Does Dollar General Accept Checks? [requirements, Limits + More] 

Dollar General is a low cost retailer who delivers their products in small packs to consumers.

This is an obvious question, so let me answer it. Dollar General will allow its customers to pay via checks.

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Does Dollar General Accept Checks In 2022? 

In order for your personal or business check to get through, you’ll have to present valid identification, like a driver’s license, passport, green card or debit card with an embedded chip (such as a Visa or MasterCard card).

People have stopped doing business with Dollar General because the company hasn’t honored their checks.

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What Are The Requirements To Pay With A Check At Dollar General?

A valid form of identification must be presented in order to cash a check at Dollar General. This can be either a check with a valid form of identification from your financial institution or your driver’s license or state ID.

Unlike most retail stores, Dollar General will send your check through the Certegy system, a program that quickly verifies whether a check is valid, and if there’s enough to cover it.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Spend With A Check At Dollar General? 

Dollar General does not have a maximum amount that a check can cover. The maximum amount that a check can cover is your total order.

If you have the funds to cover the amount in a credit card, then you can pay the full amount with a credit card.

If you visit a large department store, staff may be more thorough in verifying a check, especially if you are making a considerable amount of money.

Does Dollar General Cash Checks?

While you are able to purchase items at Dollar General, you cannot currently cash a check at this store. This is because the cashiers do not have a large amount of money in their register.

If you wish to use cash from a bank account to pay at Dollar General, then it is recommended that you withdraw the cash from the bank early in order to avoid delays.

Can I Use Checks With The DG GO App? 

To make it easier to pay for purchases in-store with their phone, [original link description here] users can buy items from grocery, drug, and convenience stores all with one app. The app, which is called The DG GO, was released in 2016, and now allows customers to make purchases as quickly and easily as they do on their phones with their debit or credit cards. DG GO only currently works using credit cards, and does not accept checks.

Learn more about how to get cash back when shopping at Dollar General and use the money you earn to load cash onto your Chime and NetSpend cards.


Yes, dollar general can accept checks, however, these are all verified instantly to ensure that the check can be covered by the bank balance.

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