Does Dollar General Do Cash Back? [limits, Fees, Minimum Purchases + More] 

Dollar General, an American chain retailer in the US

The company wants to provide a hassle-free environment for its customers.

Dollar General, an American chain retailer in the US

In other words, the aim is to make its customers feel good, whether they’re paying for a cup of coffee, or a meal… or a pair of socks for the winter.

When you purchase at dollar general there are some of the common payment methods you can use, but can you get cash back on your purchase? I have a lot of information you need to know!

Does Dollar General Do Cash Back In 2022? 

Dollar General allows customers to make online purchases with Visa/MasterCard and a debit card. Customers can purchase items with a minimum purchase of $25 in one transaction, with a $3.95 transaction fee.

Find out more about the Dollar General’s cash back policy by reading on!

What Is the Cash Back Limit At Dollar General?

No, only the total $40 cash back is required from all purchases when you buy your qualifying items in one transaction.

You should be aware of the limitations your credit card plan can have in regards to daily spending and withdrawals. Dollar General stores may require a minimum purchase of $5-$10 for you to be eligible for cash back.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Cash Back at Dollar General?

For most money-back transactions, the store will use the “Best Value” policy to figure out how much it will refund. However, some money-back transactions will be subject to the “Cost” amount, where you must purchase the item in order to get the money-back. Some stores may also have a “No-Return” policy, where they won’t refund any cash-back.

Additional fees may apply. Learn more about the offer.

Can I Get Cash Back With Credit Cards at Dollar General?

Dollar General is one of thousands of merchants who have partnered with Discover. If you sign up, Dollar General will pay a percentage of their sales to Discover. In exchange, they’ll receive a card that gives you cash back and can be used to make purchases at any of the stores that have partnered with Discover, like Dollar General.

Credit Card networks such as Mastercard and American Express may impose their own restrictions on cash over transactions. Many restaurants and hotels that accept credit or debit cards won’t take cash from customers.

Can I Request Cash Back with Check Purchases at Dollar General?

No, your check is not going to be converted into cash; therefore, it cannot verify your check for your return. Dollar General does not convert checks into cash.

Where Can I Get $100 Cash Back?

To receive $100, you can make 3 transactions within 2 weeks at Dollar General, however, you have to pay for items inside the store each time. Other retailers that offer higher cash back limits include; Kroger, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Ralphs.

To learn more about Dollar General, you can also read my post about the Dollar General policy on using debit cards and the Dollar General policy on paying with debit cards online.


You can use a debit card or a credit card at the store. There is no minimum purchase requirement for cashing in on the offer. If you’re looking for a more flexible payment method, you can use a rewards credit card. A rewards credit card comes with a benefit that allows you to redeem points for cash back or airline miles. It’s also a good option for people who like shopping in cash.

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