Does Dollar General Accept American Express? [full Guide]  

Every Dollar General Store in the United States sells a wide range of merchandise at affordable prices.

The answer: Yes, you can pay Dollar General’s low-priced products with an American Express card! Here’s everything you need to know.

Does Dollar General Accept American Express In 2022?  

Most Dollar General stores do not carry many different types of products. You will easily find a limited selection of purchasable items throughout Dollar General stores. However, most Dollar General stores have a wide variety of products available for purchase.

So, what forms of payment do Dollar General accept? You’ll learn more about their policies in a moment!

What Forms Of Payment Does Dollar General Accept?

You can pay for your dollar tree shopping via the in-store or online options available to you .

You can pay using cash or check in Dollar General’s physical stores.

You can see more information about how to save more at places like Dollar General from my posts on whether or not Dollar General accepts checks and if Dollar General accepts WIC.


Dollar General accepts most major credit cards. This means that you can use your Amex card both in-store and online to make purchases at Dollar general.

You can also check the location where your item(s) was purchased to see if there is a pickup or return option. You also have the option to pay by bank wire (or check) if you don’t have a debit card.

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