Aldi Coffee Pods (Price, Types, Quality, Roasts, Taste, Compatibility + More) 

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It would be easy to say what you can expect from Aldi’s coffee pod selection if you know that it’s all about the beans. But it’s actually the packaging that counts, and that’s where Aldi really shines. For such a cheap coffee pods, you’ll be surprised to see just how sturdy they are and how they last for years.

Aldi Coffee Pods In 2022

The new pods come in packs of 12 and offer different roasts and coffee flavor combinations, including Fair Trade options. The pods are priced at $3.55 per box of 12, though they are also available individually.

You can read more about what kinds of pods Aldi carries, how their price compares to others, if they’re any good taste-wise and with which machines they are compatible, by reading this!

What Kind Of Coffee Pods Does Aldi Sell?

This collection of cups is inspired by the Aldi version of the Barissimo line of pods. These come in four sizes from 12 oz. to 24 oz., and there are six different colors to choose from.

If you’re in any season, you’ll find some of the best flavors here!

They also release some specialty flavors in the summer months. I have also seen them release some specialty flavors throughout the year, as part of their Aldi Finds selection. For example, in the winter months, you might see a Peppermint Mocha.

One year ago, they released a set of 12 romantic-themed chocolate flavors in a gift set.

Fall is always about Pumpkin Spice, so you will likely find Aldi’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the autumnal months.

The best way to know what Aldi’s coming to your store is to: check their print ads, which comes in the mail, check their digital ad via their website, or check the Upcoming Aldi Finds tab on their app.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Cheap?

Aldi is really good at making sure their prices are fairly consistent. When it comes to their coffee cups, they will always remain at $3.55 no matter what kind of coffee is inside.

“Great Value” is the name Walmart uses for their store brand coffee. The 12-packs I bought are the same as the name brand coffee, just Walmart’s name. There may be a very small cost savings by buying Great Value coffee, but the difference is so small that it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of doing your own grind.

Wegmans also sells coffee pods, for just a few cents more than Walmart, at $3.99 per 12-count. Their variety is superb, over 20 different types of pods alone, including multiple roasts and flavor profiles. They also feature an organic option, for $5.99.

Aldi’s coffee pods are cheap. According to Consumer Reports, they are cheaper than their competition by at least 37 cents.

However, other grocery stores very likely have many more options, as I didn’t even include the name brands like Starbucks, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s.

While that might sound great for you, consider that the coffee is an order of magnitude more expensive than the pod.
So, why don’t Aldi, and other similar retailers, do this? It’s called scale.
This is the scale advantage that Amazon has.

How Do Aldi Coffee Pods Taste?

Aldi coffee has been getting rave reviews from critics around the web. Unfortunately, no one has mentioned their Everyday coffee cups.

In this case, the use of the word “people” is acceptable.

There is a good chance that the taste is not good, but I won’t say it for sure. I would rather let the reader decide.

No matter how much you try to justify them, they are not the same. It is not the same as a $10 latte you can buy at a cafe for one hour of work. It can be a cheap option if you are running behind and need a boost of energy.

The peppermint mocha was really good, one of the best mocha flavors I have ever tried in my life. I would buy it again.

My mom isn’t much of a coffee drinker, but the bold peppermint and not-to-sweet chocolate flavors were divine and very luxurious.

Aldi has also sold milk and dark chocolate hot cocoa cups. The dark chocolate pods were good, but nothing spectacular. In addition, the chocolate powder is not the kind that you want. It is very cheap, and it has an unpleasant texture.

I would recommend the plain Aldi Finds for their flavor and the ability to get more than one bag of them, and the regular Everyday pods for their ease of use.

What Coffee Machines Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With?

Let’s break down some of the most popular instant coffee machines on the market, and see if Aldi’s cups and caps are compatible with them.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Keurig Machines?

Aldi pods (aka K-Cups) are designed to go into the K-Duos and the smaller Keurig machines. They also work with single-serve coffee makers from brands like Braun, Bodum, and Rancilio.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Nespresso Machines?

Aldi’s Everyday coffee pods are not compatible with Nespresso machines, but while their machines lack the popularity of their European counterparts, Nespresso doesn’t have the popularity of its European counterparts.

In addition to fit issues, Aldi’s Everyday coffee pods have the wrong type of coffee grounds in them to be used in a Nespresso machine.

The Aldi Finds coffee capsules are different than the Everyday pods, as the Everyday pods fit almost all Nespresso machines, while the Finds were made for machines that were designed to use a specific blend.

The problem with the Find is that it requires you to actually talk to the person who owns the item (and then only check the listing out) rather than just finding the item in stores.

Nespresso has been the most popular brand globally. The European stores stock it as part of their Everyday line, which is sold under the label Alcafe.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Dolce Gusto Machines?

The Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines were made compatible with the Aldi coffee pods. This should increase consumer confidence in the use of the pods. Not all of their coffee pods are compatible with their machines.

The coffee pods that come inside the Aldi coffee machines are not the same as the pods that come inside your Keurig machine, and they don’t have the necessary pods for cappuccinos and lattés.

The original cups we’ve mentioned that are not available for purchase in the USA as far as we know, but they are available in Europe. They seem to be priced pretty well for the amount of espresso they hold, and they do come in a nice box.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With K-Fee Machines?

There are many Starbucks-compatible pods in the market, but at this time, you won’t be able to get the Aldi pods or their other pods in the United States.

Are Aldi Coffee Pods Compatible With Tassimo Machines?

Coffee pods at Aldi are not compatible with Tassimo machines. If the machine does not know how to determine the size of a cup, it won’t work with the Aldi pods.

Keurigs are the top-selling coffee makers in America. This means all of their coffee cups are compatible with the brewer — unless there’s something very specific that you want to do.

The public has not been given enough opportunity to discover and enjoy the variety of espresso pods that are currently available.

If you want more information on all Aldi products, check out our related articles on Aldi bread, Aldi almond milk, and Aldi chocolate.


Aldi coffee pods are a bit weak, although there are some good flavors in the Everyday line. They aren’t worth spending more on than they are worth, but for a quick breakfast on the go they’re an acceptable substitute for coffee.

It might not fit in any other machine other than a Keurig, but since that is the one most common in the United States, they’re a good buy if you want to save some money on quick, hot caffeinated beverages.

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