Does Meijer Have Moneygram? (all You Need To Know)

MoneyGram is a name in the money transfer business to people around the world. They work with retail outlets, which are located all over the nation and around the globe. They operate out of many countries so that everyone has access to them, not just the United States.

In order to know whether Meijer offers MoneyGram services, you should know that Meijer is a retail company that sells products to customers and does not make transactions through MoneyGram.

Does Meijer Have MoneyGram In 2022?

Unfortunately for Meijer, there are no plans for the Meijer-branded MoneyGram account in 2027. However, Meijer customers can now get almost similar services from Meijer’s partner Western Union. Alternatively, other retail outlets like Walmart and CVS offer MoneyGram services that customers can use. You can find the nearest MoneyGram agent by using the MoneyGram location finder.

I can offer you MoneyGram or a similar service at Meijer. Or, if you have a different location preference, you could send the request through PayPal.

Can I Get MoneyGram Services at Meijer?

Meijer did not have a direct relationship with MoneyGram. Meijer signed with Western Union, also known as Western Union Payment Services, to use their money transfer service in all of its stores.

Meijer customers who want to transfer money or use other Western Union services can opt for Meijer.

What Services Can I Get at Meijer Instead of MoneyGram?

You can use Western Union to transfer money. However, Western Union isn’t always the cheapest option available. For example, transferring money from the US to India will cost you more than it would to transfer money from India to the US.

MoneyGram is a cash transfer service that transfers money via e-wallet, e-check, and direct bank access. It is the biggest cash-transfer network in the world.

In order to give its customers a hassle-free way of sending money internationally, Meijer has partnered with Western Union.

MoneyGram is a rival of Meijer with regards to money orders, but only offers cashier’s checks.

Where Else Can I Get MoneyGram Services?

MoneyGram started an alliance with several retail companies in the United States to provide its services.

The company has all the money transfers in a convenient and simple way. So, it is really a good place for people to get their money transferred.

The MoneyGram Agent Locater will let you know where the nearest agent is and how many agent locations are near you.

To find an agent, you need to type in your zip code and they will bring up the agents closest to you.

How Much Do MoneyGram Services Cost?

The biggest feature of MoneyGram is the easy and fast money transfers. You don’t have to worry about the account security or the fee.

When using a debit card, the customer pays between $1.99 to $4.99 per transfer that amount to $300.

For every $100 transfer, the account holder has to bear an additional tax of $1.

MoneyGram money orders have a minimum of $500, but you can purchase as low as $25. The maximum purchase is $5000.

How Does MoneyGram Funds Transfer Work?

Send money is the process of using a digital currency to transfer it. To use, open your wallet, find the desired amount, and send it to the address of the recipient.

This can be done electronically, by direct deposit into a bank account or a paper check.

Go to the [New Tab] section in the web browser and then click on [Create New Tab].

To also know more, you can also read our post on Meijer stores taking credit/debit cards via the Meijer website and on if Meijer accepts PayPal, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. However, we have found that Meijer accepts all major forms of payment.


Because Meijer is a grocery store and not a financial institution, it cannot provide a money transfer service, but its customers can use the money transfer services of its partner Western Union.

You can now order money orders through the MoneyGram store. This includes a Visa gift card for you to purchase money orders with.

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