Does Kroger Do Cash Back? (limits, Fees, Cards + More)

In addition to offering their shoppers a convenient shopping experience, Kroger is also known for its family-friendly customer service.

When shopping at Kroger, I want to be sure the cash back is legitimate and is actually helping me buy more groceries. Here is what I learned.

Does Kroger Do Cash Back In 2022?

Customers can get money back at the register, by self-checkout, and in customer service for up to $300 for debit card purchases, $120 for Discover credit card purchases, and $20 for check payments. The cashback amount varies depending on the amount of money you spend each transaction.

Cash back can be applied to most items at your neighborhood Kroger store, and at more than 2 million other stores and online locations where Kroger products can be purchased.

What is Kroger Cash Back Policy?

Kroger has a general corporate policy that allows it to offer cash back on purchases made at any of its locations across the country. Kroger will offer coupons at all locations.

You can only go up to $300 dollars in one transaction on your Debit card,Discover credit card, and your EBT card.
You must use the same card every time you get reimbursed.

The Kroger Cashback is automatically deposited to your Kroger Plus card.

I would like to confirm that this is the case for most people, even though I have experienced a few exceptions.

If you want to learn more specific details on each payment method, read on to learn more specific details on each payment method.

1. Cash Back When Using a Debit Card

Kroger and their affiliates get $300 in cash back on every purchase made with a debit card.

You’ll receive 5% cash back on the first $1,500 you spend (after any other rewards program and tax) at Kroger, Sam’s Club or Harris Teeter on your Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa card.

The best thing to do is to shop around, so check for the right offers and the most competitive pricing.

[Original] You can find more information here for an example of the fee and details regarding the fees and charges:

Note that the above information is subject to change.

While it is possible to use your debit card at checkout, and in fact it is a preferred method in most cases since it is more convenient than having to provide your bank account number, it limits your options for cash back and other transactions. If you need to use a debit card, you will need to find a merchant that uses the Discover Network and can accept it, as most merchants do not.

2. When Using a Discover Credit Card

Kroger is not offering cash back on credit card payments, but since Kroger stores participate in the Discover Cash Over program, they are allowing all Discover credit cardholders to get cash back up to $120 every 24 hours.

Unlike debit cards, there are no fees or charges to cash back transactions with Discover credit card. You will still have to pay regular interest rates on cash back.

When you use this card, you may be charged additional rewards on top of what you’ve earned on the card.

You can get cashback on Discover card transactions not paid with a PIN number. This is often dependent on the store policy.

3. When Using a Check

You can also get cash back on purchases made with a personal check. Cash back depends on your shopping frequency. The cash back limit is very low too. At most, cash back will be $20 on purchases made with a personal check.

Although we have no way of knowing the exact number of business days, we can assume that the typical business days at Kroger are Monday-Friday. So, in this case, that would be 5-9 business days.

4. When Using an EBT Card

Kroger’s policy is that EBT cardholders get cash back from Kroger. At Kroger stores, EBT cardholders are eligible for cash back on EBT card transactions from $50 to $100.

I don’t need help because I have lots of money in my checking account because I earn lots of money.

You can find more about Kroger cash back rewards and fees here.

What Items Are Eligible for Cash Back on at Kroger Stores?

If you`ve been eyeing the new Tazo tea in the back of the tea aisle at any Kroger store, you may be excited to know it`s a program participant. But, the tea isn`t eligible for the cash back program. If you`ve been wanting to try a new tea brand, but haven`t had a chance to yet, this may be a good time to pick it up.
The cash back rewards program is only for purchases of participating items.

According to the Kroger website, items on sale at “special sale prices” are not eligible for cash-back or loyalty rewards programs, but may be eligible for free shipping offers.

Only the following purchases are eligible for cash back rewards:

Purchase of select items
Purchase with cardholder’s name on the sales receipt

Cash back rewards earned do not apply to:

Cash back rewards that are paid in other currencies or are not credited to a cardholder’s account
Cash back rewards paid to a cardmember’s billing address
Cash back rewards paid to a cardmember’s credit or debit card

To see how the points are earned and what happens to them, click here.

So, How Do I Get Cash Back from Kroger?

You will need to load the cash back offer to your Shopper’s Card so you can redeem it on purchases you make with your Shopper’s Card. Your cash back balance will begin to accrue once your purchase the qualifying item.

How Long Does it Take for my Cash Back Offers to Be Active on My Card?

You can cash back on all of your purchases with a credit card. Your cash back rewards will be available within one week of meeting the cash back offer’s purchase requirements.

Is Kroger Cash Back Free?

Kroger has introduced a new fee for when you opt for cash back at checkout. This fee is applicable for purchases above $100.

To find out more, you need to read the posts on how to get cash back at Dollar General, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Aldi.


Kroger has policies that will allow you to save up to $300 for the purchase of groceries by using your debit card or checking account. The cash back programs in Kroger allow for the purchase of items that are priced between $3.00 and $300. The cash back programs will be offered at all locations.

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