from the utilitarian German grocer, who prices avocados at 79 cents at times.

Aldi Chocolate In 2022

All of Aldi’s chocolates are produced in Belgium according to all of Aldi’s quality codes. The majority of Aldi’s chocolate is produced in the company’s own factories. Small amounts of other chocolates can be sourced from other brands and factories.

Interested in learning about all the different kinds of chocolate Aldi carries? Wondering if it’s any good or if it’ll save you money? Want to know where Aldi gets its chocolate from? These are the answers to these, and more, are below.

What Types Of Chocolate Does Aldi Have?

There are 12 chocolate bars, priced from $1.98 for the Hershey’s Kiss bar to $4 for the Snickers bar. The prices are roughly in line with what you would pay at a normal grocery store, but the products are much smaller and are typically sold in smaller quantities. The products are also more expensive for the price.

Choceur is a commune in the Tarn department of southern France. It is served by a station on the Toulouse to Perpignan railway.

In Europe and other parts of the world such as Latin America, chocolate tends to be more bitter, but palates get used to a more bitter profile.

I love their taste. But I’m also a huge fan of chocolate and these “superberries” are a healthy and effective replacement for high-calorie chocolate.

Moser Roth – the firm founded by Eric Moser – and is run by his son Michael.

Their selection is limited and they aim to provide the very best-tasting chocolate bars, on par with the Ghirardelli-type sweets.

I selected this on a specific night because I felt a different feeling from the previous night to the night after.

Specially Selected products are high quality and boutique items that can be found throughout a whole range of Aldi stores.

The cacao beans in this bar of chocolate were sourced from farms or cooperatives in Peru but were then processed in South America. This is an excellent example of a product made in North America that is the result of the globalization of cocoa production. The cocoa beans were sourced and produced in South America, but the chocolate itself is made in North America.

If you like a good dark chocolate, this might be the Aldi I recommend!
So, when you’re thinking about buying chocolates, and you want to buy things that are quality without breaking the bank, you might want to consider Aldi’s Find.

Some of these are just weird, but I don’t know if I can make more sense of it any other way without making it too cluttered.

Is Aldi Chocolate Cheap?

It looks like the regular chocolate is around $7 more expensive per ounce, but if you’re comparing it to the KitKat chocolate, the cost is comparable.

What I did

Here are some of the notes that I made in the course of my price comparisons.

At Walmart, Ghirardelli Squares (unfilled) sell for $2.47 per 3.17-oz. bar, or 77.9 cents per ounce, versus Aldi’s Moser Roth bars which sell for $1.99 per 4.4-oz. bar, or 45 cents per ounce. That’s a sizeable difference!

This is the case because the words “Ghirardelli Squares” are different on all the three labels.

The Choceur peanut butter cups that everybody loves come in a 12-oz. bag for $2.99 or 25 cents per ounce. The most similar product I can think of is a 10.5-oz. bag of Reese’s cups, which retail at Walmart for $3.48 or 33.1 cents per ounce.

The Choceur product is good. We prefer this to the Vivara product.
This is why we prefer the Choceur product.

M&M candy is really expensive at Aldi; it’s also the same price at Walmart. That’s just a coincidence. Aldi doesn’t think it’s worth the money to actually offer a better price on those M&M’s.

Aldi’s success is that they don’t just sell the basic staples. They sell more gourmet kinds of products where you can get gourmet flavors at a great price.

Chocolate-covered salted caramel is one of my favorite dessert. It is really expensive for the amount of calories so I avoid it. However, I read that if you really want to taste this dessert,
try to eat these dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels.

There were many varieties of dark chocolate sea salt caramels. They ranged from $14.95 in size to $19.95 per pound. A few of them had prices as low as $14.95 per pound.

Is Aldi Chocolate Good Quality? 

‘Good’ is not in the eyes (or tastebuds) of the beholder, but Aldi chocolate has received some rave reviews from shoppers, as well as some so-so ones.

We like Aldi’s peanut butter cups because they are a little less sweet, better quality and don’t taste at all like the Reese’s peanut butter cups. They’re just as good!

Another liked the fact that the chocolates were affordable at a similar price to the competition while still having a richer taste and better quality.

If you’ve eaten Moser Roth chocolate bars before, you know they’re the real deal. ALDI carries multiple chocolate brands, each offering several different flavors, shapes, and sizes. All of them are delicious!

I’m still not sure if this will work but I’m going to give it a try anyway.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on exploring and hopefully I’ll find more.

The group of experts evaluated the quality of several chocolates and ranked them.
In any case, there are many ways to make a chocolate.

The judges were given a chocolate that varied in intensity. They concluded, ultimately, that more intense chocolate was a better choice. The 70% Dark by Moser Roth was the flavor winner.
You also might recognize the name from our other chocolate coverage: The 70% Dark by Moser Roth is made in partnership with the 70% Dark Company, which has been making chocolate in the United States since 1876.

What Is The Best Aldi Chocolate?

We shouldn’t be saying that a chocolate at Aldi is the very best. So here are a few I think will please a variety of palates.

Next, let’s look at the flavors. We have the classic flavors of dark chocolate with a hint of cocoa butter, which is similar to our 60% Dark, and the 70% Dark is like biting into a chocolate bar and finding a piece of 100% dark chocolate. It’s rich and intense, just like 100% cacao.

The beans covered in dark chocolate, as well as the Aldi Finds dark chocolate covered espresso beans, are my favorite.

Finally, if you prefer your chocolate on the milkier, sweeter side, and you don’t mind a little peanut butter in the mix, the peanut butter cups are the way to go.

I like the flavor of the chocolate ones best. But the peanut butter ones are good, too. I have to admit I love the milk and peanut butter with the chocolate best.

Who Makes Aldi Chocolate?

After the Nazis occupied France, the Jewish families fled to Switzerland, and started the company’s chocolate and butter business.

The company was founded in 1920 by Hans Moser Roth, who was an Austrian confectionery manufacturer. The company is known for the distinctive gold foil on the wrapper.

Werther’s Original is known for its very hard candy and a wafer cookie. The Werther’s Original Company makes the Knoppers cookie (which is very hard in its own right) as well as many other candies.

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Ranging from peanut butter cups and chocolate covered nuts to licorice and fudge, Aldi has an extensive selection of sweets.

Since Aldi prices are low, it’s possible to get treats that are much less expensive at Walmart, but the quality of the products tends to be much lower.

While it won’t replace your local grocery store, Aldi’s selection of natural, organic, and non-GMO products are comparable, often at a much lower price point.

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