Does Big Lots Deliver? (all You Need To Know)

You can find many stores in the US that will haul your furniture free of charge.
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Do you ever find yourself getting your furniture from Big Lots? Then you may be interested to learn that they deliver to help you with this inconvenience.

Does Big Lots Deliver In 2022?

Big Lots is offering nationwide delivery for all orders of various sizes and varieties. The delivery service is priced at $149 for all orders. Big Lots also offers a free delivery service for orders over $20 for an extra fee, and an expedited delivery service for flat fees of $59.

If you want to know more about Big Lots delivery services and options, including whether Big Lots delivers to your apartment and much more, keep reading!

Does Big Lots Offer Nationwide Delivery?

Instacart is partnering with online shopping mall and brick and mortar store Big Lots.

The warehouses that distribute merchandise to the stores also have a positive effect on the logistics.

The retailer has also added two more distribution centers to handle bulk products. It is expected that that their delivery services will reach more areas in the United States.

Therefore, your best bet to get your favorite Big Lots product is to go to the Big Lots store nearest you!

Where Will Big Lots Deliver My Items?

The company said that they couldn’t provide a delivery window because they don’t know when the delivery truck will arrive at your home.

However, Big Lots will deliver to any part of the country for an extra charge.

Will Big Lots Deliver to My Apartment?

To confirm, please select your delivery zone and delivery policies.

Delivery charges will depend on how many stairs the driver has to climb to the front of your house.

Does Big Lots Deliver to a Non-Billing Address?

I got a bill from Big Lots at a different address than I’ve had their deliveries sent.

You must select a delivery address during checkout or update it if previously set.

When creating a new order, if you choose to order multiple items, you’ll be able to choose the delivery address for each item individually, or you can just leave it blank if you choose to have the products shipped to the billing address.

Further, if you have placed an order with Amazon and later change your mind about where you want it delivered, you can cancel the order.

Can I Get Same Day Delivery With My Order?

Big Lots is one of the few stores that is able to offer same-day delivery on all items available in its stores.

You might have to wait for us to ship your items from other stores. If your item requires special handling, you will have to contact our sales staff to discuss shipping arrangements.

This order will ship in 1-2 business days depending on the size and weight of the order.

What Is Big Lots ‘Big! Delivery?’

Big Lots has a delivery system that allows you to have your entire order delivered to almost anywhere in the US for a very cheap price.

This service is also available for heavy and large items that don’t ship via the FedEx network, is easy and convenient, and is secure.

How Long Will My ‘Big! Delivery’ Order Take?

The size of the order is big, it takes about 7 to 18 days to be fulfilled and it takes 1-3 days to process your order before receiving a confirmation email to schedule the delivery.

What are the Big Lots ‘Big! Delivery’ Options?

The Big Lots Big! Delivery options include Economy, Standard, and Expedited shipping.
All products sold on are eligible for a return.

Economy Shipping takes 2-4 days, Standard shipping 3-7 days, and Expedited shipping is not available.

What Are the Big Lot’s ‘Big! Delivery’ Service Levels?

Big Delivery offers a delivery service for the different types of items you purchase, like a dining set.

To provide timely delivery of messages to subscribers.

The delivery options are very flexible. Each delivery can be scheduled to arrive at a dry location of your choice.

The Room of Choice is a room where players have the option to go to whenever they want, without any other consequence.
It was used in the original Final Fantasy, and was even used in Final Fantasy III.

It adds a delivery option that includes everything you get during Threshold delivery, but also brings your items to your room of choice.

Services delivered by a service professional, such as a housekeeper or a gardener.

– Room of Choice
– Private Dining
– Larger Room
– Breakfast Served in room
– Full Bar
– Complimentary Dinner Booking
– Other Available Events
I have received this offer from the hotel.

Can I Change My Delivery Option at Big Lots After Placing My Order?

You can’t change your delivery option after placing your order. You will be automatically mailed a confirmation email after your order is placed.

Subsequently, the selecting the appropriate delivery options and times at payment is necessary.

Can I Change an Already Scheduled Date at Big Lots?

If a customer is not available for delivery on your scheduled delivery date, or if you miss the delivery schedule by a day or more, the carrier will contact you to reschedule the delivery. If the carrier schedules the delivery for a day other than the original delivery date, the carrier will send you a calendar or reminder email.

If you don’t know the delivery carrier’s contact information, you can always get their contact information through your appointment scheduling email.

How Much Does a Big Lots Delivery Cost?

The delivery method you select will be influenced by the amount of options in the order and the weight of your item.

Big Lots is always upfront with their prices, and these reflect in your cart before you commit yourself to buy.

How Should I Keep Track of My Big Lots Order?

While you may not get immediate confirmation that your order has shipped, you should be able to track it on the carrier’s website. You will be notified by Big Lots when the order arrives.

This is the number you will use to track your order. Your order number is unique for a particular order and also your zip code will help you in the event that your order is lost in transit.

What Happens If My Big Lots Order Is Damaged in Transit?

However, we occasionally have problems such as mistakes when filling orders, or damage at the shipping facilities, etc., but damage to a large order is very rare.

If you are not satisfied with this offer after 30 days, you can contact us and we will process an exchange.

Additionally, if you find a damaged item on the ground or it has been ripped off a shelf, you can still contact customer care, and they will work with you to try and resolve any issue.

In case you have any further queries, you can also reach out to our customer care service desk, and they will be happy to assist you.


Big Lots provides delivery services for it’s customers for $149. The company also offers different delivery options such as Threshold Delivery, Room of Choice and White-Glove Service.

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