Does Dollar General Do Money Orders? [all You Need To Know] 

I like going to Dollar General because of it’s cheap and convenient. I can find many items they sell at an affordable price.

Dollar General is a great place to purchase money orders. You can get cash back on purchases and it’s super easy to finish a transaction and get cash back in your cash register or mobile app!

Does Dollar General Do Money Orders In 2022?

When you make online payments through Western Union, you can use a linked bank or credit card. This can be done via online banking options on your linked bank or credit card. Once payment is authorized, you will receive an email which contains the transaction ID of your recipient.

Dollar General offers money transfers via text messages from $10 to
$50. It costs $0.20 per transaction.

You can get all the details about sending and receiving money at Dollar General, including a list of stores that accept money transfers.

How To Complete A Money Transfer At Dollar General?

People in the US can buy Western Union transfer at Dollar General once they get the transfer code and the address at the Western Union website or the Western Union app.

If you’re sending money to someone outside the US, you need to first transfer to a US bank/account. Then, you can either use an app such as MoneyGram or a banking app such as Bank of America Payroll or Square to transfer from your US bank account to your recipient’s.

If you don’t pay the amount or use the transfer code, the money will be deducted from your Dollar General account and we will report this as a fraudulent transaction.

Western Union will not accept more than $800 in a single transfer. If you need money to be delivered to other Western Union agent in Bucharest, you will have to do it through multiple transfers.

Can Customers Receive Money Transfers At Dollar General?

You also can purchase money transfers from the Western Union app or website. Simply select “Pay for a Money Transfer” and follow the instructions.

Next, go to a Dollar General with your valid ID and with a Money Transfer Control Number and get access to your funds.

I would advise against using this method for receiving money, because it requires you to present your ID and to enter a password, and it might be too much for a regular user.

However, there is a limit on the amount of money you can pick up from a Dollar General store. More specifically, you can only pick up a maximum of $300 from a Dollar General store.

How Many Dollar General Locations Do Money Transfers?

You can also send and receive money in 14,100 stores in 44 states, but exact amounts and details on where money goes to in stores are not clear.

If you want to know if you can transfer money at your nearest Dollar General store, you can get in touch and we can find out.

Use our phone number to find a store near you. You can also use the Store Locator tool on our website.

What Stores Do Money Orders?

You may look for other local stores that do take a money order or offer money order services.

You can also use the Internet to make certain types of money order transactions.
For more information, see the Federal Reserve Guide to Online Banking.

Apple Pay can be used anywhere. This includes all ATMs.
You must be signed in.
Your bank and card issuer need to support Apple Pay.


You cannot complete money orders at any Dollar General stores. However, if you want to send or pick you can use the Western Union app or website.

If you have a money order to purchase a product or service, you can find a lot of stores that sell these at the local department store, the local grocery store, the local bank, and even at your local post office.

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