23 Biggest Costco Competitors (usa + Globally)

While it might seem like Costco is the only one out there, they are actually just one of a host of different retailers, that all offer very similar pricing and services.

I have a list of the top 23 competitors in 2019. They have a great market share, but Costco has a huge one too.

Costco Competitors In 2022

In the store industry, Costco has an annual turnover rate of $1.44 billion. This is because their memberships are not only cheap but members can also have the benefits of a Costco club warehouse, and receive a percentage of the sale of their products.

If you want to know more about Costco’s competitors, they are similar to Costco as far as the number of locations.

1. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is similar to Costco since it’s also a wholesaler that sells items in bulk. Costco, in return, is the biggest competitor that Sam’s Club.

Moreover, Sam’s Club has a broad array of various products for you and your family’s health and wellness, as well as clothes for you and your family and home furnishings.

Sam’s Club is a part of Walmart. They are the largest retailer in the world, with stores in 41 countries and almost 6,000 stores in the United States.

2. BJ’s Wholesale

BJ’s Wholesale is a wholesale club that is similar to Costco, with over 200 BJs Wholesale locations in 17 states.

The only one I remember is the bulk peanut butter that has a picture of the President and the company name stamped on the bottle.

However, these items are at low prices because a lot of their inventory was taken from other outlets and not sold at full price.

BJ’s has been a leading wholesaler of wholesale products such as sporting goods, automotive, home appliances, pet products, hardware, and housewares.

3. The Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group operates various grocery stores, including Kaufland and Lidl. Therefore, it is a top competitor to Costco especially in the international markets.

Schwarz is the company that operates 12,900 stores in 33 countries.

At The Schwarz Group, they offer groceries and general merchandise to consumers, like household products.

4. Walmart

Walmart is the cheapest place that you can buy something, so they’ll usually have the same prices as Target, but they aren’t as good.

According to Walmart, they offer the same consumer goods as Costco, including electronics, furniture and groceries.

Finally, Walmart is the world’s largest discount supercenter with more than 10,000 locations worldwide and, in 2020, had $559 billion in U.S. revenue.

5. Amazon

Amazon is a reliable online department store where customers purchase various products. Amazon and Costco compete for business as both companies sell merchandise.
But there is one difference between Amazon and Costco…

Prime members get extra benefits too like free shipping and 2-day delivery. Also, I like that Amazon offers products from other countries.

6. Aldi

Aldi is a discount store that has cheap brands that are very much like Costco.

You’ve heard the name Aldi before, but you might not be familiar with its services! Aldi is a German grocer that was founded on the idea of customer convenience. Aldi stores use a simple format: each floor of the store is focused on a single aspect of grocery shopping.

Aldi is incredibly popular with $15 billion in US revenue and it’s popular in Australia and the United States.

7. Tesco

Tesco is a big supermarket chain that is based in the United Kingdom and also can be found in more than 11 countries.

Tesco also does an incredible amount of business, which can make them a direct competitor to Costco.

Tesco is the best place to shop for all your basic needs, not only for your household items, but also for foods like groceries, clothing, electronics, toys, and more.

Tesco will be available online, at their stores and using their mobile apps.

8. Kroger

Kroger is a large chain of supermarkets that is the second largest after Costco. Their revenue is over $70 billion.

Kroger has a grocery store, and they sell other products.

If you have a question that’s just too broad to be answered in a single sentence, feel free to edit your question so that it is specific and can be answered within a single tweet.

Kroger’s also offers free wireless Internet near their registers, and other stores do too, so you can find a place with a free connection, if necessary.

9. Carrefour

Carrefour is a France-based grocery chain, and it operates more than 12,325 stores in more than 30 countries!

The business has a wide range of products, including groceries, snacks, and so forth.

Carrefour is a French multinational corporation that is headquartered in Paris. The company’s main product is food and beverages and other consumer products. It is one of the largest food retailers in the world.

10. Target

Target is a discount department store and is also known as a general merchandise retailer. Therefore, it competes with Costco in many categories.

My favorite thing about Target is that they always have competitive prices and a huge selection. If that happens to be the only thing you like about Target, then there’s a lot to love about the place.

In addition, they have made a total of $93 billion in revenue in the United States alone.

11. Auchan Retail

Auchan Retail was founded in France with a focus on quality and local produce, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

I also added some other details about how the company is managed, the number of employees, and it’s revenue.

12. Home Depot

Home Depot competes with Costco when it comes to home improvements, and also competes with Lowe’s when it comes to DIY projects.

Wooden storage sheds, such as a garden tool shed.

As the number of stores and net sales have grown larger, Home Depot has become a top choice for many people seeking home improvement goods and services.

13. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a close competitor with Home Depot and competes with Costco on products relevant to home improvement.

Lowe’s offers excellent quality products at a budget-friendly price.

On February 6, 2020, Lowe’s announced that they would be closing more than 40 locations within their stores, as well as closing more than 100 under-performing stores. They also announced the intention to close 50 stores.

14. Best Buy

Costco is a warehouse store with a wide range of home appliances, electronics, sporting goods and more.

The bigger electronics store, plus being able to buy online, has allowed Best Buy to start to dominate the electronics industry.

The company currently has over 1,159 Best Buy stores in operation throughout the United States and Canada, earning a total of $47 billion in revenue for the year of 2020.

15. Menard’s

Home Improvement retailing is a $14.7 billion a year industry with Costco, Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes among its major players.

You can’t just pick up a book or a pair of pants, there is a lot to explore and experience at the Greenbelt.

Menards is known for having low prices, something that makes it one of the best home improvement stores.

Also, Menard’s is making a lot of money with the way they have it set up. They are doing a great job selling furniture, appliances, and even food.

16. Ollie’s Bargain Outlet

The idea of the store is to offer a great deal on name brands that are usually well established and sold at full price. For example, for every product sold at Costco, you can expect to pay $2.00 more.

They have a lower price than Costco for the same items that have a higher quality, even with the discount and closeout.

Although the number of Ollie’s Bargain Outlet stores has fallen, the company continues to be one of the fastest growing discounters in the United States.

17. Big Lots

Big Lots is a famous value retail store that sells products such as food, furniture, home decor, home furniture, toys, and clothing.

In comparison to other chain clothing stores, you might find that Big Lots is the cheapest.

If you need a new mattress, lamp, new makeup, or new toothbrushes, you’ll find it all at Big Lots at a low price.

So what happened is that you had a problem in the United States where there was a bunch of people that were moving.

18. Dollar General

Dollar General is a competitor to big box stores like Costco where they provide similar items at lower prices.

The store also has some grocery items and canned goods with a value brand so that you can save even more money.

There are around 500 Dollar General stores all around the United States. Their revenue in 2020 was $27.7 billion.

19. Five Below

Five Below works hard to offer cheap, quality items from all over the world. It is a great place to find the perfect item for under a hundred bucks.

You’ll be able to find a wide variety of products at Five Below, including rugs, small appliances, toys, games, electronics, home decor, and much more!

Although there are over 1,000 Five Below stores around the United States as of 2020, its revenue is only $1.96 billion.

20. Walgreens

Walgreens is a competitor to Costco as it has quality products at very reasonable prices, including food, clothing, household items, pet products, and electronics.

In 2020, Walgreens made revenue of more than $121.98 billion in more than 13,000 stores in 11 different countries including the United States, United Kingdom, and Thailand.

21. CVS

CVS is a well-known store where you can find a broad selection of products and products that are on sale.

At CVS, you can find all kinds of stuff. You can find household items, clothing, electronics, light bulbs and batteries, pet products, and healthcare products.

And to make this even worse, CVS (a major retail drug chain) has more than 9,000 locations in 49 states and had revenue in 2020 of $268.7 billion!

22. Oh Polly (United Kingdom)

Oh Polly was online for the same market as Costco, and they were making $47.6 million in sales, which means that in one year they made $1.6 million in profit.

Oh Polly, a division of Bespoke Outfits, is headquartered in the UK with offices worldwide to help customers find clothing that fits them and create a personalised, curated collection.

Although Oh Polly offers a great deal of high-quality clothing, it also offers some of the highest-quality shirts and other types of women’s clothing.

On the back of the packaging you’ll find information on the size, materials, and care of the product.

23. Argos

Argos is a general merchandise retail competitor to Costco, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, and B&Q that operates digital stores inside of Sainsbury’s and Tesco locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The company also takes the items it sells and distributes them through its own network of stores as well as through some of the biggest retailers in the country like Walmart and Sears Canada.

To learn more about Costco and their target markets, you can see our posts on Costco’s target market, Costco facts and statistics, and if Costco is an ethical company.


Costco is known for its Costco Wholesale, which is the largest membership warehouse club in the world, and Ollie’s offers a wide variety of home goods and supplies.

The main competitors to Costco are Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Dollar General, which all have stores in all the states.

Costco has always been the best place to buy low priced goods, and for
the last few years they have been offering higher quality goods at the
same prices.

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