11 Biggest Dollar General Competitors (full Guide)

Dollar General is a chain of discount retail stores. It is one of the best extreme value stores of 2020 and over 14,000 stores across the United States.

Dollar General is the largest privately owned retail dollar general store in North America. It offers a wide variety of merchandise, including home and personal care products, household goods, and grocery and general merchandise.
These 11 competitors offer their own unique products for sale and you can find them at most large retail stores.

Dollar General Competitors In 2022

Dollar General keeps track of their own sales and competitors sales by collecting their data through a web-based platform called DQS. They also keep track of the products that are sold online. Dollar General also sells products through third-party websites like eBay and Amazon; however, these sales make up a very small percentage of the total revenue.

Dollar General has many competitors and a few of them have a higher revenue compared to Dollar General in the US.

How to Reject the Quotation

This step is optional, but recommended if the competitor offers to pay the buyer for the product, otherwise it is very annoying.

1. Family Dollar

Family Dollar is one of the biggest competitors to Dollar General, and they have a variety of items under $10!

Family Dollar is similar to Dollar General when it comes to the store layout and the products they carry.

This is a major win for Family Dollar as it has been having a rough go of it. The company has reported losing over $2 billion since the start of the year, and is seeing its overall sales volume fall.

Now, I won’t pretend that this is a perfect example of how our original sentence works. It lacks the “and is,” but it’s a good one.

2. Dollar Tree

For a lot of people Dollar General is known as the store with everything for a dollar. The Dollar General stores are similar to Dollar Tree in that if you have a few things you need, you can find them at Dollar General.

Food and beverages at Dollar General

Groceries at Dollar General

General merchandise at Dollar General

Electronic products at Dollar General

Lawn and garden items at Dollar General

The Dollar Tree, while it has an extensive selection of household items, does not allow for returns.

Besides this, there are over 15,000 Dollar Tree locations in the United States, generating $23.611 billion of revenue in 2020, putting it right behind Dollar General!

The following table shows that Dollar Tree is in fact the number one retailer in the US for the category (and more specifically, the “Small Superstores” category).

3. 99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores tend to be more expensive, although there are some bargains to be found. However, you’ll be paying extra for the convenience of having a one-stop shop to purchase all of your necessities.

a wide selection of various items available, including:

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a wide selection of various items

If you wish to parse out a subset of items, you can also use the phrase “of the” followed by a noun or noun phrase.

99 Cents Only Stores are known for being extreme value stores. With more than 400 store locations across the United States, they are very popular among extreme value shoppers.

4. Ross Dress For Less

Ross Dress for Less is a competitor to Dollar General in cheap apparel and other merchandise such as shoes, home decor, and other items. They also sell household items like deodorant, toiletries, snacks, snacks, frozen foods, and other household items.

Additionally, there are more than 1500 locations across forty states, allowing Ross Dress for Less to generate about $12.5 billion in revenue in 2020.

5. Target

Target is a competitor to Dollar General since both companies are trying to entice the budget consumer. But Target also wants to be a destination for value shoppers.

I can’t help but believe that if Target had a store near our house, we’d buy more from Target than we buy from Staples.

Target is the leading retail store and the largest general merchandise retailer in the United States of America.

* The Target Brand clothing, toys, kitchen & houseware, home improvement, health & beauty and personal care products.

6. Walmart

Walmart offers more than Dollar General, they both offer a variety of products. Walmart has more employees than Dollar General as well.

Walmart carries almost everything you can imagine, including: electronics, tools, clothing, home and garden, toys, sporting goods, tools, home and garden, toys, sporting goods and much more.

The amount of the monthly revenue from Walmart stores in the United States is $55.9 billion.

7. Five Below

Shop-a-toons, party supplies, crafts, games, holiday decorations, pet supplies and more!

The company has nearly 1,100 Five Below stores nationwide, and in 2020, it generated $1.847 billion in sales.

And, the store is still stocking all of the basics, like paper plates, plastic cups, etc., which usually adds up to a significant amount of revenue for the store.

8. Big Lots

Dollar General can be a wonderful competitor to Big Lots. For example, you can find numerous items at Dollar General for under $10, including apparel, toys and games, shoes, home decor, and more.

Big lots is going strong. It has 1,400 stores and is earning $5.32 billion this year.

9. Costco

Because Costco is a wholesale shopping club so it’s easier to get the best prices. If you want to save even more money, Costco is a great way to get the best deals!

Cans of tuna, water, juice, ramen, and any other bottled item that comes in a can.

Costco is one of the biggest wholesale retail clubs in the world.
It is a retail store that sells products at wholesale prices.
Costco is often used to compare the economics of similar products in the retail and food service sectors.

10. Lidl

Lidl, a smaller German competitor of Dollar General, will be opening its first U.S. store on Wednesday in New Jersey.

Lidl has a variety of items available such as home goods, small appliances, groceries, beauty products, and so much more!

Also, Lidl’s revenue in 2020 was 28.3 billion euros. Therefore, it’s one of the leading retail stores for quality products at low prices!

11. BJ’s Wholesale

There’s almost 200 BJ’s Wholesale stores throughout the United States, featuring quality products at reasonable prices.

In order to compete in a market that was dominated by dollar stores, BJ’s Wholesale acquired several big-box operations including Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree in the southern United States.

Find out more about Dollar General, including it’s business description, history, key employees, products, revenue, and more.


Dollar General is a company, and the people working for Dollar General are known as Dollar General employees. There were a great number of competitors of Dollar General, like Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, and Wal-Mart. Dollar General had many employees, and they were well known in the retail industry.

The three biggest competitors are Big Lots, Walmart, and 99 Cents Only Stores. These three companies offer thousands of items to their consumers at low prices.

While Dollar Stores are great for consumers, Walmart and other chains are now starting to compete for shoppers. Dollar General has managed to keep its price as a low as their competition by not offering the variety of products offered by the other chains.

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