Is Big Lots Furniture Good? (all You Need To Know)

A closeout or liquidation store is where the vendor sells off all the items they have in store. Sometimes, their stock may be real good, and other times it may be real junky.

So if you’re interested in whether the furniture sold at Big Lots is high-quality, read on for more info I’ve found about this topic, and to learn more about other related facts!

Is Big Lots Furniture Good In 2022?

Big Lots promises to its customers that they will get quality merchandise and will provide them with good service. However, customer reviews indicate that the company does not provide quality merchandise, that the company does not provide reliable service, that the company does not live up to its guarantee, and that the company does not have a satisfactory return and refund policy. Customer satisfaction with Big Lots furniture is just about three stars.

Big Lots Furnitures are known for providing great customer service. They also have great remedies for any damages that occur.

Does Big Lots Sell Good Quality Furniture?

Big lots is said to be offering good quality furniture at great prices.

Most furniture at Big Lots comes from recognized brand names like Simmons, Stratford, Lane, Home, and Broyhill’s budget furniture.

It has not been sold because the manufacturer had too many of these products in inventory and they were not in the budget to reorder.

Unfortunately, while it may be possible to locate a large range of quality furniture at bargain prices, you will not find furniture that is not brand name at Big Lots.

The company is not very good at selling the products. This is why the company is not making good money.

I was not a fan of this deal and I still am not. While the price was discounted by half, the quality was a joke. I had to spend the time to fix some things. This is now fixed, though the problems I found were not related to the camera.

Is the Broyhill Furniture Sold at Big Lots Good Quality?

American furniture comes from a long tradition of the American craftsman, with attention to detail at a budget.

There were concerns that Big Lots may buy up the company. And the quality of its furniture has since deteriorated.

Many customers complain that the furniture is not solid wood. Many feel that the furniture is like a cheap cardboard.

Where Do I Find Out About the Quality of the Furniture at Big Lots?

You can find out about the quality of the furniture you wish to purchase from Big Lots by clicking on the furniture description list on the online catalogue.

The material, color and other details are described in the product description.

It’s also possible to go through the physical furniture in-store and check about the quality and condition of the furniture.

However, you may need to contact their customer care team if you are not able to receive adequate information from these sources.

Is Big Lots Return Policy for Faulty Furniture Customer Friendly?

The procedure that Big Lots outlines to return faulty furniture is straightforward and workable in most circumstances.

So, it’s not as straightforward as you may think.
To me, I think that the most important thing is to be honest to oneself.
I think that’s the most important thing to think about, to be honest to oneself.

I bought some clothes from this site back at the beginning of the fall/winter 2014 season. I ordered a few things, and paid for them in full, and when I went to return them they were only the size I was actually carrying that season. I was informed by them that the site was sold, and the previous owner was no longer responsible for the site and items in their inventory. I tried to return the items, and they flatly refused.

Does Big Lots Furniture Come with a Warranty?

(a) As for the ‘as is’ basis, this means that the buyer accepts the items in its current condition with normal wear and tear.
(b) As for the ‘as is available’ basis, this means that the buyer accepts the items in its current condition with normal wear and tear as well as minor damages.

I’ve ordered this item from this website previously. It’s a good website to find items with a reliable feedback from many buyers.

Customers have every opportunity to check the quality of the product for themselves before purchasing the product.

What are the Consumer Reviews on the Quality of Big Lots Furniture?

Big Lots is generally very happy with its furniture, which is one of the reasons they are able to keep their prices so low.

While it may be true that Big Lots does not always have quality merchandise, I have personally had very good experiences with the company, and there are many people who have had great buying experiences.


The first part could be considered as a question.

They said that the price was okay, and sometimes cheap.
But I want to say that, it does not make it any the less of an insult to me.

Big Lots continues to be a favorite among consumers looking for a wide selection of quality products at value-conscious prices. However, customers have complained about the poor quality of furniture from Big Lots. It has been the practice of Big Lots to allow customers to return unused and unopened merchandise for credit and to replace damaged or defective merchandise. This has resulted in some complaints about the quality of Big Lots goods and services.

The couple called the store and were told that the store had already shipped the items to them. The couple claimed that the store was holding onto the items, and that they called to report the wrong item and damage twice and that the store employees kept changing the delivery address, and had refused to pay for the extra shipping charges.

In the complaint, the couple claimed that the store employees were rude and didn’t tell them they were holding onto the items.

What Are Some Tips for Buying Good Quality Furniture at Big Lots?

If you are not sure in what type of furniture you want to purchase, you should check out the Big Lots warehouse’s extensive furniture collection. Big Lots sells hundreds of styles and products.
When considering the style of an item, think about how you will use the furniture.

Furniture is returned all of the time, and while good quality furniture is frequently returned, there are always faults.

It’s possible to find good quality cheap furniture with repairs that couldn’t take much more than a couple of stitches or a few nails.

Learn about any kind of other mattress buying or selling issue by getting more information.


Big Lots does not guarantee the durability of your furniture, but tries to provide the best quality. It will only buy from reliable artisans and manufacturers.

Although there are several negative reviews on the quality of Big Lots furniture, some customers were able to find the quality of the furniture to be satisfactory.

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