Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!) 

Walmart’s Great Value brand is a great way for customers to get essential groceries and household supplies at great prices. It is Walmart’s house brand and represents both Walmart and Great Value’s commitment to excellent customer service.

I know you will appreciate this post. I have shared my view on what are the best Great Value products in the marketplace. This post will make you understand how to select the best Great Value products and how to ensure that they last long.

Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart In 2022?

– Great Value is a grocery store chain that sells food at a low price by using cheap ingredients.
– Great Value is a chain of grocery stores that sells groceries at low prices, because the company buys a lot of its food from other companies, at a lower price.
– These companies produce a type of packaged food that is cheap and well-known.
– Great Value is in the grocery business, producing food products that are less costly.

I am going to tell you about the real manufacturers behind the Great Value products.

1. Walmart’s Great Value Water Is Sourced From Natural Springs

The bottled spring water is made in the same region as the famous Ozark Mountain streams.

Bottles can be filled at home using a water purifier, or when on the road,
the product comes in small bottles designed for refilling water bottles.

I think Walmart’s Great Value purified bottled water comes from Canada (the same place Niagara Bottling makes it).

Another instance of a false attribution is in a 2011 email sent by a Walmart employee to a Walmart customer service department. While referring to a Walmart product, the email included the following sentence: “The product is made in Mexico by a company called Grupo Superfosco.”.

2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott 

Drinking Walmart’s store-branded beer can save you plenty of dollars without compromising flavor. Cott supposedly manufactures great Value root beer, a drink for men, women, and kids. Customers can expect to pay just $3.98 for a pack of 20 cans or $0.66 for a 64 fluid ounce bottle.

Walmart’s Great Value Root Beer tastes exactly like a regular A&W Root Beer. It has the same roots, the same roots, the same roots. The only difference is they are sold in a 32-ounce bottle and contain more sugar than A&W.

There is always going to be some form of risk. If you’re willing to invest time and money in education, you could save over $10 at your local A&W. To help you make this decision, here’s a quick summary of my recommendations.

3. Ziploc Are Likely Manufacturers Of Great Value Zipper Bags 

Ziploc manufactures bags and grocery bags, and is known for its signature bright yellow bags. While Walmart has no association with the brand, it does have an exclusive deal with Fisher-Price to manufacture Ziploc bags.

The price of 100 Great Value Zipper Quart Freezer Bags is much less expensive than Ziploc’s 74 freezer bags. Talk about saving more bucks compared to Ziploc.

Walmart is discounting their Great Value freezers, storage, sandwich, snack quart, and gallon zipper bags in quantities of 70-100 for under $7.

4. Great Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Made By Danon

Did you know that greek yogurt is manufactured by a subsidiary of the well-known brand, Danon? Enjoy equally delicious yogurts at a more generous prices when you choose Great Value.

There were also several instances of other products being cheaper than Danon’s. Specifically, it’s worth noting that Great Value’s 32oz of vanilla dairy yogurt was just over a dollar cheaper at $1.74 than Danon’s 32oz.

Customers have the option of finding yogurt in four flavors – strawberry, banana, orange, and blueberry – in large (32 oz) pots ranging from $4.99 to $5.99.

5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!

If you’re a fan of Breyers ice cream, then you should try Walmart’s Great Value ice cream. You could save up to 30% when you purchase Great Value ice cream (48oz tub) for $2.97 instead of Breyers for $4.18 (48oz tub).

6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ 

Rumour has it that Great Value potato chips are made by UTZ. While you hardly notice the difference in taste, you’ll certainly see the price difference. With Great Value potato chips priced at 16¢ per oz, Walmart offers potato chips at 22¢ per oz.

For most people, Potato chips are a quick and easy snack. If you’re on a budget, Great Value potato chips are a great option.

In other words, we are able to capture the key idea behind the sentence: “great” is an adjective, and we also want to add some more context about “value”.

7. Great Value Peanut Butter Is Made By Peter Pan’s Manufacturers! 

The Peter Pan peanut butter brand is made from peanuts grown in New Jersey, harvested and manufactured in the United States. Great Value peanut butter is made from peanuts grown in Georgia, harvested and manufactured in the USA.

Walmart also has a decent variety of peanut butter, including smooth, organic, crunchy, powdered, honey roasted, and grape jelly stripe options for less than $10 per jar. Walmart does not, however, have grape-flavored peanut butter that is not made to be used in smoothies.

8. Procter & Gamble Manufactured Great Value Paper Towels 

Walmart works with Procter & Gamble so that they can make household essentials such as paper towels for their discount brand, Great Value. Procter & Gamble currently operates 31 paper-making sites in the U.S.

If you want to get some extra use out of your paper towels (or want to save a few dollars) buy four packs of the heavier duty paper towels for $9.98 and you’ll get 72 paper towels!

9. Great Value Almond Milk Made At Walmart’s Dairy Plant 

A small amount of almond milk in the great value brand is not just a coincidence, it’s actually a trend in dairy free milk products.

Also, make sure to check your local regulations regarding milk and where to obtain it. Some cities require special permits to sell raw milk and some communities don’t allow for it to be sold at all.

Almond milk is one of the cheapest brands, making it really easy to get a bottle or a gallon for a fraction of the price of organic almond milk.

10. ConAgra Produces Great Value Salsa 

Salsas made by Peter Pan and acquired by ConAgra is said to be Great Value.

Our customers can find a huge variety of Great Value salsa options including medium chunky salsa, mild, thick, chunky, salsa verde, mango, pineapple, organic, roasted garlic, and more!

Customers can make a great saving when they purchase Great Value products, as they can save $1.18 for the same quantity of mild thick and chunky salsa.

11. Great Value Spices Taste The Same As McCormick 

A report suggests that McCormick is just another name for Great Value spices. The two brands are nearly identical.

Spices and seasoning products are notorious necessities; however, Walmart’s Great Value can take your meals to the next level.

That’s an example of a product that is sold in the U.S. for $1.23 for roughly 0.80 ounces but is sold in countries with an exchange rate similar to the U.S. for $3.94 for a higher quantity.

12. Great Value Flour Made By ConAgra

Great Value was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, but was the manufacturer of the product that was at issue. The plaintiff alleged that the ingredient that was used in the bread was the same as the one that Great Value produced.

Walmart is offering the lowest prices on its grocery section. The company’s main bread brands, Great Value and King Arthur, are made in the U.S and Canada respectively.

Buying Walmart’s generic flour is cheaper than the branded flour you usually buy.

It appears that the author is not sure if she will use the generic flour, and so is writing about generic flour, and not about which kind of flour she is going to use.

Customers can expect to find all-purpose, unbleached, self-raising, almond, and coconut Great Value flour in 5lb bags at $5.

13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz! 

*The product and/or its promotional images are the trademarks of ConAgra Foods, Inc.
*The brands are the trademarks of their respective companies.

We compared the ingredients list of both products and found an overwhelming similarity!

I’m confident that’s not a mistake.

The price for one 64 oz bottle of Heinz ketchup ($4.49) more than equals two 64 ounce bottles of the same brand of ketchup from the competitor ($5.84) for the same quantity. This is another reason to not buy from Heinz.

14. Sara Lee Manufactures Great Value K-Cups 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive and delicious way to start your morning, you should consider Great Value coffee from Walmart. According to an online report, Walmart’s Great Value coffee, by Master Chef, is manufactured by Sara Lee.

You can purchase a variety of Great Value k-cups at Walmart that contain a variety of coffee styles such as donut shop, Columbian, breakfast blend, blonde roast, caramel, and french vanilla. Expect to pay $14.92 for a pack of 48 Great Value cups. That’s less than half the price of Starbucks coffee cups at $28.98 (66¢ per cup). What a savings!

15. Great Value Laundry Detergent Made Eco-Friendly By Agaia! 

The company became one of the first in the United States to go into its own label of washing machines and has been working with the company to develop programs that are safe for the environment.

The new line of laundry detergent comes in bottles that are half the size and three times less expensive than the traditional bottle.

The bottles are made using 100% plant-based material, and do not have any harmful chemicals in them.

In case you want to take advantage of this promotion just keep in mind you can only get four 20 fl oz coupons for the product in the first place.

16. Great Value Light Bulbs Are Made By Savant Systems, Formerly GE Lighting 

The Great Value light bulbs are predominantly manufactured at The Bucyrus Lamp Plant in the U.S, which has been recently acquired by Savant Systems.

Many people are concerned about the future of light bulbs at Walmart. Many people are concerned about the future of light bulbs at Walmart.

As you can see, Great Value has become the most cost effective alternative over the last few years. If you had invested in a Great Value light bulb at the time, you’d have been better off buying six bulbs for $10.88 than four bulbs for $19.20.

17. Great Value Cheese Is Produced By ConAgra 

The company’s head office is in Omaha, Nebraska. The company also has manufacturing facilities in the United States and Canada as well as in the United Kingdom.

Order a variety of yummy Great Value cheeses at a low price online and save today in 16-ounce quantities for just $3.36. You are also guaranteed to enjoy the cheese and know you are getting the best value for your money!

18. Sara Lee Makes Walmart’s Great Value Coffee

Sara Lee is selling Walmart’s cheap coffee under its own brand, Great Value.

When you purchase two packs of 48-ounce Great Value coffee pots, you will receive two bags of 100% Arabica coffee for the same price as one bag of 100% Arabica coffee.

If you compare it to the average price of the cheapest ground coffee at a coffee shop, the math doesn’t add up. Typically a coffee shop charge $3.50 for 12 ounces of ground coffee.

19. Great Value Coffee Creamer Is Made By Sara Lee 

Great Value is the perfect way to increase the flavor in your coffee. If you’re looking to take your coffee to the next level, then try Great Value coffee creamer.

Sara Lee is a company that sells many products at Walmart. It is likely that they sell the coffee creamer with their name on it. This might be a way for Sara Lee to promote their products at Walmart.

Walmart’s Coffee-Mate coffee creamer is great for college students on a budget; for just $1.50/bottle, it contains no cholesterol or dairy ingredients to help keep you healthy.

20. Great Value Cookies Are Just Like Girl Scout Cookies! 

Walmart offers cookies with Girl Scout flavors. The flavors are inspired by cookies from the Girl Scout organization.

Instead of paying $1.08 per box, Great Value chocolate chip cookies cost $1.38. Great Value cookies covered in caramel are available on Walmart’s shelves!

So if you have a craving for a Great Value cookie, you may not have to worry about finding that cookie at a store. The manufacturer of those cookies may also likely make other cookies that are also great!

21. General Mills And Kellogg’s Make Great Value Cereal For Walmart 

General Mills and Kellogg Company are rumored to make the affordable cereal
The best way I get over this is to just delete the phrase “the affordable cereal”.


I didn’t see a lot of differences in your two attempts except that I would add the punctuation and put the relative clause on the second line.

There are plenty of other cereal brands under the name of Great Value; including Cinnamon Crunch, Berry Crunch, Honey Nut O’s, Honey O’s, and Honey Nut’s.

22. George’s Prepared Foods Produce Great Value Bacon 

But Walmart sells more than just bacon. According to the company, Walmart’s Great Value bacon is made from real pork and processed the same way as its other products.
Why the difference? This is because Walmart’s Great Value bacon contains only 75 percent of the fat that other bacon does. That means less fat in the pork that ends up in your bacon.
I’ll never tell you what to do with your bacon, so feel free to make your own decision on how much pork is enough bacon.

The Great Value original hickory-smoked bacon is much cheaper, costing more like a dollar per pound, and the only other bacon on the market that costs more than a dollar per pound is Oscar Mayer’s hickory smoked bacon. The Great Value bacon is more than twice as salty as Oscar Mayer’s; if you like a lot of salt in your bacon, go for the Oscar Mayer.

23. Great Value Bread Is Made By Sara Lee 

Baking bread is a simple way to save money and do it yourself. Great Value has everything you need for delicious, nutritious bread. You can even add your own flavor, and make a batch for the whole week. Great Value is even gluten-free.

It’s a no-brainer to shop the store brands, especially for meals with multiple servings. The other great thing about store brand meals is that they’re on sale–and can even be marked down further on your grocery list.

24. Land O’Lakes Manufactures Great Value Butter 

If you search for “Great Value butter” in the search bar at Walmart you’re going to see a lot of different prices for the same product. Sometimes people are paying more for the same product than they would for Butterfinger.

Lone Star’s butter is a great value, as you get more for your money than the Great Value brand, but it can also be too expensive, so you might consider the Great Value brand if you need to save money.

25. Great Value Beef Jerky Is Like Jack Link’s Beef Jerky! 

Great Value Beef Jerky is a private label manufactured by a company and distributed by Walmart.

A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich (sold by Subway at just $4.99) has just 1.2 times as many calories as a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich sold by Jack Link’s.

26. Walmart Manufactures Great Value Milk At Its Dairy Plant 

After opening their own, the Walmart dairy facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana produced gallon jugs of whole, 2%, 1%, skim plain, and 1% chocolate milk for its Great Value brand.

It is expected that Walmart will buy milk from 25 farmers who are within 210 miles from their new facility.

This could be the case because the milk is the same (same ingredients, same formula, same storage), but packaged a differently by Great Value. They package it differently because they want to make the milk cheaper.

27. Great Value Mayonnaise Made By Kraft 

Some media outlets have mentioned that worldwide brand Kraft may be the manufacturer of Great Value Mayonnaise. There is no concrete evidence supporting this claim, as well as the fact that the products do differ in pricing.

Kraft Mayo

The price per unit is $1.35 lower than Great Value and $50 lower per gallon. The company uses less salt, fewer stabilizers, and doesn’t contain any trans fats.

Where Are Great Value Products Made? 

If you are shopping from China, make sure you double check the manufacturer’s country of origin listed on the product label as it may mislead you. Walmart, however, assures customers that they are sourced from United States suppliers.

Is Great Value A Good Brand? 

We also showed you how if your store has the same coupons, you can still get a better deal.


Great Value breads and cheeses are made by Sara Lee and Conagra, the former of which is better known for its breads and cheeses. Walmart produces milk at its dairy plant in Fort Wayne. Meanwhile, Great Value laundry detergent and cleaning essentials are made by Agaia. Other manufacturers include Danon, McCormick, Wells, General Mills, and Ziploc.

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